Chapter 1358: Frightening Words?

Chapter 1358: Frightening Words?

Spirit Realm would become the most spectacular stage of the universe, the place where the three transcendent races would flood into?

Through Great Master Tian Qi's description, Qin Lie saw apocalyptic scenes and felt terror.

He knew that the Spirit Race clansmen who were skilled in the fate attribute had the ability to predict things and see fragments of the future scenes.

He knew that Great Master Tian Qi was not speaking nonsense.

"Why does Spirit Realm attract so many strong races? What secret that we don’t know is in this place?" Qin Lie said gravely.

"Secret?" Miao Yizi frowned.

"The four super bloodline races would not think of Spirit Realm as the future main battlefield for no reason. If they are all to come here, it must be for some other reason." Qin Lie snorted.

Based on his knowledge, super-sized realms were rare, but there were a few in the endless space.

The old bases of the three transcendent races were all super-sized realms. Even weaker races like the Bone and Winged Races had their own super-sized realms.

A super-sized realm was valuable, but it would not cause the four transcendent bloodline races to come such a long way to fight to the death.

There had to be a reason.

"This land does contain some secrets you do not know about." Great Master Tian Qi's expression grew solemn. "In the last century, I have searched secretly for that hidden secret. The more I understand, the more I feel... shocked. I know that the hidden secrets will be slowly dug out, and then the experts of the races will come in."

Qin Lie shook and shouted, "What secret?"

Great Master Tian Qi smiled faintly. "You have to see it for yourself."

Qin Lie was astounded.

"For example, this Sky Bearing City contains countless secrets but the people of the six forces cannot see or use them." Great Master Tian Qi had an amused smile. "Fortunately, they cannot see them, so there’s more benefit left for me. I could move through Sky Bearing City freely for a hundred years."

He shook his head and said regretfully, "But I fear I cannot stay for long."

"Cannot stay long..." Miao Yizi pondered the meaning in his words.

"When the Qin Family returns, they will recover the past glory of Sky Bearing City. The things they have not finished setting up will be completed." Great Master Tian Qi thought calmly and then said to Qin Lie, "When you see your grandfather, please tell him something for me."

"What?" Qin Lie said curiously.

"I could not help but move some things inside Sky Bearing City. I hope he does not mind. Please tell him I admire what he left in Sky Bearing City and I have no malicious intent." Great Master Tian Qi had a sincere expression.

Qin Lie had a confused expression.

"Haha, just tell him those words. I do not care if he believes me or not." Great Master Tian Qi smiled and then said, "It is karma for us to meet. I will gift this to you. Maybe it can help you."

He flicked an icy blue bottle which flew in front of Qin Lie's eyes.

That bottle flew in front of Qin Lie's chest. Inside was blue essence blood which rippled strangely.

The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline inside Qin Lie stirred again.

"This blood can help the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline inside you. You can refine it." Great Master Tian Qi had a smile as he said, "Maybe we will be enemies and not friends in the future. However, I’d be happy to see you grow, and merge all bloodlines into one, like that person wished to."

Great Master Tian Qi narrowed his eyes which flashed and said, "I’m also curious. If all the bloodlines are merged together… what will happen?"

"We’ve sown karma, if fate allows, we will meet again."

Great Master Tian Qi's body shattered into specks of blue light.

The specks fell like rain soaking into the ground.

At this time, his soul voice sounded suddenly in Miao Yizi's mind. "If you want to quickly enter the Genesis Realm, and comprehend more profound laws of space, there is a simply way. Mate with this boy who is your nephew only in name. His bloodline will help you break through."

Miao Yizi's body suddenly froze.

Seconds later, as the blue light completely disappeared, Great Master Tian Qi's presence completely left this world, and so did all of his soul power.

Qin Lie knew that Great Master Tian Qi had left this place, left Sky Bearing City and may have even left Spirit Realm.

He reached out to grip the bottle and looked at the blood within. He seemed to feel unique spatial vibrations from the blood.

The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline inside his body grew active when he gripped the bottle as though it instinctively wanted to merge with the blue blood in the bottle.

He gritted his teeth, suppressing the temptation in his bloodline and put it into his spatial ring.

An old Spirit Race clansman who was skilled in fate attribute. No matter how eloquent he was, Qin Lie wouldn’t dare trust him so easily.

If something had been done to the blood in the bottle and he rashly merged it into his bloodline, he would not even know what happened before his death.

Three days later, Ninth Heaven would hold a fight in front of the eyes of the entire world. He wanted to participate in it, and did not want anything to happen at this time.

As he thought this, he put the bottle with the essence blood he conned from the three Beast Kings.

He looked again at Sky Bearing City, his expression confused. "Does this city which has been in ruins for three centuries contain a great secret like he says? But none of those artificers who came to see it detected anything from this city?"

He was puzzled.

At this time, he noticed that Miao Yizi's cheeks were red and she was looking at him strangely.

"Aunt Miao, what is it?" he asked.

Miao Yizi seemed to wake up. Her body shook and then she did not look at him. She bent her head like a young girl and asked guiltily, "Why does your body have unusual spatial vibrations?"

Her cheeks were red, her head was low. She was completely different from her usual cold and pride.

In Qin Lie's eyes, Miao Yizi was filled with seductiveness at this time. He was dumbstruck and could not answer.

"I am asking you a question!" Miao Yizi became discontent at not getting an answer and glared at him.

Qin Lie finally reacted and laughed dumbly. He said, "I have never seen Aunt Miao like this before. However... you are really beautiful. Haha, I have spatial fluctuations because I obtained something interesting from a strange being before."

Of course he would not explain in detail the uniqueness of his bloodline.

Miao Yizi did not pursue and her expression returned to her usual coldness. She said, "Great Master Tian Qi says that Sky Bearing City contains secrets. Do you want to walk around?"

"I was planning to look around carefully," Qin Lie said honestly.

"Then let's go."


The two stopped talking, spreading their soul consciousness in all directions like spiderwebs.

They roamed through the dying Sky Bearing City with their souls and observing with their eyes.

Two hours later.

Neither Qin Lie nor Miao Yizi managed to find anything unusual in Sky Bearing City or anything that shocked them.

Qin Lie suspected that Great Master Tian Qi had purposefully confused them.

As though reading his inner thoughts, Miao Yizi said coldly, "Grand Master is not someone like that. At least, he was not like that in the past..."

Qin Lie nodded.

In the next moment, he pointed at his brow. Rays of bright light flashed and scattered around Sky Bearing City before Miao Yizi could see clearly.

"Spirits of Void and Chaos?" Miao Yizi asked.

Qin Lie nodded again.

"You should not release the Spirits of Void and Chaos right now. There are still people active in this city. If they sense the Spirits of Void and Chaos..." Miao Yizi warned.

"Doesn’t matter, they won’t sense them." Qin Lie smiled. "Now that Great Master Tian Qi left, there is no one strong in this city. Or at least, I can’t feel any strong presence."

As he said this, he sat down. "I’m not walking anymore. The Spirits of Void and Chaos will go investigate. They are skilled in that."

"Oh." Miao Yizi also sat down next to him, pulling back her soul consciousness as well.

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