Chapter 1356: Sky Bearing City

Chapter 1356: Sky Bearing City

Central World of Spirit Realm.

A desolate, abandoned giant city, that was once vast and prosperous, bathed in the sunset’s light, like an once vigorous man now old, nearing the end of his life.

In the past, this city was home to thousands of martial practitioners. Alas, the giant teleportation formations and realm entrances had all been damaged.

Three centuries earlier, this giant metropolis had been the most prosperous and busy place of Central World.

At that time, the human martial practitioners would use the teleportation formations to come from faraway lands, and so would the foreign races, using realm entrances.

They would gather there and buy the spirit artifacts and spirit materials.

Three centuries earlier, the sky above was filled with parked giant flying artifacts.

Back then, this giant city was the center of Central World.

This city was called Sky Bearing City. It had been named after the progenitor of the Qin Family, Qin Tian, and was the homonym of his name. It had once been the base of the Qin Family.

It was an image of prosperity in its most extreme form.

But the present Sky Bearing City did not have any of its past glory.

As the Qin Family left Spirit Realm, this giant city had been repeatedly swept by the martial practitioners of the six forces. The city had been practically uprooted, all the valuables plundered.

When the Qin Family had been living in Sky Bearing City in the past, the old master of the Qin Family had used a strange formation to draw the world spirit energy from the vast mountains nearby into Sky Bearing City.

Back then, Sky Bearing City had great amounts of world spirit energy suitable for martial practitioners to cultivate and many fire sources for artificers. This attracted many artificers.

But when the Qin Family left the city, the old family patriarch of the Qin Family had done something to have the world spirit energy that had gathered in Sky Bearing City to flood back into the mountains.

Even the world spirit energy that should be around Sky Bearing City had slowly dissipated. This giant city became devoid of any spirit energy.

Most martial practitioners liked to cultivate in places rich in spirit energy. These places supposedly calmed their minds, allowing them to gather more spirit energy.

A place without spirit energy had no value to the human martial practitioners that relied on spirit power.

Moreover, the geocentric flames that Qin Family had drawn out from the nearby volcanoes had also died out, causing even the artificers to abandon this place.

After a long time, once prosperous Sky Bearing City became a ghost city that no one talked about.

In the recent years, only some low level martial practitioners that had been travelling nearby would come see Sky Bearing City and admire Qin Family’s past glory.

It was the same with artificers. Every once in a while, some unskilled and inexperienced artificers who had dreams about artifact forging would come hoping that some master artificer had left behind their legacies back in the ruins of the city. 

Ultimately, not many strong people ever visited this place.

The foreign races could not come after the realm entrances had been  destroyed.

In the southwest of Sky Bearing City, in one of the ruined courtyard, there was a dried-out well.

Blue light suddenly came out of the bottom of the well, like water about to spill out.

The blue light stayed for five seconds before disappearing. The well returned to normal.

Then two figures slowly rose out of the well and stood in the old courtyard.

"Why did you suddenly think of coming to Sky Bearing City?" Miao Yizi, dressed in white, looked dignified and magnificent. Her face was full of confusion. "In three days, races of Spirit Realm and other major realms will gather at Ninth Heaven. The Genesis Realm experts of the Qin Family, Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace should also arrive in person. Your father said he would also go. Should you not be waiting to go to Ninth Heaven in three days? Why do you have to visit Sky Bearing City beforehand?"

"This was once the most prosperous base of the Qin Family," Qin Lie said coolly.

Miao Yizi frowned. "I don’t think it’s time to be sentimental."

Qin Family smiled and said, "Why did you put a teleportation formation here? When I said I wanted to visit Sky Bearing City, I had originally planned to borrow Ji Family's teleportation formation. I really had not expected you to take me here."

"I built this teleportation formation just to be able to see Great Master Tian Qi. Sometimes, I identify some things through him," Miao Yizi explained.

"Great Master Tian Qi?" Qin Lie was surprised.

"Yes, this Sky Bearing City has been abandoned for many years, Almost no one important is willing to come here." Miao Yizi was also puzzled and said, "I do not know why Great Master Tian Qi is willing to stay here."

"Is he someone important?" Qin Lie was curious.

"I do not know his cultivation and have never seen him fight. I only know his knowledge is vast, and there is almost no artifact or spirit material that he doesn't know." Miao Yizi hesitated and said, "I had him identify the white bone scythe of your Soul Beast avatar. He did not know how the scythe was made, but told me there was the presence of a Dark Soul Beast. That’s how I learned that the thing that had forced me to flee to chaotic streams of space was a living Dark Soul Beast!"

Miao Yizi gritted her teeth and looked hatefully at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie coughed and pretended to not hear her last words. "This Great Master Tian Qi seems to have some ability if he could deduce that the presence on the white bone scythe belonged to the Dark Soul Beast. Oh, right, how come I've never heard of him before?"

"He only appeared recently. Before, he was not known. Even now, people do not know his origins." Miao Yizi rolled her eyes at him as though angry at him pretending to be dumb.

"Let's take a walk." Qin Lie walked outside.

His soul thoughts turned into invisible lightning that shot outwards.

He seemed to have gotten more eyes.

The giant city was reflected in his soul perception, its features becoming clear.

The martial practitioners active in Sky Bearing City and the ordinary artificers all appeared in his soul.

"Great Master Tian Qi is in the south of the city. Do not let your soul go there to avoid being noticed," Miao Yizi warned.

"So what if he notices?" Qin Lie was unconcerned.

"He has good relationships with the six forces. Pei Tianchong and the others would have him identify items they had problems with. I fear..." Miao Yizi said worriedly.

"I only identify spirit artifacts. I will not interfere in their battle with the Qin Family." Before she finished speaking, a bright laugh came from a building next to the unpopulated street.

When this voice sounded, the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit's bloodline inside Qin Lie became unusually active.

Qin Lie's eyelids jumped.

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