Chapter 1355: Isolation

Chapter 1355: Isolation

Inside the cave, Qin Lie silently listened to the god generals describing the God Race expert that was his grandfather.

In the eyes of the god generals, his grandfather was one of the most terrifying existences among the four transcendent bloodline races. He was a person who led the Blaze Family to the peak with his own power.

The Titan Race the eight giants were a part of had once ruler over a galaxy of their own but had been destroyed by the God Race.

The eight god generals talked, and Qin Lie listened intently.

Some time later, the Titans gradually stopped and Qin Lie sank into thought with a frown.

After a long period of silence, Qin Lie took a deep breath and slowly calmed his mind. He said, "Leave."

"Master, I hear that in three days, Ninth Heaven will invite experts from the races to wage war against the Qin Family. What should we do..." asked the leader of the god generals, itching to fight.

Before he finished, Qin Lie waved his hand and said, "Their excuse is my bloodline. If you appear, won't we just add to their excuse?"

The six forces' reason for banding together against the Qin Family was because he had the God Race bloodline and they claimed that he was the proof of the Qin Family’s collusion with the God Race.

They wanted to get rid of their internal weakness before the God Race’s invasion. And this weakness was precisely the Qin Family.

If the eight god generals appeared, wouldn’t it be a tangible proof that the six forces could use?


The god general thought for a moment, and left the cave, giving up.

Qin Lie sat down in silence.

"He prepared the Ancient Life Tree for me. Last time I heard about it, it was the first voodoo creature saying my Perfect Blood isn’t exactly “perfect”. Does it really… have an issue?” he murmured to himself.

He had completely refined the first voodoo creature and knew that its words had not been a lie. During its time in the Graveyard of Gods, it overheard God Race clansmen talking about the issues with the Perfect Blood.

That Ancient Life Tree that the entire Wood Race worshipped seemed to have been forcefully taken from them in order to fix the problem in the Perfect Blood.

If he continued to merge other bloodlines into his Perfect Blood, would an accident really happen?

As he thought about this, he took out the blood essence Crimson Blood Ape King, Fierce Python Thunder King, and Nine-tailed Fox King had given him. He held the bottles in front of his eyes.

Saying that he would help the three Beast Kings identify the source of their bloodline was just an excuse. His true goal was to use their blood to strengthen his own.

He originally was going to refine and absorb these three lifeblood essences before heading to Ninth Heaven, but after his recent pondering...

He looked at the three drops of the Beast Kings' blood with a complicated expression.

A long, long time later, he sighed, and decided to leave it for another time.

He put the flasks away, stood up and left the cave.


In a realm filled with ancient trees.

Many Wood Race clansmen lived on huge, hundred meters tall ancient trees that formed dense forests and cultivated using the vitality contained within.

Most of them had bloodline related to life.

Three ancient Wood Race clansmen sat on the crown of a thousand meters tall ancient tree. Their dry skin was wrinkled and looked like the bark of the tree they were sitting on.

From the outside, the three figures looked dead.

Their eyes, however, brimmed with dense vitality.

"The old fogeys of the six forces are constantly messaging us in the hopes we would go to Ninth Heaven.” The Wood Race patriarch, Grimm, had a dark expression as he said, “But all these years, we’ve been close to the Qin Family, and their patriarch was good to us…”

The other two old clansmen were called Warren and Vichy. Like Grimm, their bloodlines have reached rank ten.

"Patriarch, who do you feel will win in the battle between the six forces and the Qin Family?" Warren asked.

Grimm shook his head and said, "I cannot tell."

"I don’t think Qin Family stands a chance. Three centuries ago, they were forced out of Spirit Realm by the six forces. After three centuries, the six forces have grown even stronger and the Qin Family hasn’t brought us any spectacular news." Warren thought for a moment and said, "While we have been in more contact with the Qin Family in these years, it is limited to just buying the spirit artifacts they forge. Other than artifact forging, they seem to have no other advantage. I don’t think they have any other trump card and therefore, I don’t believe they can compare to the six forces."

"The Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace seem to be allying with the Qin Family," Grimm reminded.

"The Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace?" Warren snorted. "After the Qin Family was forced out of Spirit Realm, when had they ever won against the six forces? Before the Qin Family left Spirit Realm, they were equal to the six forces but once the Qin Family left, they seemed weaker."

"So you lean towards the six forces?" Grimm said.

Warren did not hide his thoughts, nodded and said, "This concerns the future state of Spirit Realm. Either we stay out of it and not participate in their struggle or... we stand with the six forces. That way, at least we won’t lose."

"What do you think?" Grimm asked the other person.

Vichy's expression was cold.  He said, "If the Qin Family is in collusion with the God Race, and will lead them into Spirit Realm, of course we have to stop them! You should know that the Ancient Life Tree that we’d been raising for millenia had been stolen by the God Race!"

When he mentioned the Ancient Life Tree, Grimm and Warren's expressions darkened. The matter clearly had a big impact on them.

"If so, we will not participate in the battle between the Qin Family and the six forces. As for going to Ninth Heaven..." Grimm hesitated and said, "We can participate in the meeting, but only as spectators."

Warren nodded. "This is good."

Vichy snorted and said, "If there is conclusive evidence that proves the Qin Family and the God Race are in cahoots, I will not be polite!"

Grimm sighed and did not speak. He seemed to have admitted this matter.


Ninth Heaven.

There was an enormous realm entrance existing in each level of clouds. Clansmen of different races came from their respective realms.

They mostly belonged to the six forces. They had ventured into other realms to fight, but upon hearing of the great gathering in Ninth Heaven, they hurriedly returned.

They came from the realms of the Dragon Race, the Sea Race, the Asura Race, and of some other minor races that had declared their opposition to the Qin Family.

Three days later, the six forces would discuss how to fight the Qin Family with the aforementioned races. The patriarch of the Qin Family, Qin Hao, would also come in person.

This matter had already spread among the major realms.

The six forces were already gathering their forces. The foreign races who were discontent with the Qin Family also hurried over when the six forces opened the realm entrances.

The foreign races either feared the power of the six forces and had to come, or were certain the six forces would win, and wanted a share of the spoils

Some of them also had secret contact with the Qin Family outside the realm, and bought spirit artifacts from the Qin Family.

But when the six forces made such a show of force, they realized the Qin Family was bound to die. They feared the six forces would pursue them for their earlier connection to the Qin Family, and hurriedly tried to make up for it.

The foreign races’ experts came out of the realm entrances and found Pei Tianchong and the others in charge of the six forces. They burned their ties with the Qin Family, afraid they would be accused of colluding with the God Race.

On a vast mountain peak.

The six forces’ experts, led by Pei Tianchong, stood proudly as they sent away groups of various races’ experts.

"Other than the Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race, the Demon Dragon Race and the three Nether Realm races that had always been close with the Qin Family, almost all of the powerful races of the Spirit Realm have come to show their support for our cause, or to declare breaking ties with the Qin Family." Zu Han of Reincarnation Sect stood with his hands behind his back. He looked at the different races scattered on the mountain range and smiled coolly. He said, "Looks like they are not stupid. They know who’s the actual ruler of the Spirit Realm."

"Other than the ancient beasts, giants, and demon dragons whose brain are clearly dysfunctional, they are all siding us." Pei Tianchong's gaze was proud. "I want to see how the Qin Family plans to survive this!"

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