Chapter 1353: Jiang Zhuzhe’s Old Master

Chapter 1353: Jiang Zhuzhe’s Old Master

While Qin Lie was conversing with the three Beast Kings, he suddenly sensed the Spirits of Void and Chaos crying out to him in hunger. He casually pointed a finger to his glabella.

Six majestic rays of light—each a different color—flew out into the open and transformed into the six Spirits of Void and Chaos. He was just about to take out his stock of spirit materials when they flew to the nearby star fragments and vanished from sight.

Through their soul connection, he knew that the Spirits of Void and Chaos had sensed some spirit materials nearby.

“The Spirits of Void and Chaos?” Crimson Blood Ape King exclaimed.

Qin Lie nodded with a smile, “They always come out to eat every once in a while.”

“What rank are they?” Fierce Thunder Python King asked.

“The strongest one is at rank eight, the rest are at rank seven,” Qin Lie replied.

The three Beast Kings looked at him strangely before Crimson Blood Ape King said, “The Spirits of Void and Chaos are very scary. I heard that they can devour even the world spirit energy of their attribute if they reach rank nine. They are a terrible threat to all living things because of their ability to consume the very life of a realm to strengthen themselves.”

“I can control them.” Qin Lie look perfectly unperturbed. “When that happens, I’ll take them to other realms. They probably won’t ever appear in Spirit Realm again after they reach rank nine. Don’t worry, I won’t let them ravage Spirit Realm.”

“I wouldn’t have trusted you if it was a while ago, but now I do,” Fierce Thunder Python King said.

“Speaking of which, those old fools in the six great forces may use the Spirits of Void and Chaos as an excuse to attack the Qin Family.” Qin Lie sneered audibly before continuing, “They always have excuses. Anyway, I’m leaving my Soul Beast avatar here so it can refine Meio. I myself will be leaving in a while.”

“Should we head to Ninth Heaven right now?” Crimson Blood Ape King asked.

Qin Lie looked surprised, “But I thought you haven’t made contact with the Qin Family yet?”

Originally, The three Beast Kings had demanded their original territories in Spirit Realm in exchange for their aid during the civil war. But now, the three Beast Kings seemed willing to take immediate action despite not having met the Qin Family just yet.

Fierce Thunder Python King laughed loudly before saying, “You can construct realm entrances that lead to the Abyss, and you know about the secrets of bloodline systems, don’t you? In that case, why would we not try to get closer to the Qin Family? We’ve already decided to get on your ship even if we have to take a small amount of loss at the beginning.”

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up before he smiled at them. “I’m certain that the Qin Family won’t disappoint you.”

“Should we head to Ninth Heaven right now?” Crimson Blood Ape King asked.

“No, there’s no hurry.” Qin Lie smiled again. “As long as my Soul Beast avatar’s here, I can use Star Door to lead you to Ninth Heaven directly.”

“You? You can open a star door that leads straight to Ninth Heaven?” Nine-tailed Fox King asked curiously.

Qin Lie nodded with a smile, “Yes, just like this.”

Brilliant starlight swiftly gathered in front of Qin Lie. The transformed into a star door in just a few seconds.

Boluo Realm could be seen clearly on the other side of the star door.

This discovery shocked the three Beast Kings deeply.

“Hmm!” Suddenly, a soul message entered Qin Lie’s mind and surprised him with its content. He muttered to himself, “Jiang Zhuzhe and the others…”

“My friends, I’ll visit you again after my Soul Beast avatar has finished refining the Soul Race clansman. For now, I need to go.”



Qin Lie passed through the star door immediately.

The star door didn’t disappear immediately after he left. It only started closing after the six Spirits of Void and Chaos were done eating and went through.

The three Beast Kings’ amazement grew with every revelation.

Meanwhile, Jiang Zhuzhe of Blood Fiend Sect, Jiang An of Black Voodoo Sect and Miao Fengtian were all gathered at Boluo Realm’s realm entrance.

Right now, the cave was filled with darkness and blood stench. Jiang Zhuzhe smiled coolly before saying, “This is good.”

Miao Fengtian and Jiang An frowned in silence.


Qin Lie exited his lightning form after he arrived and stared at Jiang Zhuzhe strangely, “What’s wrong?”


Everyone including Jiang Zhuzhe bowed humble and respectfully towards Qin Lie.

Qin Lie responded with a wave of his hand.

Earlier, he had received Miao Fengtian and Jiang An’s soul message while he was conversing with the three Beast Kings of Ancient Beast Realm. That was why he went to Boluo Realm through the star door directly.

“I have a few things in my possession.” Jiang Zhuzhe didn’t try to hide anything. He immediately threw out a few things from his sleeves and held them in midair.

The first object was a blood red eye. The eye rolled like it was alive, and it glowed bloodily and intimidatingly.

Anyone who matched eyes with it immediately experienced a rush of blood to the head and an inexplicable, uncontrollable urge to slaughter everyone around them.

The second object was an ancient-looking three-legged cauldron. It was surrounded by a pitch black light, and its surface was covered in words that looked like worms. A single glance was enough to make one’s scalp crawl.

Jiang An of Black Voodoo Sect was the only one who was staring at the three-legged cauldron with deep passion.

The third and last object was a strange diagram covered in ugly drawings. The floating diagram looked like the face of a terrifying ghost as it exuded an aura of eeriness and blood lust.

“Blood Demon Eye! Voodoo God Cauldron! Heaven Curse Diagram!” Qin Lie exclaimed in a deep tone.

Jiang An smiled coolly, “That’s right. They are the spirit artifacts that belonged to the great Three Progenitors a long time ago.”

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and humphed coldly, “According to my knowledge, all three items should be in the God Race’s possession. So how had you gotten them?”

Some time ago, he had obtained the Corpse Storing Coffin and Corpse Summoning Bell through Gan Xing. At the time, the youth had told Qin Lie that the rest of the spirit artifacts were in the God Race’s possession as well.

He could acquire them all from the God Race, but the amount of contribution points necessary for the exchange was massive.

Exchange by contribution points was the only way he could obtain those three spirit artifacts from the God Race, but he had cut ties with them a long while ago.

Now, all three spirit artifacts had suddenly appeared in Jiang Zhuzhe’s possession. He couldn’t help but think of a certain possibility.

His smile unchanging, Jiang Zhuzhe passed the Voodoo God Cauldron to Jiang An first. Then, he made a request to Jiang An and Miao Fengtian, “Can we have some privacy please?”

Jiang An and Miao Fengtian both looked at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie waved a hand and said, “He won’t be able to harm me even if he improved massively and constructed the fourth level of his Soul Altar.”

Jiang An and Miao Fengtian gave in then and retreated from the cave in silence.

“To tell you the truth, master, I’m making preparations to build the fifth level of my Soul Altar already.” Jiang Zhuzhe licked the corner of his lips as his eyes turned blood red. He looked like a crazed person. “The blood of the Abyss Devils and the flesh and blood energy they possess far exceed my imagination. To us Blood Drinkers, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Frost Desolation Abyss is the land of our dreams.”

“You’re close to building the fifth level of your Soul Altar already…?” For the first time, shock appeared on Qin Lie’s face.

Even the Blood Progenitor at his peak was but a seven-level Soul Altar expert. The Voodoo Progenitor was an early stage Genesis Realm expert as well.

Before Jiang Zhuzhe had left the Land of Chaos, he was just a three-level Soul Altar expert. But now, he was making preparations to build the fifth level of his Soul Altar already.

This man cultivated so quickly that even Qin Lie was caught off guard by it.

“It is all thanks to you, my two masters.” Jiang Zhuzhe bowed.

“Two masters.” Qin Lie snorted coldly again. “Who is that other master you speak of? You got the Blood Demon Eye, Voodoo God Cauldron and Heavenly Curse Diagram from him, am I right?”

Jiang Zhuzhe didn’t deny Qin Lie’s accusation. He smiled. “The old master had taken care of me for a long time before I ran into you, young master. Even the reason I started a war at the Land of Chaos and created a group of Blood Drinkers is all because of his will.”

A pause later, Jiang Zhuzhe continued, “Naturally, the reason I’m serving you now is also because the old master has willed me so.”

Qin Lie stared at him coldly.

“He says that he’s your maternal grandfather.” Jiang Zhuzhe bowed his head.

His reply caught Qin Lie off guard.

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