Chapter 1352: Bloodline System

Chapter 1352: Bloodline System

In the river of stars and endless darkness, pieces of shattered stars floated beyond Ancient Beast Realm like frozen mountains.

The three Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race were lying or sitting idly atop a chunk of a dead cold star fragment as they discussed about the wonders of the Abyss excitedly.

Suddenly, Qin Lie appeared from the hole on the ground.

“Eh? You’re done with your business already?” Crimson Blood Ape King asked curiously.

“My Soul Beast avatar will deal with what comes next, so I don’t need to be there myself.” Qin Lie smiled coolly.

“I just felt a presence of immense flesh and blood…” Fierce Thunder Python King said seriously.

“It is the Lizard Progenitor,” Qin Lie confessed.

“You recruited the Lizard Progenitor?” Nine-tailed Fox King’s pupils turned silvery white before her body suddenly shone like a silver sun. A blink of an eye later, she had transformed into a plump, charming and beautiful lady.

“To tell you the truth, the Lizard Progenitor is one of my soul slaves. Right now, he’s serving me with all his heart,” Qin Lie explained.

“Soul slave? Serve you?” The lady clad in white looked at him with bright eyes. She didn’t quite seem to believe his words.

“We of the Ancient Beast Race don’t care about seniority too much. From hereon, just call me Chi Xue, her Jiu Wei, and him Bao Lei. That’s how we’ve been addressing one another all this time.” Crimson Blood Ape King grinned before laughing loudly. “You really took care of that old lizard with the Giant Dragon Race blood?”

“Of course, though I borrowed the Qin Family’s power to succeed,” Qin Lie replied.

“Of course you did.” Crimson Blood Ape King looked surprised. “We, the Ancient Beast Race, are different from your Qin Family. We lack knowledge regarding the distant realms outside. If possible… can you tell us a little about those races of true power? If we have heard correctly, you have come into contact with some races of the outer realms, haven’t you?”

The Ancient Beast Race was used to living an easy life, and they hadn’t even contested the realms around them, let alone explore the space beyond. It was why they had no idea how vast the world beyond theirs truly was.

But now that Qin Lie had promised to build them a realm entrance, and they themselves wished to hunt in the Abyss, it was time to learn about the outside world.

“Of course I can.” Qin Lie smiled and started talking.

When Crimson Blood Ape King had brought Qin Lie over the first time, he had cautiously sealed off his vision and his senses. It was to prevent Qin Lie from searching this place again privately and taking Meio away from them in case negotiations had faltered.

But the deal was made, and they had even given him Meio. There was no longer any need to hide things.

That was why Qin Lie had gotten up to the surface smoothly without triggering any of the bloodline restrictions on the cave walls. They were the ones who allowed Qin Lie to pass through without problems.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie continued to describe to them the strength of the four transcendent bloodline races and foreign races such as the Bone Race and Winged Race. The three Beast Kings’ expressions slowly turned severe.

“Will we be baptized by those foreign races from the outer realms too?” Crimson Blood Ape King muttered to himself.

“If my guess is correct, the source of the Hundred Races’ bloodline may very well originate from the four transcendent bloodline races. We are in fact all part of their bloodline system.” Qin Lie hesitated for a moment before asking, “If you don’t mind, can you give me a drop of your refined blood so I can have someone examine them? I can inform you exactly which bloodline system your blood belongs to once the results are out.”

“The source of the Hundred Races’ bloodline came from the outer realms? Our blood originates from one of their systems too? Are you sure?” Fierce Thunder Python King exclaimed.

Qin Lie nodded firmly. “I’m very sure.”

“You can verify the truth if you have one drop of refined blood from each of us?” Fierce Thunder Python King asked again.

Qin Lie nodded again. “Give me some time. I will have someone test it and come to a conclusion. If you’re lucky enough to find the race that is the source of your bloodline in the future, you may be able to use them to improve your bloodline even further. In my opinion, everyone’s bloodline in Spirit Realm has the need for improvement.” The three Beast Kings turned serious like never before.

Qin Lie’s words was absolutely astonishing. Not only was it something that completely overturned their common sense, they had never heard of the theory that every bloodline in Spirit Realm was defective in some way.

“Also, the reason the four transcendent bloodline races are considered transcendent is because they… may be the only ones who possess the possibility to exceed rank ten.” Qin Lie added.

The three Beast Kings shuddered.

Passion suddenly lit up in every Beast King’s eyes.

Spirit Realm was vast, and there were almost a thousand races that lived in this world. However, there had never been a single person who managed to surpass rank ten.

However, all foreign experts who reached peak rank ten such as the likes of Fierce Thunder Python King had the vague feeling that it was still possible for them to grow even stronger.

Unfortunately, no one had ever managed to break the limit that was rank ten bloodline even though countless years had passed.

Eventually, surpassing rank ten became almost a pipe dream that everyone thought was possible, but no one could actually realize or prove.

“Don’t look at me like that. I only heard that the reason the four transcendent races are able to dominate the galaxy is because their bloodlines possess the possibility to exceed rank ten.” A pause later, he added, “I think that the Hundred Races would need to find another way if they wish to exceed rank ten. First, they must find the source of their bloodline. Then, they would need to use the source of their bloodline to fix their own flaws.”

“After that, I believe they’ll have a sliver of hope to exceed rank ten.”

The three Beast Kings’ breathing turned chaotic by the time he was finished. They all conjured a drop of refined blood for Qin Lie without hesitation.

Qin Lie took out the vessels he prepared specifically to store refined blood and put their lifeblood essences in safety. Finally, he said, “Give me some time. Once they’ve been tested, I’ll tell you all which bloodline system your blood belonged to, and where it came from.”

“Qin boy, if your guess is correct, then you’ll become the Blood Progenitor of every race in Spirit Realm. You’ll be teaching everyone the true secret of their bloodline.” Crimson Blood Ape King looked absolutely emotional. “If the truth is as you say, then our knowledge of bloodlines will soon enter a whole new world!”

“If you succeed in confirming your theory, you’ll be doing good to every race in Spirit Realm and opening up a whole new path of cultivation for all peak bloodline experts! If a bloodline expert who surpasses rank ten really does appear in Spirit Realm, you’ll be the reason behind their transcendence!” Fierce Thunder Python King also hissed loudly.

“You and the Qin Family truly have walked in front of the Hundred Races since a long time ago. The Qin Family has existed for three generations, and every new generation truly is better than the last,” Nine-tailed Fox King praised from the bottom of her heart.

Qin Lie’s common sensing words regarding bloodline today had truly refreshed the three Beast Kings’ recognition of the Qin Family. They were completely stunned by Qin Lie’s revelation.

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