Chapter 1351: Too Late

Chapter 1351: Too Late

“You trust him?”

The Soul Race clansman Meio knew that the situation had turned for the worse the moment the three Beast Kings had nodded at Qin Lie. For the first time, he revealed the secrets of the outside world to the Beast Kings.

“With your current strength and foundation, there’s absolutely no way you can gain any advantage no matter which Abyss level you choose to enter. In my opinion, his true purpose for building you a realm entrance that leads to the Abyss is to push you is to weaken your race as a whole!”

Meio let out a cold snort before continuing, “As for his claim that he has a private realm in the Abyss, now that’s an even bigger joke than his previous promise!”

“Since the moment I have memories, I’ve never heard of an Abyss level—all one hundred and eight of them—that isn’t under the control of an Abyss Devil!”

“The Soul Race, the Spirit Race and the God Race had been invading the Abyss for years, and even they could only obtain the upper hand for a short while. None of them had ever managed to rule over an Abyss level for long.”

“If even the experts of the three transcendent bloodline races are unable to conquer the Abyss fully and make the Abyss Devils of just one Abyss level submit, then how can you possibly do that?”

Meio was a true Soul Race clansman. Back then, he and the First Prince were travelling through the abyss channel before they accidentally stumbled upon Spirit Realm later on, so his knowledge of the Abyss was deep to say the least.

The reason he hadn’t revealed a thing to the three Beast Kings before was because he knew that they had coveted his knowledge of the soul. He knew that they wouldn’t wipe out his soul thoughts completely.

Moreover, his flesh puppet was at a state where it was barely clinging to life using blood water, and his Soul Tree could do nothing but make conversation. He was fearless because he literally had nothing to lose, especially since he knew that the Ancient Beast Race wouldn’t kill him. That was why he hadn’t revealed a thing until then.

But after Qin Lie appeared and made the Ancient Beast Race a most lucrative offer, and after the three Beast Kings had decided to abandon him, Meio finally succumbed to panic.

He was aware that Qin Lie could probably deal with him considering that he had already refined Cadak into an avatar.

He was also most aware of his current weakness.

The three Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race looked doubtful after hearing Meio’s explanation. They couldn’t help but turn to look at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie smiled coolly. “Of course, not everything will go smoothly for you all. I’m simply opening you a window of opportunity to get to know the outside world. Right now, Teng Yuan, Nivitt, the Qin Family, the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace are all fighting in the Abyss. Of course, they didn’t come out unscathed from their campaign, but the improvement they got from it was well worth the price.”

“As for my claim that I have a private realm in the Abyss…”

He pointed at his own forehead, and a translucent Soul Altar appeared before everyone’s eyes. It looked just like a giant crystal.

He smiled at Meio and said, “If you truly know the Abyss, you should be able to tell what this is, shouldn’t you?”

As he said this, he sent his Soul Altar flying past his Soul Beast avatar before stopping it right next to Meio’s dying Soul Tree.

A single soul tendril that looked as thin as hair stretched out from Meio’s Soul Tree and landed on that Soul Altar.


The soul tendril was instantly burned into dust.

Ripples started appearing on the Soul Altar as if a thousand wonders had occurred from that single contact alone. Tides had appeared even on the Origin Sea at his Origin World.

Meio’s Soul Tree grew even weaker after the attempt to make contact with Qin Lie’s Soul Altar. He was so weak that he couldn’t even maintain his soul’s original form.


Meio’s soul origin flew back into the skeletal carcass of the Blood Soul Beast before he howled, “An Origin Crystal! You refined an Origin Crystal and made it into your Soul Altar!”

Qin Lie grinned and created a Star Door in mid air.

The Star Door led to his barren Origin World.

He smiled at Crimson Blood Ape King, “You may take a look inside if you still don’t believe me, seniors. This newborn Abyss level may not have taken form yet, but it is definitely mine. If I wish so, I can create an Abyss level that belongs to me and me alone any time I choose. It’s just that it’s not suitable for you and your people for now.”

The three Beast Kings did not dare enter the Origin World in their flesh. They let out a wisp of soul consciousness and roamed the interior of the Origin World for a bit.

They could sense a thick amount of abyss devil energy in the Origin World. They also noticed that its laws and powers hadn’t completely taken form yet. It was like a newborn world so to speak.

Not only was the world’s unformed laws and powers responding to the spirit arts inside Qin Lie’s Soul Altar in a strange way, it was filled with Qin Lie’s unique soul presence as well.

The trio quickly withdrew their soul consciousness after a brief moment.

They were all rank ten bloodline experts, and their bloodline power along with their abilities had already touched upon the deepest essence of the laws of the universe. It didn’t take them much effort to discover the truth.

Now that they knew that Qin Lie had told them the truth—and shocked by the depth of his secrets—they grew more and more certain of their decision.

“We trust you.” Fierce Thunder Python King withdrew his soul consciousness and chuckled. “We will leave right now and leave this place to you. Don’t worry, we’ve made preparations in the blood pool and on the walls since a long time ago. This so-called Soul Race clansman wouldn’t even be able to destroy his own soul.”

“He’s all yours,” Crimson Blood Ape King also said.

The three Beast Kings flew out of the cave once more.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and took a closer look at the wall after they left. He soon discovered that it was covered in strange, beastial patterns. When he had come in, the patterns were completely concealed and invisible. Apparently, the Beast Kings had thought they no longer needed to hide it from him.

When Qin Lie looked even closer, he discovered that the beastial patterns had been inscribed with blood. They all contained their own respective powers and uses.

For example, the beastial patterns that looked like crisscrossing lightning had clearly been made using the Fierce Thunder Python King’s refined blood. Imprinted with its bloodline ability, the patterns seemed to be suppressing Meio’s soul constantly.

If Meio had tried to detonate his own soul, the lightning-like patterns would immediately shackle his Soul Tree and stop him.

“They didn’t need to go through so much trouble…” Qin Lie shook his head as he broke into a laugh. “The soul of a true Soul Race clansman would automatically split into tiny strands if it underwent an explosion. As long as it hasn’t exhausted its soul energy, its soul strands will eventually join back together. Unlike the other races, it isn’t nearly as easy for a Soul Race clansman to kill itself through detonating its own soul.”

Knowing how the Soul Race worked, Qin Lie stood and did nothing while his Soul Beast avatar let out a low growl.

The Star Door Qin Lie created earlier abruptly changed destinations to Boluo Realm.

A shrunken Lizard Progenitor passed through the Star Door and crouched in front of the Soul Beast avatar obediently. “Master.”

“Protect me for a moment,” Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar said.

“Oh.” The Lizard Progenitor bowed his head.

“Meio, I will be wiping out your soul imprint and refining you into my third subsoul regardless of your own will.” The bluish green pupils of Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar glowed strangely. “This seems to be your original fate anyway.”

“No! No! I promise to tell you everything! I’ll tell you where we come from! I’ll tell you everything I know about our divine artifact!” Meio screamed.

“Too late.”

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