Chapter 1350: A Deal

Chapter 1350: A Deal

As Qin Lie gradually pieced together his jumbled memories, the mysteries that used to confound him peeled away little by little.

It was because the subsoul’s Soul Tree was leaking to him the truth that was the soul origin inheritance.

He finally knew what the soul origin inheritance was, and how it came to skip over two generations and take root in his soul after the First Prince’s demise.

Unfortunately, his first soul hadn’t obtained the soul origin inheritance. That was why the Soul Suppressing Orb had never displayed its power.

It wasn’t until the first soul had passed away, and him, the soul that was truly compatible with the Soul Suppressing Orb had woken up from his slumber, that it finally unleashed its true power and “revived” him from death.

He was slowly but surely figuring out his own uniqueness as he sifted through his memories and thoughts.

Meanwhile, the Soul Race clansman called Meio in the form of a Soul Tree continued to stare at Qin Lie in astonishment.

“Hehe, you don’t believe me, do you?” Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar laughed strangely before its bluish green eyes suddenly glowed with dark light.

The dark light twisted and gathered in front of the Soul Beast avatar to form a lush Soul Tree.

—This was the original form of a Soul Race clansman’s soul.

The Soul Tree’s branches swayed slowly. A closer glance would reveal the faces of Curtis and the rest of Qin Lie’s soul servants hanging on the branches.

Every soul Qin Lie had enslaved would leave a soul thought on the Soul Tree. The stronger his servants’ souls, the stronger the branches became.

One of the branches was much thicker than the others. In fact, it had many tiny shoots that clearly separated it from the rest of the branches.

The Lizard Progenitor’s soul shadow would appear on that thick branch from time to time. Its image was also much clearer than the rest.

“You enslaved a rank ten bloodline expert!?” As a Soul Race clansman, Meio only needed a glance to know what was going on with Qin Lie’s Soul Tree. “In that case, it probably won’t take you too long before you regain your former strength, right?”

“I told you I’m not Cadak.” Qin Lie snorted.

“What on Spirit Realm are you here for?” Meio asked.

“I want to know the reason you came to Spirit Realm. I want to know everything about the Soul Race and the proper way to use the Soul Suppressing Orb.” Qin Lie didn’t hide his intentions from Meio. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Originally, I was planning to refine and absorb your soul fragments from your dead corpse.”

Shaking his head, he added, “But I’m also aware that the thought remnants of a Soul Race clansman are mostly related to their soul secret arts. Normally, their life experiences and memories are not left behind.”

“It’s why the only things I’ve gotten after absorbing the Soul Beast and Cadak’s soul fragments and refining this Soul Beast avatar were their secret arts and bloodline.”

“However, I have no idea why they came to Spirit Realm, why they fought that Spirit Race woman, and what happened afterwards.”

“It’s a good thing that you’re still alive.”

Qin Lie looked thankful as he said this.

“You said that you would have refined my soul fragments and obtained the secret arts I learned had I turned out to be dead.” Meio chose his words carefully before asking, “Since I’m still alive, and you desire my secrets, what… can you give me in exchange for them?”

“What do you want?” Qin Lie asked.

“Help me escape this place and give me enough flesh and blood energy and soul energy to restore my body and soul. I will leave Spirit Realm afterwards.” Meio told Qin Lie his requests.

Qin Lie smiled and shook his head. “Impossible.”

“Why? You are the First Prince’s soul origin inheritor, so you’re a Soul Race clansman just like me. Your body is nothing but a puppet to you, isn’t it?” Meio examined Qin Lie for a moment before asking, “Your avatar’s using Cadak’s body—there’s nothing wrong with that at least—but your true form is that of a human? What on Spirit Realm are you doing?”

“That’s not something you need to worry about.” Qin Lie grinned. “I may be the First Prince’s soul origin inheritor, but I don’t view myself as a Soul Race clansman. You can think of me the same as the Qin Family’s ancestor.”

“You want me to think of you as that despicable Qin Tian who used my race’s secret arts in service of the human race?” Meio howled harshly.

Qin Lie nodded. “That’s right.”

“Then we have nothing to talk about!” Meio snorted coldly.

“You’re a funny one. Did you forget that you’re in no position to bargain with me? Right now you’re so weak that your avatar is absorbing blood water to stay alive, and your soul can do nothing but make conversation. I’m the one who should be asking what you can do to stop me.” Qin Lie snorted derisively and sent out a soul message with his Soul Beast avatar before Meio could answer.

Crimson Blood Ape King, Fierce Thunder Python King and Nine-tailed Fox King suddenly dropped down from the ceiling.

They were surprised to see Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar when they appeared.

Qin Lie said honestly, “There’s no need to be alarmed, seniors. Look closely; this Soul Beast is none other than me.”

“What? This Soul Beast is you?” Nine-tailed Fox King looked incredibly astonished.

Even Crimson Blood Ape King and Fierce Thunder Python King looked a little dazed when the Soul Beast avatar transformed into Qin Lie and took a bow at them, smiling.

“The one standing before you is a Soul Race clansman just like me. I’d advise you not to cooperate with this cunning brat!” Meio said coldly.

“Soul Race clansman?” Crimson Blood Ape King looked surprised.

Qin Lie chuckled, “Seniors, this Blood Soul Beast isn’t going to reveal any of its soul-related secrets to you, so why don’t you just leave him to me? Of course, I won’t take him for free. I give you my word that I will build you a realm entrance that leads to the Abyss if you accept my deal. I can grant the Ancient Beast Race privilege to hunt in the Abyss.”

“Abyss? What kind of a place is it?” Fierce Thunder Python King asked curiously.

The Ancient Beast Race at Boluo Realm had kept a tight lip regarding the Abyss. Sky Mender Palace, the Qin Family and the Ji Family hadn’t revealed it to any outsider either.

Naturally, the Ancient Beast Race living in Ancient Beast Realm had no idea about the Abyss at all. They didn’t know that all powerful races of the outer realms viewed the Abyss as a golden opportunity for swift growth.

“The Abyss is a hunting ground for all races, and it contains an unkillable amount of Abyss Devils. The God Race, Spirit Race and Soul Race visit it frequently, the flesh and blood of an Abyss Devil is also extremely beneficial…”

Qin Lie patiently told the Beast Kings all about the wonders of the Abyss. He told them that the Abyss was a wonderful opportunity to come into contact with the outside world and recognize the true strength of powerful races. 

“Assuming the worst case scenario in which the God Race takes over Spirit Realm, and is threatening to invade Ancient Beast Realm, you can choose to take refuge inside the Abyss.” Qin Lie grinned. “I’ve just obtained a whole new private realm there not long ago. It is more than enough to accommodate every Ancient Beast clansman.”

The three Beast Kings exchanged a shiny glance with each other. They then nodded and ditched Meio decisively.

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