Chapter 1349: Soul Origin Inheritance

Chapter 1349: Soul Origin Inheritance

After the three Beast Kings had left, the Soul Beast remains inside the blood pool started misting like it was being burned from the bottom.

Trailing out of the translucent red bones, the blood mist slowly came together and condensed into a dark red soul.

The soul suspended three inches above the Soul Beast’s remains slowly transformed into a blurry face. “What do you wish to know, boy?” asked the dark red soul.

Qin Lie didn’t answer immediately. Instead, he took a few step backwards and unleashed his soul consciousness to check if the soul was dangerous. “Zzzt!”

Blue lightning and thunderous power splashed out of the corner of his eyes.

The soul had planned to get closer to Qin Lie, but it quickly came to a stop the second it realized that the light in Qin Lie’s eyes was thunder and lightning.

It was obvious that it was afraid of Qin Lie’s Heavenly Thunder Eradication.

Qin Lie smiled and withdrew his power. Now he knew that the soul was so weak that it would never regain its strength unless it consumed the souls of several rank nine bloodline experts at minimum.

The main reason he unleashed his power of thunder and lightning was just to warn the Soul Race clansman against any mischiefs.

“Do you recognize this object?”

Qin Lie pressed his glabella once, and his skin automatically split apart to reveal the Soul Suppressing Orb.

The Soul Suppressing Orb glowed darkly and stared at the Soul Race clansman almost as if it was Qin Lie’s third eye.

“It’s my race’s divine artifact!”

The soul suddenly screamed in excitement when it saw the Soul Suppressing Orb.

It subconsciously pounced towards the Soul Suppressing Orb despite the weakness of its soul. It even seemed to have forgotten that Qin Lie controlled thunder and lightning.

Qin Lie’s face turned chilly. He was just about to execute Heavenly Thunder Eradication and teach the soul the lesson.


It was at this moment his subsoul noticed what was going on here and sent a soul thought from far, far away.

A moment of surprise later, Qin Lie immediately created the Star Door in front of him before the dark red soul could get closer.

The shrunken Soul Beast avatar passed through the star door instantly and stood between the soul and Qin Lie.

“Cadak!” The dark red soul exclaimed in pleasant surprise the second it saw the Soul Beast avatar. “That human boy is holding our race’s divine artifact! Kill him now and help me escape this place!”

The Blood Soul Beast clearly knew Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar, else it wouldn’t have known its real name.

Unfortunately, Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar simply stared at it and said calmly, “He is I, and I am him.”

The red soul suddenly shook like it had taken a great shock.

The soul gradually calmed down after some time had passed. It sighed dejectedly, having seemingly discovered the truth. “Cadak, oh Cadak, it looks like your fate was even worse than mine. I still have my self, but you… to think that you would be refined into human boy’s avatar. What a terrible fate.”

The Soul Tree in the Soul Beast avatar’s head suddenly grew a couple of small branches.

Most Soul Race clansmen’s main soul could take on many different shapes. For example, they could transform into a shadow, a soul pond, or a green flame. But in general, the original shape of their soul was that of a Soul Tree.

Qin Lie’s subsoul was the same. Its very first shape was that of a Soul Tree, and every soul servant it enslaved was intricately tied to the Soul Tree. In fact, they were the branches on the tree.

To this day, there were a lot of memory fragments that Qin Lie hadn’t managed to dig out from the Soul Tree to this day.

When the subsoul saw the dark red soul, the Soul Tree, the origin of its soul suddenly grew a couple of new branches.

A series of confusing and disorderly memories suddenly entered Qin Lie’s mind after the branches had come to existence.

“Long time no see, Meio,” his Soul Beast avatar suddenly said.

“Eh!” The soul looked at Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar in surprise and slight disbelief. “Just who are you? Are you Cadak, or are you this human boy? I’m starting to get confused here.”

For whatever reason, the red soul transformed into a small Soul Tree as well.

However, its Soul Tree looked completely barren and utterly lifeless. Every branch it had was wilted and dead, and it looked like it would fall apart at any moment.

But Qin Lie knew that the Soul Race clansman could easily regain its strength and become a lively and gigantic Soul Tree once more if it was allowed to leave this place and devour new souls.

“You think I’m Cadak?” Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar chuckled strangely.

The Soul Race clansman called Meio was obviously caught off guard by his reaction. He tried probing the Soul Beast avatar for a moment before he suddenly exclaimed, “Why do I sense the First Prince in you?”

“The Soul Race’s soul origin inheritance had been passed down in the Qin Family for generations, and it was passed down to me a couple hundred years ago.” The Soul Beast avatar grinned and said, “I am your master and the inheritor of the First Prince’s soul. That is why my soul is perfectly compatible with the Soul Suppressing Orb.”

“How is that possible?!” Meio turned pale with shock.

Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar answered indifferently, “That is the truth.”

New branches grew again from Qin Lie avatar’s Soul Tree, the soul origin. Even more memory fragments that were hidden before rose to the surface.

Since Qin Lie’s main soul shared a connection with his subsoul, he knew everything the subsoul was sensing.

As it turned out, the Soul Race’s soul origin inheritance was something even stranger and more profound than the Spirit Race, God Race or the Abyss Devil’s bloodline inheritances combined.

A Soul Race clansman was born as a pure soul with no body, so there was no such thing as a bloodline inheritance. Instead, their inheritance was called a soul origin inheritance.

A long time ago, the Qin Family’s ancestor and first patriarch, Qin Tian had become one in the soul with the Soul Race’s First Prince despite the latter’s attempts to take over his body thanks to his own unparalleled willpower. The fusion gave him much knowledge regarding the secrets of the soul, and he eventually became the human race’s Soul Progenitor. He was the one who led the human race to a whole new world in terms of the attainment of the soul.

Unfortunately, the God Race’s experts ultimately cornered him and took his life.

When Qin Tian and the First Prince’s souls merged, a Soul Race mark was also imprinted into his soul. Should he die, there was a chance the descendants of the Qin Family might inherit his soul origin inheritance.

However, the Soul Race’s soul origin inheritance was a strange and profound thing. It hadn’t passed down to the next generation immediately.

The First Prince’s soul origin inheritance hadn’t passed down to Qin Shan, Qin Hao or any other Qin Family clansman. As a result, no one could control the ultimate treasure the Soul Progenitor, Qin Tian, had left behind for his family, the Soul Suppressing Orb.

That lasted until the day Qin Lie was born, and the Soul Suppressing Orb entered Qin Lie’s glabella of its own accord.

At the time, both Qin Tian and Qin Hao were shocked to say the least.

Naturally, they thought that Qin Lie had obtained the First Prince’s soul origin inheritance. They had all thought highly of his future. Unfortunately, Qin Lie had never detected the Soul Suppressing Orb inside him, and he wasn’t able to utilize this ultimate treasure to his own benefit. He had failed to awaken his God Race bloodline as well.

This finally changed when Qin Lie died three hundred years ago and came back to life. The Soul Suppressing Orb that was embedded in Qin Lie’s glabella since birth that he knew nothing about had finally shown its true colors.

This meant that the second soul in Qin Lie’s body was the true inheritor of the soul origin inheritance.

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