Chapter 1348: A Live Soul Beast

Chapter 1348: A Live Soul Beast

Crimson Blood Ape King revealed his true form. He held Qin Lie in his gigantic palm and caused his vision and soul consciousness to falter and sink into darkness.


Crimson Blood Ape King jumped into the air like a cannonball and slipped into the clouds at high speed.

Fierce Thunder Python King and Nine-tailed Fox King also returned to their true forms and flew into the clouds under Mang Wang, Teng Yuan and Nivitt’s surprised gazes.

After they gradually lost track of the three Beast Kings, Teng Yuan finally muttered, “It looks like that place isn’t anywhere in Ancient Beast Realm.”

Nivitt thought to himself before saying, “There are a lot of dead, shattered stars around Ancient Beast Realm.”

“You’re probably right,” Teng Yuan agreed.

Mang Wang said, “I guess the old fellows didn’t reveal all their secrets.”


The three Beast Kings were clearly flying towards the stars beyond. It didn’t take long before they broke through the spatial crystal barrier surrounding Ancient Beast Realm and stepped into the vast, mysterious galaxy outside.

There were floating chunks of shattered stars all over the place. They were completely lightless, pitch black, cold and desolate.

At first glance, it was as if Ancient Beast Realm was surrounded by floating tiles.

However, a closer look would reveal that these floating “tiles” were bigger than even the islands on Spirit Realm.

No life could be detected from the hundreds and thousands of chunks of shattered stars at all. They also weren’t shrouded in world spirit energy and were completely unsuitable for habitation or cultivation.

After the three Beast Kings had flown out of Ancient Beast Realm, they identified their position and flew deep into the floating chunks of shattered stars.

Not long after, they landed on a rock with dark red ground that looked like dried blood.

Unexpectedly, the three Beast Kings suddenly melted like water and seeped into the ground in just the blink of an eye.

Finally, Qin Lie was allowed to open his eyes.

There was a giant cave hidden deep inside the shattered star, and inside the cave was a gigantic blood pool and the skeletal carcass of a Soul Beast.

The three Beast Kings shrank again and stood side by side at the edge of the blood pool. They all stared at the Soul Beast’s carcass with a complicated expression on their faces.

When Qin Lie was held inside Crimson Blood Ape King’s palm, his eyes were shut and his soul consciousness was cut off. But when Crimson Blood Ape King had broken through the Ancient Beast Realm’s spatial crystal barrier and flown outside, his Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline had reacted just a little.

It was at that moment he knew that Crimson Blood Ape King had taken him to the space beyond Ancient Beast Realm.

“This is the carcass of that Blood Soul Beast,” Crimson Blood Ape King said while pointing at that blood pool.

Qin Lie stopped making guesses and put his focus onto the Soul Beast carcass inside the blood pool. The skeleton of the Soul Beast looked like translucent red jade and it was glowing slightly with bloody tinge.

When he looked closer, he suddenly realized that the Soul Beast carcass was absorbing blood into its body. It was because the blood inside the blood pool was receding.

“How is that carcass absorbing the blood?” Qin Lie asked in astonishment.

The three Beast Kings stayed silent despite his question.

Qin Lie knew that the three Beast Kings were curious to know why he was interested in the Soul Beast carcass. Inhaling deeply, Qin Lie was just about to execute a soul secret art and examine the interior of the Soul Beast carcass closely when a voice suddenly came from it, “Who are you?”

Qin Lie was shocked, but the three Beast Kings remained perfectly calm. It was clear that they knew that the Soul Beast wasn’t completely dead despite its appearance.

“He’s a descendant of the Qin Family,” Crimson Blood Ape King explained coolly.

“This Soul Beast is still alive?” Qin Lie’s expression turned into one of curiosity, “The God Race failed to take its life?”

“Qin Family’s descendant!”

The Soul Beast grew excited all of a sudden. The blood in the blood pool started seeping into its carcass at an accelerated rate, making its presence grow stronger and stronger.

“The amount of blood in the blood pool is just enough to keep you alive. If you want to die of starvation, feel free to drain as much blood as you like,” Fierce Thunder Python King said coldly.

The Soul Beast inside the blood pool immediately stopped its actions.

It seemed aware that the three Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race would give it just enough blood to keep it alive, but nothing more than that. They would never supply it with more flesh and blood energy and restore it to its peak form.

Qin Lie was completely stunned by this. He looked back and forth between the Soul Beast carcass and the three Beast Kings. “What’s going on?”

“The God Race’s rank ten expert did manage to kill this Blood Soul Beast. In fact, we witnessed its destruction by fire right before our own eyes.” Crimson Blood Ape King hesitated for a moment before explaining, “But this fellow has more than one soul. It knew from the start that the God Race would come to Ancient Beast Realm and hunt it down, so it had made preparations to survive the ordeal.”

Crimson Blood Ape King pointed at the carcass and continued, “This carcass is his true body, but the soul inhabiting it is just a subsoul it kept hidden back then.”

“However, its subsoul was much, much weaker compared to its main soul. We accidentally ran into it while it was trying to merge with its body.”

“After that, we trapped it here so that it can never run into another living being. This means that it won’t be able to feed on flesh and blood energy to restore its strength, or consume souls to restore its soul energy.”

“Main soul, subsoul…” Qin Lie suddenly realized that the Soul Beast hiding in Boluo Realm had done the exact same thing. It had made preparations to survive after learning that the God Race wouldn’t allow them to escape.

This particular Soul Beast was a cunning one for sure. After its main soul was killed by the God Race, its subsoul had come out of hiding and tried to merge with its dead body.

If the Beast Kings hadn’t run into it by accident, if the Blood Soul Beast had successfully repossessed its body and escaped to god knows where, it would only take decades, at most centuries to make a triumphant return. It would be the return of a rank ten Soul Beast.

“Why are you keeping it alive?” Qin Lie asked curiously.

“Hehe, all intelligent lifeforms are greedy, you know.” The Soul Beast chuckled oddly before continuing, “They kept me alive because they wish to learn about the soul and the outside world.”

“Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get anything from him for the past years.” Crimson Blood Ape King said regretfully.

“A flesh and blood puppet isn’t particularly important to a Soul Race clansman. In fact, it’s entirely capable of possessing another puppet of their liking. Why must you risk keeping this carcass around?” Qin Lie asked.

The Soul Race clansman hiding inside the Soul Beast carcass was clearly caught slightly off guard by this, “As a descendant of the Qin Family, how much do you know about our race? What really happened after my master’s soul had merged with your ancestor’s, Qin Tian?”

“The Soul Progenitor is your master? Is he the Soul Race’s First Prince?” Qin Lie asked.

“Eh!” The Soul Race clansman grew more and more curious. “It looks like you know a lot of things, boy. You even know about the First Prince?”

Qin Lie hesitated for a moment before asking Crimson Blood Ape King, “This guy is completely harmless for now, right?”

“Yes,” Crimson Blood Ape King said firmly. “It has no bloodline power to use, and his soul energy reserve is just enough to make conversation.”

Qin Lie nodded and requested, “In that case, can I converse with this Soul Beast alone? Don’t worry, I promise I won’t do anything to it before I obtain your permission.”

Crimson Blood Ape King looked at the other two Beast Kings.

A moment of hesitation later, both Fierce Thunder Python King and Nine-tailed Fox King nodded and gave consent. All three Beast Kings left the blood pool to give Qin Lie and the Blood Soul Beast their privacy.

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