Chapter 1347: News of the Soul Beast

Chapter 1347: News of the Soul Beast

The Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race clearly had plans and ambitions.

Their only condition was their lands in Spirit Realm. They knew that Ninth Heaven and Starry Hall would not give them up willingly.

So from the start, they had not thought of working with the six forces of the human race.

If there was a chance they could get back their lands, they were willing to try and fight the six forces and the God Race. But if the chance was low, they would retreat back into Ancient Beast Realm.

With the advantage the Ancient Beast Realm had in being far from Spirit Realm, they only had to destroy the only realm entrance that led there and leave Spirit Realm behind.

It could be said they were prepared for both advance and retreat.

Qin Lie thought for a while and said, "When I return, I will relay your demands to the Qin Family. As for their answer… I can give no guarantee."

The Crimson Blood Ape King nodded in understanding. "It should be so. There are many races and forces in the universe, but the Ancient Beast Race only favors the Qin Family. We also believe only the Qin Family can lead the races of Spirit Realm against the God Race, and not the six great forces of the human race."

Qin Lie was shocked. "Why do you think so highly of the Qin Family?"

Fierce Python Thunder King said, "Because the members of the Qin Family have always looked ahead. Your father went to more distant realms, went to the Dark Shadow World. Your grandfather was the same. I heard that your grandfather has connections to powerful races of other places, and can obtain other resources to help the experts of the Qin Family cultivate."

"The six forces may have walked out of Spirit Realm… but they only wage insignificant wars in realms of weaker races."

"They seem to have created many waves, but in reality, the road they took had already been walked."

"Only the Qin Family chose to advance outside Spirit Realm and walk the untrodden roads!"

"We heard the Qin Family had made rich gains."

Fierce Python Thunder King had an expression of envy and respect. The other two Beast Kings nodded gently.

Qin Lie looked at the three Beast Kings, thought of Chen Lin's words and felt somewhat proud.

Through Chen Lin, he knew that the Qin Family had explored other domains in these years and gradually formed business relationships with other powerful races.

This was something all the races of Spirit Realm were unable to do.

"Oh, right." Qin Lie's mind shifted and he suddenly said, "Did the Blood Soul Beast from thirty thousand years ago that ravaged the Ancient Beast Race leave behind any remains?"

"Blood Soul Beast?"

The three Beast Kings frowned, their expressions turning serious.

"I heard from the rumors when the Dark Soul Beast was making waves among the Asura Race, the Soul Devouring Beast was slaughtering the Nether Realm, and Blood Soul Beast was rampaging through Ancient Beast Realm. Is it true?" Qin Lie asked.

According to the information he had obtained, when the Blood Soul Beast was rampaging in Ancient Beast Realm, the Ancient Beast Race was helpless.

In the end, the God Race intervened and hunted the three Soul Beats down. The Blood Soul Beast was among them.

He, who possessed a Soul Beast avatar, knew that all three Soul Beasts were actually members of the Soul Race.

He was able to make a subsoul and possess a Soul Beast avatar partly because of the Dark Soul Beast's skull.

He knew that when the Soul Beast died, their bodies, bones, and heads would have many Soul Race secrets left behind that couldn’t be discerned by normal beings. In order to learn more about the Soul Race's powers and to strengthen himself, he hoped to find the remains of the Blood Soul Beast in Ancient Beast Realm.

"That Blood Soul Beast first ravaged through our lands in Spirit Realm. We searched for another place to rest to avoid the Blood Soul Beast. Ancient Beast Realm, Boluo Realm, and the other small realms were discovered then," Crimson Blood Ape King said in a heavy tone.

"Actually, before the God Race arrived, the clansmen of the Ancient Beast Race had already started migrating out of Spirit Realm after realizing we were no match for the Blood Soul Beast."

"Yet that Blood Soul Beast used some mysterious method to chase us all the way to Ancient Beast Realm."

Qin Lie noticed all three Beast Kings had bitter expressions as though they felt helpless thinking about the Blood Soul Beast.

Crimson Blood Ape King sighed. "When the God Race invaded Spirit Realm, many of our members had fled to Ancient Beast Realm. However, we still maintained connections to Spirit Realm."

"When they learned that a Blood Soul Beast was here, rank ten God Race experts led a team to enter Ancient Beast Realm."

"The elite God Race clansmen killed the Blood Soul Beast in the end."

Qin Lie took a breath and said, "Are the remains of the Soul Beast still here?"

The Crimson Blood Ape King had a strange look. "You want the remains of the Blood Soul Beast?"

Qin Lie thought for a moment and said, "Do not worry, I will pay a fair price."

Crimson Blood Ape King did not immediately answer and looked towards Fierce Python Thunder King and Nine-tailed Fox King. These two Beast Kings had thoughtful looks as though they were hesitating whether to agree.

After a while, Fierce Python Thunder King said, "Alright, come with us."

"Thank you." Qin Lie bowed.

"Father, what about us?" Mang Wang shouted.

He had not returned long to Ancient Beast Realm and did not know anything about the Blood Soul Beast. He had never heard the Beast Kings mention the remains of the Blood Soul Beast.

He thought the God Race clansmen had taken the Blood Soul Beast's remains with them, but from Crimson Blood Ape King's words, it was clear the remains of the Blood Soul Beast were still in Ancient Beast Realm.

Mang Wang was surprised and very curious. He wanted to see the Blood Soul Beast's remains.

Teng Yuan and Nivitt also had expressions of eagerness and wanted to see the Blood Soul Beast's corpse. They wanted to see what this terrifying being who had forced the Ancient Beast Race out of Spirit Realm looked like after death.

"Remain here." Fierce Python Thunder King snorted and said, "The remains of the Blood Soul Beast are in the restricted lands of the Ancient Beast Realm. Unless you reach rank ten bloodline, you cannot go there."

"Qin Lie is not a member of our race," Mang Wang argued.

Fierce Python Thunder King glared at him and snorted. "Boy, you know nothing!"

"Qin Lie, if you want to go there, I must first restrain you. I will seal your eyes and soul perception," the Crimson Blood Ape King said.

Qin Lie stilled. "So serious?"

Crimson Blood Ape King nodded and said with a serious gaze, "It must be like this."

Qin Lie hesitated but ultimately agreed, "Alright."

In the next moment, he saw the hand of Crimson Blood Ape King come at him. Crimson Blood Ape King's body expanded at the same time to the size of a mountain.

He landed abruptly in Crimson Blood Ape King's hand, unable to see or feel anything.

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