Chapter 1346: A Condition

Chapter 1346: A Condition

After Heavenly Blue Snake King left, Crimson Blood Ape King looked at Qin Lie and said curiously, "Where did you find the old snake's sons?"

"Blue Snake Sea of Spirit Realm," Qin Lie responded seriously.

"Blue Snake Sea." Crimson Blood Ape King snorted and said, "Who trapped the old snake's sons?"

"An old Sea Race clansman called Anja," Qin Lie answered and then added after a moment, "but my people have already killed her."

"So that’s how it is." The Crimson Blood Ape King nodded.

The other two Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race appeared from the forest.

Fierce Python Thunder King and Nine-tailed Fox King appeared in their true forms but miniaturized a hundred times.

Fierce Python Thunder King, his body covered in natural lightning patterns, and Nine-tailed Fox King with the nine snowy tails were ancient beasts but had eyes filled with intelligence.

"No wonder the old snake was so angry. The Sea Race took over their ancestral land, and also dared to kidnap his two sons." Nine-tailed Fox King shook his head and sighed. "Maybe our laziness and lack of action during the various wars caused other races like the Sea Race to think they can make trouble for us.

"Their ancestral land?" Qin Lie suddenly reacted and said, "Blue Snake Sea?"

"Yes, one and the same." Nivitt, a the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake that belonged to the Python Race explained to Qin Lie, "The Blue Snake Sea of Spirit Realm was the ancestral land of the Blue Snake Race at the start. When the Ancient Beast Race lived in Spirit Realm, some of the Sea Race lived around these waters. However, Heavenly Blue Snake King was the ruler there at the time so the Sea Race clansmen didn’t dare disobey him.."

Nivitt's eyes were dark. "The Sea Race clansman called Anja may have been one of those Sea Race clansmen and hated Heavenly Blue Snake King. Therefore, she secretly imprisoned his two sons and forged them into the snake-headed staff."

"Because they managed to get the support of Ninth Heaven, the despicable Sea Race clansmen took over the Blue Snake Sea and dared to imprison the sons of Heavenly Blue Snake King."

"Tsk tsk, the cowardly and lowly Sea Race thought they had won."

Fierce Python Thunder King, Nine-tailed Fox King, and Crimson Blood Ape King all had dark eyes when they listened to Nivitt's explanation.

Nivitt shrank his form a hundred times. He snaked in front of the Fierce Python Thunder King and bowed with an ancient greeting. "Nivitt of the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake Race greets, elder!"

"We are one family, no need to be so polite," the Fierce Python Thunder King said coolly.

Nivitt smiled happily.

"Blue Snake Sea, Blue Snake Race..." Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and gradually understood.

He could only speculate that if Heavenly Blue Snake King hadn’t left his ancestral land, the Sea Race clansmen living there would still be oppressed.

The Sea Race branch led by Anja would have been among them. They had been oppressed by Heavenly Blue Snake King for countless years as though it would never end.

When the God Race invaded, and the Ancient Beast Race could not win against them and had to leave Spirit Realm, they finally were free.

Then, they established themselves in Blue Snake Sea with the help of Han Family and Ninth Heaven.

Maybe because Anja hated the humiliation Heavenly Blue Snake King had brought to the Sea Race and knew she was not his match that she tried to capture the sons of Heavenly Blue Snake King.

The thoughts flashed through Qin Lie's mind. He quickly organized them through Nivitt's explanation.

He believed the truth was not far from his speculation.

"Not just Blue Snake Sea. The majority of Ninth Heaven's lands belonged to the Ancient Beast Race before," Mang Wang twisted his mouth.

"Alas, the human race is prosperous and we cannot return," Nine-tailed Fox King sighed and said.

Qin Lie had a strange expression.

Crimson Blood Ape King snickered and said, "Twenty thousand years ago, when the God Race was driven away, we did want to return to Spirit Realm and take back the lands that had once belonged to the Ancient Beast Race. But the human race was no longer the race anyone could bully, and they prospered in the time after."

He shook his head and said, "The Ancient Beast Race only has four Beast Kings, while the human race has more than ten Genesis Realm experts. It’s not that we didn’t want to return… we just couldn’t."

"Therefore, there are no disturbances around Ancient Beast Realm. After such a long time, we’ve become more indolent and lost our drive."

Nivitt and Teng Yuan who came from Boluo Realm smiled at each other and said, "We were the same."

Qin Lie was astounded.

The honest words of Crimson Blood Ape King surprised him. He thought that the Ancient Beast Race really didn’t want to return to Spirit Realm.

But that was not the case.

"Ancient Beast Realm is good but it cannot compare to the almost endless treasures of Spirit Realm. If there is a chance to return to Spirit Realm and once again claim the lands belonging to us, we may attempt to fight. What do you say?" Crimson Blood Ape King said with a chuckle.

Qin Lie's figure shook and he said, "I can’t make a decision on this matter."

"The former lands of the Ancient Beast Race are the present Ninth Heaven and Starry Hall. They are the wealthiest cultivation lands of Central World." Fierce Python Thunder King finally spoke. "We know that Ninth Heaven and Starry Hall will never give up those lands. So... we will never work with them."

"Also, just the four of us aren’t strong enough to make Ninth Heaven and Starry Hall leave."

Fierce Python Thunder King paused and then said with mirth in his eyes, "So we have been waiting for the Qin Family to come to Ancient Beast Realm."

"However, we thought the person from the Qin Family would be your grandfather."

Other than the three Beast Kings, Qin Lie, Teng Yuan, and Nivitt shook. Even Mang Wang was shocked, hearing this for the first time.

"If we can reclaim our ancestral lands, we are willing to fight the six forces, and are willing to gamble and fight with the Spirit Realm’s races to defend against the God Race's invasion." Crimson Blood Ape King's eyes were calm and deep. "This is our condition."

"Do you know that the God Race is coming this time with more than the Blaze Family and the Darkness Family? There is also the Profound Ice, Bloodthirst and Light families?" Qin Lie had a bitter smile as he said, "Honestly speaking, from what I’ve seen so far, the races of Spirit Realm cannot stop the God Race."

"We are not worried. If there is no hope at all, we can retreat back into Ancient Beast Realm and then destroy the realm entrance. We are far enough from Spirit Realm. It may be one of this realm’s shortcomings. But when the God Race comes, this will be our greatest advantage." Crimson Blood Ape King chuckled and said, "Of course, if there is no hope at all, then the agreement will naturally be void."

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