Chapter 1345: The Promise of the Snake King

Chapter 1345: The Promise of the Snake King

"Something is not right."

In the forest, Pu Yu stared at the snake-headed staff in Qin Lie's hand and the snake corpses in his other hand. His brows furrowed.

He felt a ripple of bloodline power coming from the two corpses.

How could dead snakes still give off bloodline presence? This was not logical.

Pu Yu's expression was confused and he felt anxious looking at Qin Lie's malicious smile.

"Hm, this is..."

Nivitt, and Mang Wang, two members of the Python Race, looked at the two snakes and exclaimed when they felt the weak ripples.

Suddenly, a burst of snapping, cracking noises came from behind Pu Yu and the others. The emissaries of the Asura Race, the Sea Race and the human race looked back and saw the ancient trees explode as they were crushed by a giant beast. An enormous shadow appeared in the forest.

The terrifying presence came like an ocean even from ten thousand meters away.

Those in the Void Realm or with rank nine bloodline paled upon seeing the vast and powerful presence.

"Beast King! The rank ten bloodline Beast King of the Ancient Beast Race!" Kahn of the Asura Race was shocked and shouted, "Why is the Beast King suddenly chasing after us?! Just now, they clearly were ignoring us. Now that we are leaving, why is he in a hurry to stop us?"

Pu Yu's expression was ugly as he said, "I fear it’s nothing good."

Mang Wang smelled the presence and then looked at the snakes on Qin Lie's hand. He said, "It is Heavenly Blue Snake King."

"Yes." Qin Lie held the snake-headed staff with one hand and the corpses of the two snakes with the other as he said calmly, "I came to the Ancient Beast Realm this time to deliver something to Heavenly Blue Snake King."

Mang Wang's gaze changed as he said urgently, "Did you... kill them?"

He assumed that Qin Lie had killed the two snakes he held and frowned.

Through his bloodline, he knew that the two snakes and Heavenly Blue Snake King had a blood connection. If Qin Lie had killed two direct descendants of Heavenly Blue Snake King, he could not smooth over this matter.

Qin Lie stilled and then shook his head with a laugh. He said, "Of course not. Also, they are not truly dead. Their souls are still in this snake-headed staff. When Heavenly Blue Snake King arrives, he will know the truth." As he said this, he looked darkly at the Sea Race clansmen.

Hearing that this matter had nothing to do with Qin Lie, Mang Wang immediately sighed in relief. "That is good."

The Sea Race clansmen had confused expressions. They did not know why Qin Lie looked at them or what connection this matter had to them.


A giant snake almost a hundred meters thick and unimaginably long suddenly appeared from the forest.

Its blue body exuded gentle light, making it look as if its body was made of jade. When it landed, its hostile eyes fixed on Qin Lie.

"Crack crack crack!"

A frost presence washed over all the bystanders. Qin Lie's eyebrows, hair, and bloodline seemed to be slowly freezing.

"It’s also a frost attribute bloodline..."

Qin Lie muttered inside the frost mist and just before his bloodline was completely frozen, he tossed out the staff.

The enormous Heavenly Blue Snake King let his tongue flick out and wrap around the snake-headed staff, pulling it into his mouth.

Cold blue lights flashed like stars to land on the snake-headed staff and then disappeared.

The snake patterns carved on the snake-headed staff soaked up the blue lights. The patterns suddenly came to life and rose off the surface.

A while later, the patterns formed two blue figures.

The souls of the two snakes.

The two snake souls floated in front of Heavenly Blue Snake King's eyes. They appeared extremely excited.

Heavenly Blue Snake King's vicious and dark eyes suddenly became gentle, streaks of blue tears dripping from his eyes.

Blue soul power carrying thoughts and memories moved between Heavenly Blue Snake King and the two snakes.

Heavenly Blue Snake King remained motionless, using his special bloodline connection to communicate with the two snake souls and learning about their experiences in the years.

Pu Yu, Kahn and the outsiders looked with fear at Heavenly Blue Snake King, not daring to move.

Soon, Crimson Blood Ape King and Teng Yuan appeared behind Heavenly Blue Snake King. They had not turned to their true forms and looked up at the unfolding scene.

Behind them, there were two more figures hidden.

"Sea Race!"

A moment later, Heavenly Blue Snake King roared, his eyes ice cold.

Rays of blue light streaked through the forest, threatening to cut through all creation.

The Sea Race emissaries that had come with Pu Yu and Kahn didn’t even know what had happened before they were diced into pieces by the blades of frost.

Their corpses did not leave behind a drop of blood, turning into small chunks of ice.

"Human race! Asura Race! You can all leave Ancient Beast Race but tell the Sea Race patriarch I will not spare him!" Heavenly Blue Snake King screamed.

Pu Yu and Kahn shuddered.

The former hesitated and waved his hand while the latter, knowing his partner, understood and hurriedly fled without a word.

The human race and Asura Race clansmen left, scared speechless.

Pu Yu paused when passing Qin Lie, looked at him strangely and then nodded slightly.

Qin Lie grinned and laughed soundlessly.

A while later, the outsiders led by Pu Yu and Kahn all left.

There was only the remains of the Sea Race clansmen left on the ground.

"Give my sons’ bodies back to me," Heavenly Blue Snake King shouted.

Qin Lie threw the two snakes in his hand to Heavenly Blue Snake King who used his tongue to put them away.

"Crimson Blood, Nine Tails, I am leaving immediately to help my sons recover!"

Heavenly Blue Snake King seemed extremely urgent after getting the two bodies and did not want to delay a second.

Before leaving, he only left a comment to Qin Lie, "Boy, I will not forget your favor of rescuing my sons from the Sea Race! When I recover my sons' bodies, I will come and meet you. I do not care what others say. My branch of the Ancient Beast Race will think of the Qin Family as friends from now on!"

Qin Lie smiled and bowed. "Thank you!"

Heavenly Blue Snake King streaked through the air like a blue bolt of lightning with the bodies and remnant souls of his sons, instantly disappearing into the horizon.

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