Chapter 1344: Shifts in Bloodline

Chapter 1344: Shifts in Bloodline

"Pu Yu, that old ape said he will not help either side. Why did you leave the wealth behind?" The Asura Race expert Kahn walked among the trees with dissatisfaction written all over his face. Pu Yu’s generosity felt suspicious to him.

The Sea Race clansmen were also confused.

Pu Yu, who came from Starry Hall, had not been angered because of Crimson Blood Ape King's scorn. He seemed calm and even had a smile at the corner of his mouth.

When they left the lush forest far behind, Pu Yu smiled and said, "We’ve never hoped that we could persuade the Ancient Beast Race to attack the Qin Family."

Kahn of the Asura Race and the Sea Race clansmen were even more confused.

Pu Yu's expression was indifferent as he said calmly, "With the attitude of the Ancient Beast Race, they were unlikely to participate in the attack against the Qin Family in the first place. They will not send people to Ninth Heaven. Ancient Beast Realm is too far from Spirit Realm. If the realm entrance did not exist, even Genesis Realm experts would need decades to travel through the stars to reach Ancient Beast Realm."

"So even if the God Race invades Spirit Realm, they will only target the Ancient Beast Race last."

"This is unlike the Asura Race and the Sea Race."

"The realms of your two races, as well as the Dragon Race’s are all close to Spirit Realm. Therefore, once the God Race arrives, you three will be immediately attacked by the God Race."

"This is why your chiefs are so eager to ally with us against the Qin Family."

The Asura Race clansmen led by Kahn heard Pu Yu’s explanation and fell into thought as if they understood something.

"The Ancient Beast Race is very strong, and they are the greatest variable. And as you just saw, our enemies in the Boluo Realm also have a relationship with the Ancient Beast Race. Our primary goal this time was to make sure the Ancient Beast Race will not help either side. If the Ancient Beast Race remains neutral, our goal is accomplished. What do the cultivation resources matter?"

Pu Yu smiled and said, "I just listened to the old ape's words and knew even if there is the relationship with Boluo Realm, the Ancient Beast Race will not help the Qin Family."

"That is enough."

His expression was calm. He thought he had successfully accomplished his mission and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

"Sha sha sha!"

At this time, the sound of ancient beasts came from the forest in front of them.

This place was the cultivation land of Crimson Blood Ape King, and Crimson Blood Ape King was the present Ancient Beast Race’s chief. So both outsiders and clansmenmembers of the Ancient Beast Race had to descend to the ground and walk on the ground.

It was a way of showing respect to the old ape.

"Presence of one of my race." Pu Yu narrowed his eyes and motioned for everyone to stop, waiting for the incomer to appear.

"Human race?" Kahn said curiously.

Pu Yu nodded and said with a strange expression, "If I am right, this should... be the Qin Family boy."

"Qin Lie?" Kahn was shocked.

"Yes," Pu Yu said coolly.

The Asura and Sea Races’ clansmen heard that Qin Lie was about to arrive and stopped to wait with curious gazes.

The string of events that had occurred to Qin Lie attracted the attention of everyone. The two foreign races were no exception.

They were right.

After a while, Qin Lie slowly appeared in the dense forest on Nivitt's neck and followed by Mang Wang.

Qin Lie stilled seeing Pu Yu's group from afar. Then he smiled and said, "Elders, where did you come from?"

"I come from Starry Hall." Pu Yu smiled, his eyes bright as though filled with starlight.

Under his gaze, Qin Lie's bloodline was stimulated. His normal-colored eyes and hair became crimson red.

"God Race blood, it seems that it really is you," Pu Yu said.

Before the Blaze Family came, Qin Lie was the only known human to possess the Blaze Family bloodline.

Seeing the traits of the Blaze Family bloodline, Pu Yu immediately realized Qin Lie's identity. He suddenly had a great interest in this third generation patriarch of the Qin Family who had been good-for-nothing three centuries earlier just to blow up and become the rising sun that shined brightly.

What had happened in three hundred years to make an average person into a sharp sword?

Pu Yu desperately wanted to know the cause.

"Asura Race, Sea Race..." Qin Lie grinned after a moment and took out a snakehead staff from his spatial ring.

He ignored Pu Yu and released a soul thought into the snake-headed staff. "We are in your land. I have encountered Sea Race clansmen, and your father should be nearby."

"We arrived at Ancient Beast Realm?"


"Our father is nearby?"

"Should be."

"Please release our bodies!"


After communicating with the two snakes, Qin Lie released the corpses of the two snakes under the curious gazes of Pu Yu and the others.

Once the two snakes appeared in his hand, the bloodline in his body seemed to move again.

A scream came from the blurry figures in the forest behind Crimson Blood Ape King.

Crimson Blood Ape King, who was talking with Teng Yuan, jumped in fright at the scream and shouted, "What’s wrong with you?"

A giant snake shrouded in blue light suddenly appeared from the forest, ignoring the Crimson Blood Ape King, as he charged madly in Qin Lie's direction.

This giant snake was even larger than Nivitt. It took a long time for his long body to slide past the two apes.

A giant curved gully appeared in the forest after he passed, a dozen meters deep and long like a dried stream.

Crimson Blood Ape King looked at the long gully and frowned. He said, "He even lost control of his bloodline power. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so rash and disrespectful to me by leaving such big marks on my land."

He looked in the direction Heavenly Blue Snake King disappeared in, his expression changing. He suddenly asked behind him, "What happened?"

"He said he felt the bloodline of his two sons." A soft female voice came from the forest behind him in the language of the Ancient Beast Race.

Crimson Blood Ape King was shocked and shouted, "Didn't his two sons disappear several millennia ago?"

"Who knows what happened."

"Go! We will also go and see!" Crimson Blood Ape King shouted.

"We won't wait for them to come here?"

"No need!"

In the forest, the other two Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race could not stop themselves and appeared in the forest.

The Fierce Python Thunder King and Nine-tailed Fox King stopped talking after Heavenly Blue Snake King left and appeared from the forest. Together with Crimson Blood Ape King and Teng Yuan, they chased after Heavenly Blue Snake King.

They were all curious why bloodline presence of the sons of the Heavenly Blue Snake King appeared out of nowhere.

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