Chapter 1343: The Attitude of the Ancient Beasts

Chapter 1343: The Attitude of the Ancient Beasts

Under the ancient trees, Crimson Blood Ape King saw Teng Yuan arrive and suddenly became excited.

As one of the rulers of Boluo Realm, and the three leaders of its branch of the Ancient Beast Race, Teng Yuan seemed slightly timid when he saw the Crimson Blood Ape King, his smile awkward.

Crimson Blood Ape King stared angrily at Teng Yuan as he walked forward and shouted, "What? Are you dumb now?"

The human race, Asura Race, and Sea Race clansmen at the side looked curiously at Teng Yuan and speculated at his relationship with the Crimson Blood Ape King.

Shadows appeared in the woods as though they were observing Teng Yuan through secret arts.

The experts of the human and Asura Races saw the blurry figures behind the Crimson Blood Ape King and frowned.

When they requested to meet the Crimson Blood Ape King, they felt the terrifying presences hiding in the forest. They knew that the other three Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race were nearby.

Due to this, they had been nervous from the start, and sat on needles the entire time.

Teng Yuan finally came in front of the Crimson Blood Ape King. He bowed and laughed awkwardly, saying, "I am used to living in Boluo Realm, used to the burning day and the ice cold nights. I know if I came to Ancient Beast Realm, uncle would think of ways to keep me here."

He shook his head, his eyes bitter. He said, "But I do not like this place."

Even Nivitt and the Vermillion Bird Tong Yan did not know of the relationship between Teng Yuan and the Crimson Blood Ape King, let alone Qin Lie.

In truth, Teng Yuan and the present patriarch of the Ancient Beast Race did not just belong to the same bloodline, Teng Yuan's father and the Crimson Blood Ape King were blood brothers.

If Teng Yuan's father was still alive, it was very likely that he would be the patriarch instead.

The Ancient Beast Race was not cunning and fighting over power like the human race with brothers killing each other never happened.

Teng Yuan's father encountered a mishap during his bloodline breakthrough, causing his bloodline power to be used up. He died of natural causes shortly after.

Crimson Blood Ape King had always respected and admired his older brother.

"You were not willing to come before, why now?" The Crimson Blood Ape King snorted.

Teng Yuan glanced at the human race emissaries and snickered, "I came with a little brother of mine."

The human race experts from the six factions had a bad feeling after hearing Teng Yuan say he was used to living in Boluo Realm.

They thought of Boluo Realm as Qin Lie's private realm and knew that Qin Lie was recognized by all the foreign races in Boluo Realm. Otherwise, they would not have such a difficult time in their several campaigns against Boluo Realm.

"Boluo Realm..."

A white-haired old man frowned slightly, his eyes worried.

His robes were embroidered with stars and his clothing looked like a mysterious star map that flashed with light.

This person was Pu Yu. He was from Starry Hall and was in the late stage of the Void Realm. He was the leader of this group of emissaries.

Seeing Teng Yuan arrive, and hearing that he had lived in Boluo Realm, Pu Yu knew why the ape had come. When Teng Yuan said he had come with a young brother, Pu Yu started to look around and search for Qin Lie's figure.

Pu Yu looked around, and felt puzzled when he did not see Qin Lie.

"Who did you come with?" The Crimson Blood Ape King snorted and said, "The boy from the Qin Family?"

Teng Yuan did not refute it and said honestly, "Yes, Qin Lie."

He knew that while the other Ancient Beast clansmen did not pay much attention to the outside world, his uncle, the Crimson Blood Ape King, had to fulfill his duties as the patriarch of the Ancient Beast Race and know of the major matters concerning Spirit Realm.

His interactions with Qin Lie and Boluo Realm’s recent developments could not be concealed from the Crimson Blood Ape King.

"Hmph!" The Crimson Blood Ape King glared at Teng Yuan and pointed at the boxes filled with valuable materials in front of him. He said, "If not because of your relationship with the Qin Family boy, I may have accepted these things already!"

Teng Yuan's eyes lit up. He said, "Thank you, uncle."

The Crimson Blood Ape King ignored him and looked at Pu Yu, saying with a proud expression, "Take your things and leave. The Ancient Beast Race has no interest in participating in the civil war of the human race. Even if the God Race invades, as long as they don’t invade this realm, we will not care."

Pu Yu's expression changed. "The Ancient Beast Race will not participate even if the God Race invades?"

"Why should we?" The Crimson Blood Ape King snorted. "The Ancient Beast Race has left Spirit Realm a long time ago, the wars occurring there are none of our business! All these years, wasn't it you humans that have ruled over Spirit Realm and didn’t allow anyone to touch it?"

Pu Yu's brows furrowed deeply.

"Since you are the rulers, Spirit Realm’s is under your jurisdiction. Naturally, if your territory is invaded, what reason could we have to help?" The Crimson Blood Ape King smiled coldly and said, "In the past, we were stupid and agreed to help you drive the God Race out of Spirit Realm together. But what did we get in return?"

"We are still living in the outside realms and cannot return to Spirit Realm. Nothing has changed."

"The other races did not benefit either. Their realms in the stars have been slowly taken over by the human race."

"I saw through you a long time ago!"

The six forces’ emissaries listened to the Crimson Blood Ape King's scolding with grave expressions.

The emissaries from the Asura Race and the Sea Race had awkward expressions as though they could offer no retort.

"What did the Asura Race and the Sea Race get from the human race? So stupid to ally with them. Do you feel you have not been used enough in these years?" mocked the Crimson Blood Ape King.

The foreign races’ emissaries smiled guiltily.

"Leave." The Crimson Blood Ape King snorted and stated, "The Ancient Beast Race will not participate in an internal strife of the human race. We will not help you against the Qin Family, and we will not help the Qin Family against you. Even if the God Race invades, we will just ignore it."

"As long as the God Race does not enter Ancient Beast Realm, all the wars outside have nothing to do with the Ancient Beast Race!"

"This is our stance!"

The emissaries of the human race, the Asura Race, and the Sea Race were harshly scolded but did not dare argue back.

"I understand." Pu Yu's expression was at ease as he said, "Good, as long as the Ancient Beast Race does not help either side, we will have accomplished half our goal."

He pointed at the boxes filled with spirit materials and said, "These things will count as payment for the Ancient Beast Race to not help either side."

"We shall take our leave."

Pu Yu smiled slightly and led the emissaries of the three races towards the mountaintop where the realm entrance was located.

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