Chapter 1342: Go-Between

Chapter 1342: Go-Between

Every ancient beast that had been sealed underground by the Ice Emperor back then suddenly started thumping their chests and roaring loudly. The roars were louder than even the crack of thunder inside the valley.

To Qin Lie, Scarlet Tide Continent was a distant memory.

But to the ancient beasts who viewed Mang Wang as their leader, that memory was as clear as yesterday.

The only thing that surprised them was that Qin Lie was no longer the insignificant human weakling they had met dozens of years earlier. In fact, he had grown so much that even they were stunned by his transformation.

“To think you’d grow this powerful in such a short time!” Mang Wang sighed with deep emotion as well.

A decade or two might be a very long time for a human like Qin Lie, but it was roughly equal to nap time for Mang Wang and the ancient beasts who were sealed underground back then. After all, every ancient beast’s lifespan was at least ten thousand years or longer.

A decade or two really meant nothing to them.

Decades earlier at Scarlet Tide Continent, Qin Lie hadn’t awakened his God Race bloodline yet, and his realm was close to breaking through to the Netherpassage Realm. He was pitifully weak back then.

But somehow, by the time he paid Ancient Beast Realm a visit, Qin Lie had already reached the Imperishable Realm. He had grown unbelievably powerful in just the blink of an eye.

Moreover, the thick energy rolling out of Qin Lie’s body clearly signaled that he was much stronger than the average expert of his level.

All the ancient beasts who had probed Qin Lie carefully were astonished by his growth. They had no idea how he managed to accumulate so much strength in just a strong time.

“What happened to you during the years we were gone? How did you grow so powerful?” Mang Wang asked curiously.

Qin Lie grinned. “Don’t you know what’s happening outside? And… don’t you know who I am now?”

Mang Wang’s giant pupils were filled with puzzlement. “After we returned to Ancient Beast Realm, we spent most of our time figuring out ways to increase our bloodline power. We are a race who seldom pays attention to the outside world, and Crimson Blood Ape King’s people are the only exception. The rest of us couldn’t care less honestly.”

“It’s like this.” Nivitt added his own explanation, “Normally, the chief is the only one who’ll spend time understanding the outside world. Unless whatever’s happening outside seems like it’ll affect Ancient Beast Realm, he normally wouldn’t bother notifying us.”

“Most ancient beasts are used to slow living, and they didn’t have the heart to conquer other realms either.”

“The ancient beasts have always been an easygoing race.”

Nivitt let out a couple odd chuckles before finishing, “If we weren’t like that, we would’ve conquered Boluo Realm and driven all other races away a long time ago.”

Qin Lie was speechless.

The Ancient Beast Race had always been the strongest race in Boluo Realm. Maybe it really was as Nivitt said, else they wouldn’t have allowed Sun Palace and Lunar Temple to bully them that far.

“This senior is right. After our race had come to Ancient Beast Realm, we realized that none of us is interested in expanding further. Most of us only cared about cultivating in our own territories,” Mang Wang interrupted. “Of course, it’s not like there are any other races who dares to disturb our peace on purpose. That is why there hasn’t been a single war in Ancient Beast Realm for the past millennia or so. We’re all used to leading an easygoing life.”

“Unfortunately, those good days are about to come to an end.” Nivitt sighed.

The moment Nivitt said this, the ancient beasts in the valley immediately looked at him curiously. They all asked what Nivitt meant by his words.

“The God Race is about to return to Spirit Realm,” Nivitt said.

Surprisingly, the ancient beasts didn’t look worried at all by the news. In fact, they looked so calm it was almost as if the God Race’s invasion had nothing to do with them at all. Their reactions surprised Qin Lie to no end.

“Ancient Beast Realm is very, very far away from Spirit Realm, so if the God Race wishes to invade Ancient Beast Realm, they will have to go through the human race first, since they’re the current rulers of Spirit Realm and all,” Mang Wang said with utter carelessness. “The human race, the Giant Dragon Race, the Asura Race and other warmongering races are also closer to Spirit Realm. They’re the ones who are the first line of defence.”

Mang Wang chuckled with narrowed eyes. “The human race has been arrogant and despotic as of late, and they’re currently the strongest race among the Hundred Races, so they’re the ones who should fight the God Race to their deaths, don’t you say?”

Qin Lie turned to look at him oddly.

“What’s wrong? Wait, are you here to request our aid in defense of Spirit Realm?” Mang Wang said after a moment of astonishment, “You saved our lives, so of course we’re not going to sit by and do nothing. But…”

“No, no.” Qin Lie shook his head. “I simply wish that the Ancient Beast Race wouldn’t take part in the human race’s civil war.”

“What do you mean?” Mang Wang looked completely confused.

Qin Lie pondered for a moment before revealing his true identity, the grudge between the Qin Family and the six great forces, and the crusade the six great forces, the Asura Race, the Sea Race and the Giant Dragon Race had planned against the Qin Family as of late.

After he explained all this, he said, “My only hope is that the Ancient Beast Race would stay clear of the six great forces and not get involved in this civil war.”

“I had no idea you were so important, boy.” Mang Wang looked very surprised by all this. Then, he gave Qin Lie his sincere promise, “Don’t worry, even if you weren’t our benefactor, the Ancient Beast Race wouldn’t have participated in the human race’s civil war. I know that a lot of foreigners have visited as of late. Even my father had gone over to Crimson Blood Ape King’s place. They’re probably discussing this.”

Mang Wang looked a little worried after he mulled over the matter. “Come, let’s head over to Crimson Blood Ape King’s place right now. I’ll ask for you and confirm their intentions.”

“Wait, is Heavenly Blue Snake King nearby?” Qin Lie asked suddenly.

“He should be with Crimson Blood Ape King as well,” Mang Wang said.

“I see.” Qin Lie nodded. “If it’s not a bother, then please take me to Crimson Blood Ape King right away. I’d also like to see who the six great forces’ go-betweens are.”

“Alright, come with me!”


Deep within a forest where the sky was blocked out by countless trees.

There was a giant ape covered in crimson mane from head to toe seated at the base of an ancient tree. Maybe it was because there were foreigners around, but he had shrunk himself at least a hundred times over despite being in his true form.

He still was four meters tall despite his efforts though.

Beside Crimson Blood Ape King stood a couple of well-dressed human experts, Asura Race experts and Sea Race experts. They were all physically shorter than Crimson Blood Ape King.

A couple of giant boxes were placed in front of them. The cover had been opened to reveal many shiny content.

They were all precious spirit materials.

The group bowed slightly as they introduced the spirit materials inside the boxes one by one. They also attempted to invite Crimson Blood Ape King to Ninth Heaven.

The Sea Race and Asura Race’s clansmen were also bowing and scraping before Crimson Blood Ape King.

The ape king looked impatient as he listened to their ramblings. Finally, he’d had enough of it and was going to wave them away.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up as he felt a twitch in his bloodline.

Tens of seconds later, Teng Yuan in his bright yellow mane appeared embarrassedly from a nearby tree. He had also shrunk his size several hundred times over.

“Uncle.” Teng Yuan laughed dryly and bowed towards Crimson Ape Blood King from afar.

A tremor went through the ape king’s body, and his eyes were red all of a sudden. He glared angrily at Teng Yuan before he scolded him, “It took you this long to come over, you little bastard?!”

Teng Yuan didn’t give him a reply. He simply kept his head bowed and laughed awkwardly in response.

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