Chapter 1341: Reunion

Chapter 1341: Reunion

“The next chief! Mang Wang?” Qin Lie hid his astonishment.

“Mn. Mang Wang’s father is one of the four Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race. Although Mang Wang isn’t the chief yet, his father is a high rank ten bloodline expert and the strongest beast the Ancient Beast Race has to offer.”

Teng Yuan explained, “You should know that the Ancient Beast Race’s bloodline system can be separated into smaller categories just like the the human race’s cultivation system. Every bloodline rank can be further broken down into low, middle and high rank. Currently, the four Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race are Crimson Blood Ape King, Heavenly Blue Snake King, Nine-tailed Fox King and Fierce Thunder Python King.”

“All four Beast Kings are at rank ten bloodline, but Crimson Blood Ape King and Heavenly Blue Snake King’s bloodlines are at the middle rank, while the Nine-tailed Fox King’s is low rank.”

“Fierce Thunder Python King is the only Beast King out of the four who has reached high rank ten bloodline since a long time ago. He’s capable of taking on a human nine-level Soul Altar expert, and he’s the only beast who is capable of engaging the Dragon Race’s chief, Affleck, in an all out battle.”

“The four Beast Kings…” Qin Lie asked curiously, “So Mang Wang is going to become the next chief because his father’s the strongest beast in the Ancient Beast Race, is that it?”

“That’s not all.” Nivitt shook his huge head and said in a proud tone, “We’ve spent most of our lives living in Boluo Realm, but we have ways to keep track of what’s happening in Ancient Beast Realm. We know that Mang Wang possesses the bloodline of a Fierce Thunder Python; an incredibly rare and powerful bloodline within the Ancient Beast Race.”

“I even heard that his bloodline had undergone a transformation after all those years he spent being sealed inside the Ice Emperor’s seal. He seemed to have picked up the essence of frost.”

“We know this because there were rumors saying that his bloodline exhibited both the power of thunder and frost not long after he returned to Ancient Beast Realm.”

“Legend says that a Fierce Thunder Python who awakened to the power of frost would evolve into an even stronger Ice Thunder Python. Both his bloodline rank and bloodline power would increase massively.”

“That is why Mang Wang’s bloodline rank improved by leaps and bounds not long after he had returned to Ancient Beast Realm. The characteristics of his bloodline as an Ice Thunder Python also grow more and more obvious each day.”

“After all four Beast Kings were done evaluating Mang Wang, they all believe that Mang Wang’s powerful bloodline would eventually make him into a beast even stronger than his father, Fierce Thunder Python King.”

“That is why Mang Wang is chosen as the next Ancient Beast Race chief.”

Nivitt hissed twice happily before saying, “This era is the era of the Python Race, I say. Not only do we have Fierce Thunder Python King and Heavenly Blue Snake King, the new chief to be declared is from the Python Race as well. Haha, right now we are the central pillar that holds up the entire Ancient Beast Race.”

Nivitt was a Silver Streak Heavenly Snake and a member of the Python Race. Two of the four Beast Kings were descended from the Python Race, and even the new chief to be elected was of the Python Race as well. Naturally, Nivitt was more than happy to see an outcome like this.

“We the Ape Race have been in power for almost twenty thousand years already. Don’t forget that the current chief is still Crimson Blood Ape King.” Teng Yuan snorted.

Although the two ancient beasts had spent most their lives in Boluo Realm, it seemed that they had gotten a tad competitive after they came to Ancient Beast Realm. For whatever reason, they chose this moment to compare merits with each other.

Qin Lie didn’t pay any attention to Teng Yuan and Nivitt’s argument. Instead, he rubbed his own chin and focused on his own thoughts. “To think that Mang Wang would become the next chief of the Ancient Beast Race. The future is truly full of surprises…”

Suddenly, the big python who was responsible for sending their message to Mang Wang earlier yelled, “Please, come with me!”

The python that was near fifty meters long abruptly transformed into lightning and zipped towards a faraway mountain. Qin Lie, Nivitt and Teng Yuan hurriedly followed behind it.

A giant valley gradually entered Qin Lie’s view. From afar, the valley actually looked like the one Forefather Terminator used to cultivate in. It was filled with thunder and lightning.

Since he cultivated Heavenly Thunder Eradication, the energy there gave him a sense of familiarity.

“May I ask where Crimson Blood Ape King usually cultivates at?” As they were getting closer to the valley, Teng Yuan suddenly twirled his eyes like he had a different idea in his mind.

“It’s over there.” The python shot a bolt of lightning towards the peak of a certain mountain.

“I think I won’t be coming with you two.” Teng Yuan informed Qin Lie and Nivitt, “Crimson Blood Ape King is a senior of mine. Normally it doesn’t matter since I live in Boluo Realm, but now that I’m here, I’m honor bound to visit him before anything else.”

“No problem. Feel free to go about your business.” Qin Lie said.

Teng Yuan didn’t turn down Qin Lie’s offer. He left them and quickly vanished down the direction the python had pointed.

“Those humans and emissaries from the Sea and Asura Races are all at Crimson Blood Ape King’s cultivation ground right now.” The python at the front slowly withdrew its lightning and slowed down because they were already right above their destination. “We’re here.”


Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and looked for Mang Wang with an odd expression on his face.

The huge valley was completely covered by the shadows of towering mountains, and there were giant pythons everywhere he looked. These pythons were all wriggling, spitting thunder or tempering their own bloodline.

Every python in this valley was a Fierce Thunder Python, and the only thing that separated them from the other was the patterns on their bodies. They all looked the same otherwise in Qin Lie’s eyes.

Long story short, he couldn’t identify Mang Wang among these pythons.

“Hahaha!” Suddenly, a huge, hundred-meter long python covered in lightning patterns burst out of mountain stream. Its eyes looked like a pair of cold ice crystals that occasionally shot bursts of lightning. Every time it moved, the sound of thunder would crackle from its body.

“I didn’t think you would come to Ancient Beast Realm!”

The giant python shouted loudly in the human language. His eyes looked cold, but it was filled with sincere joy and surprise.

At the same time, the sound of giant beasts trampling over obstacles in a hurry resounded from beside the valley.

It didn’t take long for a dozen or so giant beasts of all kinds to appear in the valley. It looked like they had run all the way to this place.

“It really is Qin Lie!”

“Our benefactor has come!”

“What a surprise!”

It had been too long since Qin Lie saw these giant beasts, and his memory of them was blurry to say the least. However, they looked incredibly excited to meet Qin Lie again.

They hadn’t forgotten the time they were frozen beneath the Arctic Mountain Range by the Ice Emperor for an indescribable period of time.

If Qin Lie hadn’t appeared, they would probably still be trapped in the underground of Arctic Mountain Range to this day, capable only of thought and nothing else.

Qin Lie might have already forgotten about them due to his many wonderful experiences, but they hadn’t left Ancient Beast Realm even once after Qin Lie had freed them.

That was why their experience of fighting Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple alongside Qin Lie on Scarlet Tide Continent became their most distinct memory.

Unlike Qin Lie, they remembered his appearance and everything that had happened on Scarlet Tide Continent as clear as yesterday.

That was why they had run all the way from their homes as quickly as possible after Mang Wang had notified them.

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