Chapter 1340: Ancient Beast Realm

Chapter 1340: Ancient Beast Realm

There were tall mountains that peaked through gray clouds and forests in the middle of mountain ranges at the Ancient Beast Realm. It was at the peak of a couple thousand meters tall mountain that a realm entrance had been constructed with precious wood and rare crystals.

Several dozen beasts of various sizes were crouching lazily beside the realm entrance, cultivating or dozing off as they pleased. 

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Suddenly, three beams of light—azure, bright yellow and dark blue—flew out of the realm entrance.

“Outsiders are visiting us again!”

A giant python covered in black and white patterns and about fifty meters long immediately woke up and moved towards the realm entrance the moment it showed signs of activation.

The rest of the foreign beasts were staring at the realm entrance curiously as well, moving their bodies and muttering to themselves.

“Strange, we haven’t had a single foreign visitor for the past ten years or so, but recently they just wouldn’t stop coming.”

“The group earlier called themselves humans from the six great Gold rank forces. They brought a dazzling line-up of world spirit materials and claimed that they were going to gift it to our Beast King.”

“After that, the Asura Race and the Sea Race showed up with a request to meet with our chief. They too brought a lot of gifts with them.”

“Even the Dragon Race had sent over an emissary.”

“Maybe it’s because the God Race is about to invade Spirit Realm, and they wish to borrow our strength. That is why they came from all over the world.”

“That has to be the case.”

The foreign beasts gossiped among themselves as they moved closer to the realm entrance. They were all surprised by the amount of foreign visitors they had as of late.

The Ancient Beast Realm was a sizable distance away from Spirit Realm. The human race didn’t invade them even during their peak because they were too far away, and the Ancient Beast Race was too strong.

The Ancient Beast Race, the Dragon Race and the Giant Race had always been known as the strongest races in Spirit Realm.

Maybe it was because of their fame, but the human race, the Dragon Race, the Giant Race, the Asura Race and other strong races seldom operated near the Ancient Beast Race.

Moreover, the Ancient Beast clansmen who lived there were pretty lazy, so much so that they rarely ever left the Ancient Beast Realm. It was why the Ancient Beast Realm remained a peaceful and tranquil place for at least several thousand years.

Lately, the Ancient Beast Realm was suddenly visited by many people from great races. Everyone’s curiosity was piqued.

They wondered to themselves: What really happened outside to drive so many races to visit the Ancient Beast Realm?

“We’re here.”

Qin Lie, Teng Yuan and Nivitt walked out of the Ancient Beast Realm’s realm entrance amidst a shower of light.

The gathering Ancient Beast clansmen couldn’t stop themselves from letting out a low growl when they saw Teng Yuan and Nivitt.

Although Teng Yuan and Nivitt were in human form right now, they couldn’t hide their scent from the Ancient Beast clansmen of this place.

It was why they were surprised. They didn’t expect to smell a kin.


Teng Yuan and Nivitt immediately let out a roar and transformed right before their kin’s confused eyes.

Teng Yuan transformed into a giant golden ape with lush mane, and Nivitt transformed into a Silver Streak Heavenly Snake under a cacophony of thunder.

“It’s a senior of our race!”

The Ancient Beast clansmen immediately changed their attitudes and looked at Teng Yuan and Nivitt respectfully the second they revealed their true forms.

Qin Lie walked out of the realm entrance and stood at the peak, taking in the world around him.

It was mountain ranges and forests wherever he looked. He couldn’t find a single city or any traces of civilization at all.

Giant ancient beasts occasionally trekked past incredibly tall mountains or vast forests. There were thousand-meter long giant snakes like Nivitt, and there were mountain-sized giant apes like Teng Yuan in this world. There were also Giant Golden Armor Lions with powerful reverberating roars, giant eagles that ruled the skies, giant crocodiles coiling and twisting in wide rivers and humongous thirty meters long spiders...

Every ancient beast in this realm was operating in their true form. They didn’t transform into humans just because there were foreign visitors.

Qin Lie knew that no real Ancient Beast clansman would like to be restricted. None of them actually liked transforming into a human.

Outside, they took on human forms because they were putting up with other races and it was easier to communicate.

But such measures were unnecessary in the Ancient Beast Realm. That was why they were all in their true forms.

Standing at the peak of the thousand meters tall mountains were giants, their roars resounding in every corner of the world.

For a moment, he felt as if he had travelled back in time.

A long, long time ago, these gigantic creatures were the rulers of the earth and skies of Spirit Realm. At the time, the Giant Dragon Race, Giant Race and Ancient Beast Race were still addressed uniformly as the Giant Spirit Race.

The Giant Spirit Race was the true ruler of Spirit Realm at the very beginning. At the time, the human race, the Asura Race, the Sea Race, the Wood Race and other small races were always hiding themselves from these terrifying beings at the top of the food chain, fearing everyday that they would become the food of a Giant Spirit clansman.

However, the Sea Race, Wood Race and Asura Race started displaying outstanding intelligence by learning the arts of cultivation. It was how they eventually established a foothold in Spirit Realm.

Later on, the God Race invaded Spirit Realm in unstoppable fashion and forced many races to escape into the outer realms.

The Giant Spirit Race’s era ended there and then, and the human race eventually learned the secrets of the bloodline and the soul from the Blood Progenitor and Soul Progenitor, and learned how to absorb world spirit energy into bodies by cultivation. After that, they learned how to forge Soul Altars. As a result, they grew stronger and stronger.

In the end, the human race became the new ruler of Spirit Realm.

Currently, the vast world that was Spirit Realm was completely transformed into a haven for the human race, and the powerful races that used to dominate Spirit Realm were forced to make new homes in the outer realms instead. The scene where the Giant Spirit Race ruled over Spirit Realm during the ancient times were long gone.

The human race’s absolutely terrifying reproductive capabilities caused every land in Spirit Realm to be covered in human palaces and houses.

Every corner of Spirit Realm was marked with traces of human activity.

That was why an utterly untamed land like the Ancient Beast Realm, a land that was unblemished by any human structure, was something that only existed in a dream.

“I suppose that only a world that is completely devoid of humans could maintain such purity. What an amazing sight…” he thought to himself.

“We came from Boluo Realm today because we wish to meet the chief. Can you please arrange things for us, my brothers?”

While Qin Lie was busy enjoying the sights, Nivitt was voicing his request to a “thin” python who was only a couple dozen meters long.

The python looked at Nivitt respectfully and replied in the Ancient Beast language, “The chief is currently dealing with the emissaries of the human race, the Sea Race and the Asura Race, so he may not be free right now. But I can inform him of your arrival.”

“Someone came before us?” Nivitt was caught off guard.

The python nodded before replying, “Mn, the humans call themselves the emissaries of Spirit Realm’s six great Gold rank forces. The Sea Race and the Asura Race claims to have come here under orders from their respective chiefs.”

Teng Yuan’s expression changed slightly as he spoke to Qin Lie in a thunderous voice, “Things don’t look too good, boy.”

Qin Lie frowned and hesitated for a moment. “Is Mang Wang here too?”

“Do you know Lord Mang Wang?” the python asked curiously.

“If you can contact Mang Wang, please tell him that Qin Lie of Scarlet Tide Continent is here.”

“You’re from Spirit Realm’s Scarlet Tide Continent?”


“I’ll contact Lord Mang Wang right away!”

Suddenly, the giant python turned incredibly respectful. It was also looking at Qin Lie with a meaningful look.

“The giant pythons…” Qin Lie thought to himself while narrowing his eyes slightly. He was aware that Mang Wang was a giant python whose bloodline ability was the same as his spirit energy, thunder and lightning.

In his opinion, the giant python in front of him was probably of the same race as Mang Wang.

The reason he thought this was because he could sense the power of thunder in the giant python. Moreover, it looked almost exactly the same as Mang Wang back then.

“Old Teng, could it be that Mang Wang’s senior is the Ancient Beast Race’s chief?” He suddenly threw the curious question at Teng Yuan.

“No.” Teng Yuan grinned and chuckled strangely. “He’s not the chief of the Ancient Beast Race. However, Mang Wang’s father is currently the strongest expert in the Ancient Beast Race.”

Qin Lie looked astonished. “I thought that the Ancient Beast Race valued strength above else, so why isn’t he the chief?”

Teng Yuan shook his head, “Mang Wang’s father isn’t the chief right now, but… barring any surprises, Mang Wang should become the Ancient Beast Race’s next chief.”

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