Chapter 1339: Impressed

Chapter 1339: Impressed

Qin Lie left the Demon Dragon Valley after Scott and Mitchell confirmed that they would support the Qin Family.

After leaving, the three demon dragon brothers and the evil dragon Calvert were the only ones left. The rest of the demon dragons were battling the Abyss Devils in the Frost Desolation Abyss to increase their bloodline power.

“First brother, second brother, you just tested Qin Lie’s strength. What do you think?” Barett asked.

Calvert was also looking at the two demon dragons.

Scott and Mitchell were silent for a very long time after Qin Lie had left the valley. They were in deep thought until Barett’s question shook them out of their reverie.

Scott’s eyes sparkled in a strange way as he nodded slightly. “You were right. Every generation of the Qin Family is stronger than the last, and this third generation in particular may very well bring the Qin Family to a whole new height.”

Calvert trembled when he heard this. “Old friend, are you saying that…”

“A long time ago, the old patriarch Qin Shan had made the Qin Family the richest family in Spirit Realm among humans. He won over many skilled artificers and built the foundation at which the Qin Family’s glory stands on.”

“The second generation of the Qin Family, Qin Hao, had no interest in artifact forging. However, he channeled all of his energy into researching the martial way and became the strongest martial way genius the human race has ever seen for the past couple thousand years. He was the one who made the Qin Family such a powerful Gold rank force that it dwarfed all six great factions, or rather he would have if not for the incident three hundred years ago.”

“As for Qin Lie…”

Scott chose his words carefully for a moment before continuing, “He may lead the Qin Family beyond the scope that is Spirit Realm. In the future, when he reaches the Genesis Realm and rank ten bloodline, he may succeed where we failed and lead the Qin Family all the way to the galaxy beyond.”

Barett was stunned by his brother’s declaration. “Are you serious?”

Barett believed that Qin Lie had infinite potential, but he never thought that his brother Scott would think this highly of Qin Lie. His assessment surprised him greatly, to say the least.

His second brother, Mitchell, chose this moment to interject. “If Qin Lie really does succeed in reaching the Genesis Realm and rank ten bloodline, it’s definitely possible for the Qin Family to become a great power,who causes billions in the galaxy to tremble just like the God Race, the Spirit Race or the Abyss Devils.”

Both Calvert and Barett couldn’t quite believe that the two demon dragon brothers were so in sync on this matter. They were very confused.

“First brother, second brother, can you two cut to the chase already? Why do you believe that Qin Lie is capable of such feats?” Barett complained impatiently.

Scott and Mitchell exchanged a glance with each other before Mitchell spoke up, “Qin Lie’s bloodline is absolutely extraordinary, and the one-level Soul Altar in his mind is something neither of us have ever seen before. I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m staring at a whole new world when I look inside his Soul Altar.”

“A Soul Altar is like a world, but it takes a peak Genesis Realm expert to actually transform it into a whole new realm. Qin Lie’s Soul Altar… is only at the first level, so you can understand why we’re this shocked. In fact, we cannot even ascertain the entirety of his true strength.”

Mitchell added, “There is one thing we are sure of, however. His father, Qin Hao, probably wasn’t as strong as Qin Lie was when he first created his Soul Altar.”

Scott completed the sentence. “In other words, he has already surpassed his father during his early days.”

Both Barett and Calvert were stunned beyond words after listening to the demon dragon brothers’ explanations. Their image of Qin Lie had been repainted in a completely new light.


At the Ancient Beast Race’s grounds, a group of people could be seen waiting at the cave entrance where the realm entrance lies.

Ji Yao, Ji Yuan, Gan Feipeng, Miao Yizi, Teng Yuan, Nivitt and more were all present. They seemed to be waiting for someone.

A moment later, a bolt of lightning flashed beneath the moon and landed at the cave entrance.

“Swoosh!” The lightning transformed into Qin Lie, who gave them a smile before saying, “Barett and his brothers have confirmed their intention to support us during the upcoming war. They also agreed to fight the Giant Dragon Race for us if Ninth Heaven were to engage us in battle on the day of the meeting.”

“Wonderful!” Ji Yao laughed loudly. “Scott and Mitchell are definitely strong enough to take on the chief of the Giant Dragon Race if they work together. After all, the Demon Dragon Race is only second to the Giant Dragon Race, not to mention that they’ve never truly lost to the Giant Dragon Race in the past couple thousand years!”

“The Demon Dragon Race’s participation will definitely lessen the pressure we take from the Giant Dragon Race,” Ji Yuan agreed.

The rest of the group wore joyful looks as well. The Demon Dragon Race’s support had definitely made them more confident about the upcoming battle.

“I heard from Miss Miao that you’re planning to visit the Ancient Beast Realm. Is that true?” Teng Yuan asked suddenly.

After Chen Lin had obtained Qin Lie’s promise through his Soul Beast avatar, he informed Miao Yizi of his decision via their unique communication channel.

Miao Yizi was a six-level Soul Altar expert who was well-versed in the secret arts of space. The main reason she came to Boluo Realm after obtaining the Ancient Beast Realm’s spatial coordinates from Chen Lin was to prepare this realm entrance for Qin Lie’s departure.

Teng Yuan, Nivitt and the others had invited themselves over after they heard that Qin Lie was heading to the Ancient Beast Realm.

That was why they had been all gathered there even before Qin Lie showed up.

“The Ancient Beast Race’s stance is unclear as of now, and I happen to have some relations with the Ancient Beast Race. That is why I wish to visit them and see if I can convince the seniors there to help us,” Qin Lie said honestly. “I don’t know why you left the Ancient Beast Realm, and I don’t know what’s the current relationship between you and the Ancient Beast clansmen over there. That was why I didn’t want to trouble you all with this.”

Teng Yuan, Nivitt and Tong Yuan were all Ancient Beast clansmen, but they had stayed in Boluo Realm for at least tens of thousands of years. From an outsider’s point of view, they seemed to have cut all ties with the Ancient Beast Realm.

Qin Lie knew that they had left the Ancient Beast Realm for a reason, and he didn’t want to disturb them with his request. That was why he hadn’t informed anyone through Curtis about his upcoming journey.

He didn’t expect Teng Yuan and the others to show up themselves after learning that he was travelling to the Ancient Beast Realm through Miao Yizi though. Their reaction wasn’t what he had expected.

“You were mistaken about one thing. We haven’t migrated over from Ancient Beast Realm. Spirit Realm is our home since the beginning.” Teng Yuan smiled as he explained, “Thirty thousand years ago, when the God Race came invading, most foreign experts of Spirit Realm came to realize that they were no match for the God Race. That is why most of them had escaped to the outer realms.”

“That was why Nivitt, Tong Yuan, I and the Banderas left Spirit Realm and came to Boluo Realm.”

“At the beginning, there were no such thing as an Ancient Beast Realm at all. After we were forced out of our homes by the God Race, we escaped into space and found new worlds suitable for our race. Naturally, the new realm with the most Ancient Beast clansmen came to be known as the Ancient Beast Realm.”

“Boluo Realm and the Ancient Beast Realm are too far apart, and we’re used to living here without having to follow orders. That’s why we haven’t communicated with our clansmen at Ancient Beast Realm.”

“It’s all because we simply don’t want to live in Ancient Beast Realm.”

“In short, we hold no grudge towards our clansmen at Ancient Beast Realm,” explained Teng Yuan.


“I see now.” Qin Lie nodded. “In that case, can you accompany me to Ancient Beast Realm if you’re free? Worse comes to worst, they won’t attack me out of malice with the two of you with me.”

“Haha, did you forget that you saved a lot of Ancient Beast clansmen back then? Mang Wang was among those you saved, wasn’t he? In that case, there’s no way they’ll treat you badly.”

“Is Mang Wang very important in the Ancient Beast Realm?” Qin Lie asked in surprise.

“You’ll know once you get there,” Teng Yuan said.

“Okay.” And so, Qin Lie requested Miao Yizi to open the portal, and him, Teng Yuan and Nivitt traveled together to the mysterious Ancient Beast Realm.

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