Chapter 1338: Test of Strength

Chapter 1338: Test of Strength

Qin Lie was the second soul in this body, so he only knew what happened after he had awakened from his slumber. In fact, his very first memory had started at Ling Town.

Therefore, he wasn’t sure how the Qin Family was doing now and before. He didn’t understand why Scott and Mitchell reacted the way they did after they heard that his father, Qin Hao, had completed the ninth level of his Soul Altar.

It was because he, the second soul, had never met Qin Hao before.

He muttered thoughtfully with astonishment, “Invincible among the Hundred Races…”

“It looks like you don’t know your own father too well.” Scott clearly looked surprised by his ignorance. He explained, “The Demon Dragon Race hadn’t visited Spirit Realm for a long time, choosing to live in the depths of the galaxy, but even we have heard of your father’s fame. It is because your father is known as ‘Peerless’ since the moment we heard of him.”

“Peerless?” Qin Lie looked surprised.

“It is said that your father has been invincible among his peers since the day he started cultivating the martial way.” Barett’s second brother, Mitchell, said with spontaneous respect. “When he was in the Natal Opening Realm, no one in the Natal Opening Realm could beat him in a one-on-one battle. It was the same when he ascended to the Manifestation Realm, the Netherpassage Realm, all the way up to the Nirvana Realm.”

“When the first level of his Soul Altar was complete, he immediately became the strongest martial practitioner among all one-level Soul Altar experts. It stayed like that even after he broke through to the Void Realm and the Genesis Realm. There’s just no one that can match him at his level.”

“In fact, he often challenged experts beyond his level and won against them.”

“From what we know, the only reason his Soul Altar was destroyed three hundred years ago was because all of his opponents were peak nine-level Soul Altar experts.”

“Mind you, he wasn’t fighting one, but many nine-level Soul Altar experts!”

Mitchell said in awe and respect, “The six great human forces had to gather several peak Genesis Realm experts to destroy his Soul Altar, but they still failed to stop him from protecting his Soul Altar pieces and running away from their clutches.”

Mitchell sighed in admiration. “Remember, he only had an eight-level Soul Altar back then.”

Scott took over the conversation. “After that battle three hundred years ago, all outer realm foreigners who knew the truth were certain that your father would become the strongest expert to have ever existed in Spirit Realm if he completes his Soul Altar. However, most people, including us, thought that it would take him at least a couple thousand years to rebuild it and break through.”

“No one could’ve predicted that he could reforge his crushed Soul Altar in just three hundred years, let alone complete the ninth level of his Soul Altar.”

“No wonder your father dares to visit Ninth Heaven.”

Scott and Mitchell suddenly looked a lot calmer after they heard that Qin Hao had constructed the ninth level of his Soul Altar.

Their hesitation from earlier was long gone. Both of them had decided to communicate their intention to join forces with the Qin Family as soon as possible.


Qin Lie took the time to calm himself down a little. From Scott and Mitchell’s description and their awe and respect towards his father, he was gradually realizing just how bright and terrifying an existence his father was among the humans of Central World and even the foreign races of the outer realms.

“Qin Lie is Qin Hao’s son. Hell, he might even one-up his father!” Barett snorted. It seemed that he was somewhat dissatisfied with his brothers’ reverence of Qin Hao, boasting, “If there’s one thing I know about Qin Lie, it’s that he’ll definitely surpass Qin Hao and bring the Qin Family to greater heights!”

“Oh?” Scott chuckled. He finally shot Qin Lie a serious look, examining him from head to toe. He clearly thought that Barett had exaggerated his claims.

Mitchell also chuckled. “He doesn’t need to surpass Qin Hao, he only needs to be unrivaled among his peers. If that is the case, then I’m certain that the Qin Family can unite the disjointed humans and become the true ruler of the human race.”

“I think he can surpass Qin Hao as well,” Calvert suddenly said indifferently.

Both Scott and Mitchell were surprised by this interruption. Their eyes grew more and more curious.

They were aware that Barett wasn’t always dependable, and that he had the tendency to exaggerate things or spout nonsense.

But Calvert wasn’t like their younger brother. He wasn’t careless with his words, and he definitely wasn’t the type to hold a person in high esteem for no particular reason.

Curious, the two demon dragons started applying some bloodline energy and soul pressure onto Qin Lie.

Qin Lie shuddered under their gaze, and his eyes and hair instantly turned as scarlet as blood. The flesh and blood energy that gushed out of his body smelled a lot like blood.

His eyes sparkled with sparks and blue lightning, and his blood ran like a boiling river!

To Qin Lie, Scott and Mitchell had vanished from view.

Instead, they had become a tsunami of qi and blood that looked like they would never stop battering him. Again and again, the waves of energy crashed towards him, and he had no choice but to endure them like a tiny boat barely surviving under a ferocious storm. He felt like his “boat” and him could break apart at any moment.

But that wasn’t all. The two demon dragons had somehow managed to enter his head and caused havoc in there as well. It was as if they were trying to tear apart his Soul Altar and his very soul into tiny pieces.

Both Scott and Mitchell were rank ten demon dragons. They were as strong as the human race’s Genesis Realm experts or peak foreign experts.

They could sit there and do nothing but unleash their flesh and blood energy and their soul energy, and still give Qin Lie, an early stage Imperishable Realm practitioner, a run for his money.

Qin Lie had no choice but to activate all of his bloodline power.

Provoked by the two demon dragons, the many powers hidden inside his blood started erupting like volcanoes.

His body became surrounded by imperishable flames, and golden armor started covering his skin. There were also dark blue halos circling around him like orbiting meteors…

His God Race, Abyss Devil Race and Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodlines worked together with his Heavenly Thunder Eradication, Frost Arts and Blood Spirit Art to resist the demon dragons’ blood energy.

His mysterious bloodline powers and spirit arts worked together to weaken the demon dragons’ qi waves again and again.

Even the two soul shadows that were causing havoc inside his head had to leave in a hurry when his one-level Soul Altar suddenly erupted into a storm of thunder.

Both demon dragons seemed to be afraid of the wild thunder blasting out of Qin Lie’s Soul Altar.

“Alright, we’re done!” Scott suddenly let out a dry laugh.

Both Mitchell and him withdrew their soul energy and bloodline aura at the same time.

Qin Lie was still covered in flames even though they were done testing him. His face was blurred by the mixture of powers, and tongues of flames seemed to be pouring out of his eyes.

“So? How is he?” Barett yelled.

Both Scott and Mitchell seemed absolutely surprised by the result. The duo exchanged a glance and seemed to recognize the hidden shock in each other’s eyes.

“He really is as good as his father.” Scott gave a reserved remark before turning to Barett. “We’ll inform the Qin Family of our intentions and declare our stance in a moment. We’ll also visit Ninth Heaven and see how the six great forces, the Giant Dragon Race, the Sea Race and the Asura Race plan to deal with Qin Hao.”

“If necessary, we’ll participate in the battle as well!” Mitchell declared.

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