Chapter 1337: Invincible

Chapter 1337: Invincible

Demon Dragon Valley.

Two thousand-meter long, dark-skinned demon dragons were lying lazily on the ground as rich flesh and blood energy poured off their bodies like erupting volcanoes.

The terrible energy was so strong that Qin Lie felt it on his face even though he was still tens of thousands of meters away from them.

“Barett’s here.”

One of the demon dragons let out a low growl before his body started undergoing a transformation. A dozen or so seconds later, he had transformed into a gigantic human who was even fatter and more obese than Barett was.

The other demon dragon didn’t hesitate as well. He too transformed into a huge fatty.

Their names were Scott and Mitchell. They were Barett’s blood-related older brothers, and they were rulers of their respective realms.

Both demon dragons were at rank ten bloodline. After their father, Abrit, had been trapped in the Dark Shadow World, they led their respective clans and fought against the Giant Dragon Race.

They both wanted to return to the Dragon Realm, chase away the Giant Dragon Race and restore the Demon Dragon Race’s former glory.

The Dragon Race had many branches, but the Giant Dragon Race, Demon Dragon Race and Evil Dragon Race had always been known as the strongest three.

A long, long time ago, the Demon Dragon Race chief Abrit had joined forces with the Evil Dragon Race to fight for control over the Graveyard of the First Dragon. In the end, Abrit suffered a massive injury and had to tell his sons to escape to the outer realm with their people.

He himself had vanished without a trace.

The God Race returned from the outer realm soon after, and the Evil Dragon Race chose to serve the Blaze Family of the God Race. Thanks to this decision, the Evil Dragon Race enjoyed a prosperous period of ten thousand years and ruled over the Dragon Realm.

Unfortunately, no good thing lasts forever. The evil dragons quickly declined after the God Race had been chased away from Spirit Realm by the Hundred Races.

Most Evil Dragon Race experts had left Spirit Realm alongside the God Race, leaving behind only a small number of low rank evil dragons who had no choice but to hide underground. The Giant Dragon Race seized the opportunity to seize the Dragon Realm from their hands and began their oppression of all other dragons.

The Demon Dragon Race had rested in the outer realms for thirty thousand years after the terrible blow. They never showed their faces even when the God Race had invaded Spirit Realm.

It took them all that time to restore their strength. They only truly began their recovery after Scott and Mitchell had reached rank ten.

For the past couple thousand years or so, the Demon Dragon Race had started competing against the Giant Dragon Race again. They were growing active among the stars outside Spirit Realm once more.

Soon, a new war was about to erupt in Spirit Realm. The Giant Dragon Race had chosen to join forces with the six great forces and eliminate the Qin Family before the God Race ultimately invaded their realm.

The Demon Dragon Race had always been at odds with the Giant Dragon Race. Thanks to Qin Lie’s friendship with Barett, they planned to support the Qin Family in this war.

However, the Demon Dragon Race as a whole was somewhat undecided if this was the right time to tear down all pretenses and engage the Giant Dragon Race in an all out war.

Besides seeing their younger brother Barett, the main reason Scott and Mitchell came to Boluo Realm was to get to know the third generation patriarch of the Qin Family, Qin Lie.

They also wished to know if the Qin Family was powerful enough to fight the six great human forces through Qin Lie.

“First brother! Second brother! I’ve brought who you’re looking for.”

Barett yelled loudly before descending on the Demon Dragon Valley in an instant.

“This is my first brother Scott and my second brother Mitchell. They’re both rank ten demon dragons!” He introduced his brothers to Qin Lie proudly.

“Well met, seniors.” Qin Lie saluted them with a smile.

Both of Barett’s older brothers were currently in human form, and they were even bigger than Barett was. To put it bluntly, they were fat, tall and dark-skinned to the point where Qin Lie initially thought they were two dark meat balls at first glance.

He thought Barett’s form was strange enough already, but his brothers successfully stunned him a second time.

“Did you ask around like I requested earlier?” Suddenly, a new person walked out of a cave.

On the surface, he looked like an average old man.

But Qin Lie immediately recognized that he was the rank nine evil dragon Calvert. His appearance made Qin Lie realize that Calvert must’ve returned from the Frost Desolation Abyss after hearing that Barett’s brothers were returning.

The Evil Dragon Race and Demon Dragon Race had always had a good relationship with each other. Age wise, Calvert, Scott and Mitchell were born in the same age, so they probably knew each other well.

“You wish to know where your clansmen went to after they left Spirit Realm, right?” Qin Lie said.

Calvert nodded with a downcast look. “A long time ago, the Evil Dragon Race was one of the strongest trio of the Dragon Race. But today…”

“Brother, you and your kin are still alive, aren’t they? Even if your clansmen never made it back to Spirit Realm, the Evil Dragon Race won’t die out because you exist. So there’s no need to think too pessimistically.” Scott consoled Calvert in a thunderous voice. “One day, when we’ve chased the Giant Dragon Race out of the Dragon Realm, you’ll be able to procreate with other dragons and restore the Evil Dragon Race’s former glory in ten thousand years or so.”

The evil dragon Calvert smiled bitterly before replying, “Be that as it may, I still want an answer.”

“Naturally.” Scott nodded slowly before looking at Qin Lie. “Barett told me that you’ve come into contact with other transcendent bloodline races. In that case, do you know where the evil dragons that left with the Blaze Family are living at right now?”

“They’re not with the Blaze Family right now,” Qin Lie said.

Surprised, Calvert asked, “Then where are they?”

“I don’t know either.” Qin Lie frowned in full seriousness. “Twenty thousand years ago, the God Race’s former patriarch had taken a group of evil dragons with him to secure their retreat before they escaped Spirit Realm. After that, the patriarch, the God Race experts and the evil dragons who served him went missing altogether.”

The three dragons looked a little shocked by the secret news he had revealed to them.

“I heard that the Three Emperors of the human race had also participated in that battle, and even they disappeared after that. No one knows where they are now.”

“This is what I deduced after questioning the Blaze Family members.”

Qin Lie shot Calvert a glance and hesitated for a moment before saying, “I don’t know if my info is one hundred percent correct, but I do know that the Evil Dragon Race has nothing to do with the current Blaze Family. The only person they’re loyal to is the Blaze Family’s former patriarch, but that person had vanished with them.”

“I understand.” Calvert lowered his head with a thoughtful look. He didn’t ask any further.

“Now, what do you wish to know?” Qin Lie asked the brothers.

“What makes you think that the Qin Family is capable of fighting against the six great forces?” Scott went straight to the point. “I know that Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family had secretly joined forces with the Qin Family, but the Giant Dragon Race, Asura Race and Sea Race had declared their intention to act against the Qin Family too.”

“On the surface, it seems like your side is far weaker than theirs.”

Scott paused for a moment before continuing, “I’ll be honest with you. We’re willing to make a gamble on you if you’re just a bit weaker compared to the six great forces. However, if your side is so weak that there’s no chance of victory even if we join hands with you, then we have no intention of throwing our lives away for nothing.”

Qin Lie looked troubled by Scott’s questioning. “To be honest, I have no idea where the Qin Family currently stands on the totem pole because I haven’t been in contact with them for long. In fact, I’ve only learned recently that my father has just completed the ninth level of his Soul Altar.”

Qin Lie spread his arms and smiled helplessly, “That is all I know.”

“Qin Hao has completed the ninth level of his Soul Altar?!” To Qin Lie’s surprise, Scott shuddered until his fat was shaking all over before yelling, “Are you sure?!”

Qin Lie nodded. “That is all I know.”

Scott inhaled deeply before saying seriously, “Then that is enough!”

Barett’s second brother, Mitchell also inhaled once before saying in a firm tone, “If what you say is true, then there is literally no one among the Hundred Races—rank ten bloodline or in the Genesis Realm—who can beat your father in a one-on-one battle barring no surprises.”

“You mean to say he’s invincible?” Qin Lie exclaimed in disbelief.

Scott narrowed his eyes and nodded without any hesitation. “Yes, he is indeed invincible.”

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