Chapter 1336: Demon Dragons Descend

Chapter 1336: Demon Dragons Descend

Boluo Realm.

It was night. A cold, round moon hung high in the sky like a silver disk.

At Seven Spirits Islands, a star door suddenly appeared behind Zhuang Jing. The portal looked glittery under the moon.

Beams of light passed through the star door before transforming into Void Realm Asura Race experts. Each of them radiated murderous auras.

Zhuang Jing and Lin Jie were conversing with each other when the Asura Race experts suddenly made their appearance. They fell silent and stared blankly at the group led by Curtis before Ji Yuan and Vanessa flew out of the portal as well.

Qin Lie was the last person to step through the star door. He then withdrew his bloodline power and canceled the portal.


“Island Master Qin.”

Both Zhuang Jing and Lin Jie bowed and made their greetings respectfully towards Qin Lie.

Qin Lie nodded at them before looking at Ji Yuan. “Are you planning to return to the Ji Family immediately, stay in Boluo Realm, or visit the Frost Desolation Abyss?”

“I would like to stay in Boluo Realm for now,” Ji Yuan said.

“That’s not a problem. Please enjoy yourself, I won’t be accompanying you.” Qin Lie smiled at her before instructing Vanessa, “Follow me.”

The rank nine Sea Race woman who just absorbed all of her stepmother’s bloodline, soul power and vitality looked downright gorgeous under the illumination of the silver moonlight. Every subconscious smile and gesture she made looked incredibly graceful and flirtatious.

Vanessa examined the unfamiliar realm around her, staring at the first moon on the sky with a faint smile on her face. “Okay.”

Qin Lie soon led the group to the White Bone Nether Spirit Altar.

The demon dragon Barett and the Sea Race clansman Hayley were both waiting for him at the floating island. They immediately walked towards Qin Lie when they saw him.

“Qin Lie, both my brothers are at my race’s domain. They wish to meet you in person,” Barett said loudly.

Barett’s father was the old chief of the Demon Dragon Race, Abrit. Barett’s older brothers were rank ten demon dragons, and they both ruled over a realm of their own.

After Barett had learned that his father was trapped in Dark Shadow World, he contacted both his older brothers through a secret art.

The two rank ten demon dragons immediately headed for Boluo Realm after resolving all the matters in the surrounding realms.

That day, Barett’s brothers had finally arrived at Boluo Realm. They both wanted to meet Qin Lie.

The news that the six great forces of the human race were uniting the foreign races of other realms to take down the Qin Family had spread throughout the realms a long time ago. The Demon Dragon Race was one of the strongest branch of the Dragon Race, and their overall power was only slightly behind the Giant Dragon Race’s.

The two rank ten demon dragons had wondered if they should travel to Ninth Heaven after they received the invitation from the six great forces.

Of course, they had already communicated with the Qin Family a while ago due to Barett and Qin Lie’s friendship. Naturally, they were inclined to maintain a good relationship with the Qin Family.

Qin Lie was most likely going to become the successor of the Qin Family. However, they wished to see QIn Lie with their own eyes and confirm that he truly had the ability to bear the Qin Family’s banner.

That was why they insisted on meeting Qin Lie before the war could happen. It was so that they could dispel the final doubts in their minds.

“I’ll be with you in a moment.” Qin Lie assured Barett before looking at Hayley. “The reason I told you to come to Boluo Realm through Miao Fengtian is because I want you to meet her.”

He pointed a finger at Vanessa.

In fact, Hayley had been staring at Vanessa strangely since the latter had come through the portal. Her expression seemed to suggest that she was guessing at something.

Vanessa was a little curious about Hayley as well. The longer Hayley stared, the more confused she became, and in the end she couldn’t stop herself from asking, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“You look like someone I know.” Hayley said directly, “You look like our previous chief.”

Vanessa trembled before asking, “Do you know Anja?”

Hayley’s expression immediately turned into disdain and disgust, “You know that loose woman?”

Vanessa inhaled deeply before explaining, “Anja and her man had stolen me away from their enemy not long after I was born. Then, they raised me until I was a grown woman…”

Hayley and Vanessa had communicated using the human race’s common language at the beginning. However, they soon switched to the ancient language of the Sea Race.

It was only a few lines of explanation, but Hayley’s expression had changed completely at the end of it. She made a serious request. “I would like to talk to her alone.”

Qin Lie nodded. “Please do as you wish.”

“Thank you.” Hayley sucked in a deep breath before shooting a somewhat respectful glance at Vanessa. “Let us talk at the sea where the Sea Race lives.”

Vanessa looked a little excited. She seemed to know that Hayley could unveil the mystery behind her identity.

She immediately followed Hayley to the sea where the Sea Race of Boluo Realm lived. They quickly vanished from the Ancient Beast Race’s domain.

Qin Lie instructed Curtis and his Asura Race clansmen to stay at Boluo Realm for the time being.

Then, he followed Barett to the Demon Dragon Race’s domain. It didn’t take long for him to fly out of the Ancient Beast Race’s domain either.

It was at this moment Qin Lie trembled. The Soul Beast avatar had transmitted Chen Lin’s wish and a couple more things to him.

“The Ancient Beast Race, Mang Wang…” he muttered to himself.

He subconsciously produced the snake-headed staff from his spatial ring and gave it a rub, thinking.

The Ancient Beast Race had always been the strongest foreign race in Spirit Realm. They had never declined, and they were always known as a powerful foreign race.

Although the human race was at the top right now, the Gold rank forces seldom operated in the Ancient Beast Race’s territory. It was because of the Ancient Beast Race’s fame.

For the same reason, the six great forces tried very hard to obtain the Ancient Beast Race’s aid in fighting against the Qin Family.

Unfortunately for them, the Ancient Beast Race hadn’t made their stance clear up to this point. The only thing they promised was to visit Ninth Heaven the day of the conference.

As for whom they would stand for and what they would do, neither the six great forces nor the Qin Family had any idea.

According to Chen Lin, the Qin Family and the Ancient Beast Race shared no relationship. They couldn’t find a suitable opportunity to communicate with the Ancient Beast Race either.

However, Qin Lie had rescued some ancient beasts who had been frozen solid by the Ice Emperor from Arctic Mountain Range. They should’ve all returned to the Ancient Beast Race by now.

Chen Lin viewed this as an important opportunity.

“Mang Wang did promise that he would help me if I was in trouble back then, but this matter concerns the entire Ancient Beast Race. I’m not sure if he can really help me on this,” he thought to himself before staring at the snake-headed staff. Then, his eyes lit up a little. “Well, at least Mang Wang isn’t my only leverage. I can also try negotiating with this Heavenly Blue Snake King.”

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