Chapter 1335: Feeding Illusions

Chapter 1335: Feeding Illusions

It was a dark day at a desert in the Lizard Realm.

Two giant beasts with their heads facing one another were curled up at the center of the desert. Their bodies were covered in so much sand that they looked like two giant sand dunes at first glance.

Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing floated above the giant beasts like clouds.

They had lost interest in the giant beasts’ activity since a while ago. Instead, they were busy comprehending the laws of power inside the world of their Soul Altars.

Some time later.

The Lizard Progenitor slowly opened its eyes.

Soul imprints that looked like clouds began showing up in the Lizard Progenitor’s pupils one after another.


Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing were startled at the same time. They both turned to stare at the Lizard Progenitor curiously.

They noticed that the soul clouds that had suddenly appeared in the Lizard Progenitor’s giant pupils were emitting countless mysterious soul thoughts. These soul thoughts were unfamiliar and difficult to understand to them, but they clearly contained some secrets of the soul.

Although they couldn’t understand their meaning, it didn’t take much sensing for their submerged souls to react.

They also noticed the wild joy and surprise in the Lizard Progenitor’s eyes. Before this, he was worried that his cultivation would never improve after being enslaved by Qin Lie.

However, after the Soul Beast had completely enslaved him, he suddenly realized that the soul imprints that had taken root inside his head contained many, many secrets of the soul.

It didn’t take him much studying to feel enriched by the knowledge. He felt as if his soul had ascended to a higher level.

The pleasant discovery even took the Lizard Progenitor’s mind off the fact that he was now a soul slave.

It was at this moment Qin Lie’s soul voice reverberated loud and clear inside his head, “I belong to the Soul Race, one of the four transcendent bloodline races of the universe. The growth and cultivation of a Soul Race clansmen are closely tied to the number and strength of their soul servants.”

“Now that you’ve become a soul servant, the Soul Race’s unique secrets of the soul shall be unlocked to you.”

“The stronger you become, the more power you will supply me with. This feedback will help me ascend to become a rank ten Soul Race expert. Right now you are the biggest branch I have in my Soul Tree, so I want you to focus all your effort on understanding these soul secret arts and improve your knowledge of the soul.”

“Work hard for my sake, and I guarantee that the Lizard Race will become stronger and more glorious than the Giant Dragon Race one day!”

Qin Lie started teaching the Lizard Progenitor the Soul Race’s secret arts and the Asura Race and the Abyss Devils’ cultivation arts. He didn’t try to hide anything.

As a rank ten entity, the Lizard Progenitor was as strong as any other rank ten foreign experts in terms of physical power.

Unfortunately for him, his knowledge of the soul was pitifully mediocre. His weak soul meant that he couldn’t unleash the full might of his rank ten bloodline, and it was why he wasn’t able to overwhelm, let alone defeat Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar in battle.

It was all because his knowledge of the soul was lacking.

But when the Lizard Progenitor became Qin Lie’s soul slave, he got access to all of the Soul Race’s knowledge about the soul through the rank nine Soul Beast avatar and the Soul Tree rooted in his mind. Qin Lie could easily imprint the true secrets of the soul directly into the Lizard Progenitor’s mind so that the latter could study them to his heart’s content.

The secrets of the soul were sought after not only by the races of Spirit Realm, but also powerful races from other realms. They all dreamed of unlocking the secrets of the soul one day.

The human race used to be the weakest race in Spirit Realm. The reason they became its overlord in just twenty thousand years’ time was because they learned how to steal the bloodline of foreign experts from the Blood Progenitor, and because they mastered some of the Soul Race’s secrets through the Soul Progenitor.

The giant leap of power in both bloodline and soul was the true reason the human race had undergone such a drastic transformation.

The Asura Race was the same. They weren’t the most powerful foreign race in the past, and they used to be much weaker than the Ancient Beast Race and Giant Dragon Race.

But after the Asura Race had become Dark Soul Beast’s slaves, some of them were given access to the secrets of the soul.

That was why an extremely small number of Asura Race clansmen had the ability to construct Soul Altars. They were a strange race who came to have two different types of cultivation systems just like the human race.

Curtis and his people especially were able to cultivate both their bloodline and their Soul Altars at the same time after they were enslaved by the rank nine Soul Beast. That was why their combat strength exceeded expectations.

The Asura Race mastered two kinds of cultivation system—the bloodline and the Soul Altar—at once. That was how they became equal to the powerful foreign races such as the Ancient Beast Race and the Giant Dragon Race.

They weren’t the only ones.The Dark Shadow Race of Nether Realm was the same. A large number of Dark Shadow clansmen used to be enslaved by the Soul Devouring Beast.

However, the descendants of the Dark Shadow Race led by Luz came to learn the secrets of the soul as a result. They too could construct their own Soul Altars and strengthen themselves.

The reason the Asura Race and the Dark Shadow Race were able to cultivate both bloodline and Soul Altar was because their ancestors used to be soul slaves of the Soul Race.

While transferring his knowledge, Qin Lie also told the Lizard Progenitor the true reason behind the two races’ soar in power.

After combining both his own impression of the Asura Race and the Dark Shadow Race and Qin Lie’s words, the Lizard Progenitor slowly believed that Qin Lie was telling the truth.

The Lizard Progenitor’s spirit was suddenly lifted.


The Soul Beast exhaled deeply before opening his eyes. He shot the pleasantly surprised Lizard Progenitor a deep look before taking on a human form.

The Lizard Progenitor also started transforming into a human after seeing this.

It didn’t take long for Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar to assume his true self’s appearance.

The Lizard Progenitor had also transformed into a wizened old man.

“Your enslavement is actually a great boon to the entire Lizard Race. By becoming my soul servant, you’ve given everyone in your race a chance to study the secrets of the soul just like the Asura Race and Dark Shadow Race. Given enough time, they’ll be able to construct their own Soul Altars even as they evolve their bloodline to the next level.”

“As long as you serve me loyally, I guarantee that the Lizard Race will become one of the most powerful races in Spirit Realm once I reach rank ten! At the very least, I promise you that you’ll be able to fight the Giant Dragon Race on equal grounds!”

“That is not all. When I step beyond Spirit Realm and enter the galaxy outside, the Lizard Race will receive their second shot at evolution.”

Qin Lie kept feeding illusions to the Lizard Progenitor like a charlatan.

Surprisingly, the Lizard Progenitor wasn’t just paying close attention to Qin Lie’s words. He actually believed every word as well. From the knowledge Qin Lie had imparted him, he came to realize that the Soul Race was so powerful that the Hundred Races of Spirit Realm looked like uncultured barbarians in comparison.

The galaxy was endless, and there were billions of worlds out there. However, there were only four transcendent bloodline races.

The Soul Race wasn’t just the most powerful race out of the four transcendent bloodline races. They were known as the most knowledgeable when it came to the soul as well.

The Lizard Progenitor and his people’s future was now infinite because he became the soul servant of the most powerful race. Suddenly, the Lizard Progenitor thought that his enslavement wasn’t really a tragedy, but a boon.

“The entire Lizard Race will benefit greatly from my enslavement!” he thought to himself.

Unfortunately for him, he didn’t know that Qin Lie wasn’t acknowledged by the Soul Race and thus not a true Soul Race clansman. He didn’t know that Qin Lie—at least for now—was just dangling a carrot stick in front of him.

“Young master, the day of the war is getting closer. We have to go.” Chen Lin chose this moment to speak up.

Qin Lie knew everything that was happening outside thanks to the connection between his true self and his avatar. He nodded and said, “Don’t worry about me, I will be bringing the Lizard Progenitor to Boluo Realm—I heard that we’ve had some guests recently.”

Suddenly, a thought entered Chen Lin’s mind. “Young master, you saved a group of Ancient Beast clansmen that had been sealed in ice by the Ice Emperor back at the Scarlet Tide Continent, right?”

Qin Lie thought for a moment before nodding. “That is correct.”

“Was there a beast named Mang Wang among them?” Chen Lin asked again.

Qin Lie answered, “There was.”

“In that case, can you please visit the Ancient Beast Race and seek out that Mang Wang when you’re free?” Chen Lin hesitated for a moment before explaining, “Right now, the chiefs of the Ancient Beast Race haven’t decided whether they want to join hands with the six great forces. The Ancient Beast Race is quite a powerful race in Spirit Realm, and unfortunately the Qin Family doesn’t have much dealings with them. So…”

“I understand.” Qin Lie came to realization and replied, “I know what to do.”

Chen Lin smiled and left with Dan Yuanqing just like that. They soon left the Lizard Realm completely.

“The Ancient Beast Race...” Qin Lie muttered to himself.

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