Chapter 1334: Secret Counterattack

Chapter 1334: Secret Counterattack

"Pfft pfft!"

On the other side, Vanessa held a cold sharp sword as she chopped the corpse of the old Sea Race man into pieces.

Vanessa's eyes were filled with hatred.

Bloody pieces of flesh sprayed from the mutilated corpse and dirted her body. However, she didn’t seem to realize, attacking the corpse as furiously as ever and venting her hatred. It seemed like she wouldn’t stop until she chopped that man into mincemeat.

Curtis and the other Asura Race experts looked at the venting Vanessa and had shocked expressions.

They secretly put some distance between themselves and this mad woman.

After a while, Vanessa dropped the sword, covered in blood. She started to cry wretchedly beside the old Sea Race man.

"Ding ding ding!"

A silver bell on Ji Yuan’s wrist suddenly gave off an urgent ringing. She touched a finger to it and felt.

"Ninth Heaven knows what happened to the Han Family." Her expression was stern as she said, "If there are no surprises, in at most half an hour, Ninth Heaven's experts will come. Also, their leader is likely in the Genesis Realm! We must leave immediately!"

Qin Lie spread a soul thought.

The Asura Race soul slaves chasing down the Sea Race survivors received his message and gathered from all over.

He looked at the crying Vanessa and said coldly, "If you want to live, and know your identity, leave with me."

Vanessa came to from her frenzied state, and immediately flew away from the gory body.

The star door formed with the power of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit's bloodline shone behind Qin Lie. The soul slaves did not wait for his orders to go into the star door.

"Is it Boluo Realm or the Frost Desolation Abyss over there?" Ji Yuan asked.

"Boluo Realm, you can go through the realm entrance there to the Ji Family. Of course, if you want, you can go to the Frost Desolation Abyss," Qin Family answered.

"Oh." Ji Yuan nodded. She did not waste words and entered the star door.

"Go in as well," Qin Lie ordered Vanessa.

This Sea Race woman who had a rank nine bloodline did not say a word and went into the star door with her head low. She immediately disappeared.

After everyone disappeared, Qin Lie pull back the soul thoughts he had spread all over and calmly entered the star door.


Ninth Heaven.

Pei Tianchong stood on top of the enormous mountain unmovingly, his face dark.

Hong Qing Of Starry Hall, Xi Beihai of Six Ways Alliance, Zu Han of Reincarnation Sect, Ao Mingde of the Ao Family, and Lu Jinghuan of the Lu Family were next to him.

These six were the public leaders of the six allied forces.

A Void Realm martial practitioner wearing the robes of Ninth Heaven suddenly flew over and quickly landed next to Pei Tianchong.

Pei Tianchong looked at him and said in a relatively calm tone, "What happened to the Han Family?"

"The Han Family has been wiped out." The incomer bowed and said respectfully, "Even the Sea Race of Blue Snake Sea which was close to the Han Family had everyone above rank six slaughtered. It can be said that the Sea Race of Blue Snake Sea has been cleaned of all their experts."

Pei Tianchong took a deep breath and said irritably, "Do you know who did it?"

"The Sea Race sent an image. I saw it and am sure that person is Qin Lie." The incomer had a bitter expression and disbelief in his eyes. He said, "I find it hard to believe, but the truth ..."

"I knew that this boy was abnormal!" Pei Tianchong shouted angrily.

The incomer grew more respectful and said, "I believe it this time."

Not long ago, Pei Tianchong had said Qin Lie had killed his brother Pei Tianming and wanted to use all his forces to attack the Qin Family. The other five forces did not believe him and thought that Pei Tianchong was finding an excuse to attack the Qin Family. They did not think that Qin Lie was truly capable of killing Pei Tianming

Not just them, even many of the experts inside Ninth Heaven felt that Pei Tianchong was just an alarmist.

A "trash" who had not awakened his bloodline three centuries ago and could not even win against Han Qian could not have become a super expert capable of killing Void Realm expert like Pei Tianming after only three centuries, no matter how hard Qin Family had tried to nurture him.

—It went against common sense!

Yet Pei Tianchong insisted that Qin Lie had been the culprit behind his brother’s death in the Land of Chaos.

He had used the secret art of Ninth Heaven to recreate his brother's Soul Altar. He used the remnants of his brother's soul power to successfully recreate Qin Lie's appearance.

Qin Lie, who had just returned to Boluo Realm and had yet to enter Seven Spirits Island was still in his humanoid form of the Soul Beast.

He had turned thoughtfully. The sharp gaze from the green eyes of the Soul Beast avatar and the terrifying soul vibrations had terrified Pei Tianchong.

Because of that glance, Pei Tianchong suddenly realized that Qin Shan and Qin Hao were not the only threats of the Qin Family.

He saw an even greater threat from Qin Lie at present. He worried if the six forces did not do something and wasted any more time, the third generation of the Qin Family—Qin Lie would grow to a terrifying level.

Because he believed that Qin Lie would be the greatest threat in the future, he was in a hurry to use the power of the six forces. He invited members of all races to Ninth Heaven to discuss fighting the Qin Family.

He thought that he could not give Qin Lie more time to grow.

"Kunhuan Domain is lost. The subordinates we sent to the Lizard Race’s realm have not responded. Also, the realm entrance to this realm had been closed." Pei Tianchong’s expression was grave. "The signs show that the Qin Family is already moving. The forces we have assigned to Kunhuan Domain and the Lizard Race should have been already eliminated.”

"And now, Qin Lie went to the Han Family and exterminated those who have profited from their scheme against him. He also took care of the neighbouring Sea Race tribe. "

"This means the Qin Family is no longer just sitting and waiting."

Pei Tianchong looked at the group and said, "Soon, Qin Hao will come to Ninth Heaven. Everyone knows that he is not a rash person. He will create a storm when he comes!"

"Before he comes, I hope everyone can work together, and persuade our blood kin to stand with us."

"As long as the leaders of the outer-realm races are willing to ally with us, regardless of the Qin Family's developments outside the realm, they will still lose!"

The leaders of the other five forces nodded with serious expressions after his speech.

"I will do my best to persuade the Ancient Beast Race."

"I will have the Wood Race stand on our side."

"I will attempt to continue communicating with the Giant Race."


Rock Calamity Realm.

On a small island, Han Qian stood by the lake, her feet bare as she walked along the shore.

Blue threads occasionally flew from her feet and landed in the water like blue threads creating strange ripples.

If one looked closely, the ripples coming from the shore flashed with blue light as though they contained a special water power.

Han Qian narrowed her eyes as she felt the Sea Race bloodline latent ability she had recently unlocked. She was combining it with the water spirit art she cultivated to increase her control of the Soul Altar.


The old servant of the Han Family came in a hurry and said in a panic, "Miss, we just received news from Ninth Heaven!"

"What?" Han Qian said indifferently.

"The Han Family has been killed by Qin Lie. Everyone is dead, no one escaped! Even the Blue Snake Sea’s Sea Race tribe had all their members above rank six killed!" The old servant of the Han Family had red bloodshot eyes.

Han Qian who had been just comprehending her bloodline ability suddenly lost control upon hearing the bad news.

She could not stop throwing up blood, her face paling as she gave a horrific shriek, "Qin Lie! I swear I will skin you!"

After saying this, she fainted from the sudden instability in her usage of bloodline power.

"Miss! Miss! Wake up!" The Han Family servant had an expression of terror.

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