Chapter 1333: Unexpected Gain

Chapter 1333: Unexpected Gain

The Sea Race clan of Blue Snake Sea was only a minor branch of the Sea Race and had never produced a rank ten Sea King. They only had three rank nine bloodline experts, one of them being Vanessa.

The combat power of the Sea Race didn’t place them among the powerful races of the major realms.

The Asura Race, led by Curtis, was a powerful race famed across the major realms for their combat power. Curtis himself had fought in the Frost Desolation Abyss along the Soul Beast Cadak. They were stronger than ordinary Asura Race clansmen.

This could be seen from how Nivitt and Teng Yuan encountered them and lost back in the past.

One side was extremely individually strong, the other side average, and the stronger side had more people...

This battle was unequal from the start.

The Blue Snake Sea’s clan fell into bloody pools as Curtis and the others moved.

Ji Yuan only glanced around and knew that this Sea Race branch hidden in Blue Snake Sea would be completely killed in half an hour.

"Their bloodline rank is too low. Do we need to waste time?" she suggested to Qin Lie.

Qin Lie smiled and said, "We will leave in a while. Kill as many as we can." He reached out to grab.

That snake-headed staff the Sea Race old woman had thrown away flew into his palm.

He looked at the two Blue Snakes who had just been moving on Anja's arm. At this time, as the wood spirit retracted its presence, causing the two snakes to lose all signs of life.

Heeding his order, an Asura Race clansman detached the two snakes from the old Sea Race clansman’s arm.

He held the two dead snakes and came next to Qin Lie to respectfully hand them over..

"Hahaha! Dead! Such good deaths! Ever since I was young, I have never been as happy as now!" Vanessa laughed wildly. She had not stopped laughing since she stood up.

She laughed, trembling, her smile bright, clearly pleased.

When she saw the vitality and soul power of the old Sea Race woman slip away, followed by her death, she laughed even louder.

When that old Sea Race man with the crab shell was killed by the Asura Race experts, she felt even better.

The suffering she had gone through for many years seemed to have finally found an outlet.

Qin Lie gripped the snake-headed staff in one hand, the two snakes in the other as he looked at her strangely.

Vanessa's vitality, bloodline power, and soul power which had been drawn to the old Sea Race woman had returned. The Sea Race mark had backlashed on the Blue Snakes because of wood spirit’s interference.

Her vitality, bloodline power, and soul power had entered Vanessa's body. Vanessa had benefited from her misfortunes, her bloodline power and soul power increasing.

She even seemed to grow a decade younger.

The reason Qin Lie had a strange expression was he found that Vanessa, after absorbing Anja's vitality, seemed very similar to Han Qian.

However, her aura and Han Qian's auras were completely different.

Han Qian had experienced several years of ease, had a high status in Ninth Heaven, and had a cold and proud presence like a flower of ice.

Vanessa's body was more mature than Han Qian’s, and even as she laughed madly, she seemed dignified and elegant.

Vanessa did not stop laughing because of his gaze, and walked towards the old Sea Race man.

Qin Lie stared at her for a while and then put his attention onto the snake-headed staff and the two snakes.

The wood spirit, in the form of the Ancient Life Tree, stood on his shoulder like an actual tree.

The wood spirit mentally told him what it knew about the snake-headed staff and the two snakes.

As he listened, he nodded and murmured to himself. "Trapping a part of the soul origin, using the souls of the two snakes to ensnare, using the soul origin as the medium to extract the bloodline and vitality of the other. This kind of evil art would need to be cast from childhood, and be constantly perfected over time. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have reached such a terrifying level."

He murmured, soul shadows flying out of the center of his forehead. The soul shadows converged into soul threads that pierced into the snake-headed  staff and the dead snakes.

Once the soul threads entered the staff, he saw a strange spirit diagram.

That spirit diagram was made from two snakes entwined around each other inside the snake-headed staff. Strange soul power and threads of Sea Race bloodline power mixed in the center of the formation and still seemed to be slowly flowing.

Upon first glance, it looked like he was holding the staff in an undamaged state, two snakes coiled around it.


He exclaimed softly. Another part of his soul power went to roam around the dead snakes and discovered nothing unusual.

He casually threw the two Blue Snakes to the side.

He focused his attention and carefully observed the snake-shaped spirit diagram inside the snake-headed staff with his unique soul perception.

"Please, please forgive us..."

Broken up soul thoughts came from the snake-shaped spirit formation. If he had not been focused, he would not have been able to understand the meaning.

"We were enslaved by that demoness, our souls extracted and forced into this formation. Just now, when we left her control, we immediately cooperated with your friend and counterattacked. We helped you kill her."

The soul thought coming from the snake-shaped spirit diagram was weak, but Qin Lie gradually understood the meaning.

He was more curious and said, "Are you the souls of the two snakes?"

"Just a small portion." The weak thought came slowly through the snake formation. "We are members of the Ancient Beast Race. Us two brothers were captured by the demoness when travelling outside and then were trapped here. Now that the demoness is dead, please spare us."

"If you can give this snake-headed staff to our father, he will thank you well!"

"Our father is the Heavenly Blue Snake King. If you take our bodies and this staff to our father, he can revive us."

The soul thoughts of the snakes fought to communicate with him and begged him for mercy.

Qin Lie was shocked. He glanced at Ji Yuan and said, "What is the status of the Heavenly Blue Snake King among the Ancient Beast Race?"

Ji Yuan was startled and said, "The Heavenly Blue Snake King is one of the Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race. His status in the Ancient Beast Race is only second to the leader of the Ancient Beast Race. Why the sudden question?"

"I had not expected him to be of such a high status." Qin Lie was surprised. He thought and then picked up the two snake corpses he had thrown on the ground.

Ji Yuan had an expression of puzzlement, not knowing what he was doing.

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