Chapter 1332: Backlash

Chapter 1332: Backlash

Qin Lie sedately walked over to Vanessa.

The life presence of the Sea Race woman who had collapsed to the ground was slowly weakening and would run out soon.

Qin Lie's expression was cold as he felt with his mind. Then his gaze moved to the old Sea Race woman's snake-headed staff.

"Has the Asura Race gone mad?!"

Anja waved the snake-headed staff as she shouted at Curtis.

The two green snakes wrapped around the snake-headed staff flickered their tongues rapidly, and gave off blue lightning.

Anja's arm which held the snake-headed staff originally had loose and dim skin, the color that the skin of an eighty year old should have.

Yet as the lightning landed on her arm, her arm quickly grew younger.

The skin tightened and grew smoother as she had grown a decade younger.

"So it is an evil art to absorb vitality."

Qin Lie watched for a while and understood. He speculated Han Qian's mother had been trained to reach rank nine bloodline deliberately by Anja.

The malicious Sea Race old woman should have did something to Vanessa's soul and bloodline when she was young.

The snake-headed staff could absorb Vanessa's vitality and soul when needed, and be used to replenish Anja's bloodline power and vitality.

Because of the prearrangements, she did not worry that Vanessa would create trouble for her after growing stronger.

Also, she thought of ways to help Vanessa increase her bloodline power. In her eyes, everything Vanessa accomplished would become her power!

She raised Vanessa like a human pill.

Maybe Vanessa herself understood this so she hated the Sea Race woman greatly. In order to kill her adoptive parents, she was willing to pay any price.

"These two old fogies should die!" Ji Yuan saw the truth through the snake-headed staff and couldn't help cursing, "Such evil creatures should not be allowed to live!"

She suddenly had sympathy for Vanessa.

In her eyes, Vanessa's life was a tragedy. When she was stolen from her parents, it was fated she would encounter unimaginable tragedy in her lifetime.

How could a child raised by enemies hope of happiness?

"If you do not stop this, Han Qian's mother... will die," Ji Yuan warned.

Qin Lie looked deeply at Vanessa, thought for a moment, and nodded. "Yes, I need her alive."

"Then hurry up! Curtis cannot immediately kill that old demoness. As long as she is alive, the two snakes will continue to absorb vitality from this woman!" Ji Yuan said urgently.

Looking at Ji Yuan's angry state, Qin Lie laughed. "What are you getting so worked up about?"

"I just don't want to see the old witch succeed!" Ji Yuan snorted.

"Why don't you act?" Qin Lie said.

"I am not as strong as Curtis, and the addition of myself will not change anything," Ji Yuan said impatiently.

Qin Lie was still going to speak when Ji Yuan interrupted him and shouted, "You should not stay long here. Blue Snake Sea belongs to Ninth Heaven's territory, and the strongest experts of Ninth Heaven should mostly be out of seclusion. The longer we stay, the more accidents may occur, you should understand this!"

"I know," Qin Lie nodded and said.

He pressed a hand to his forehead. Rays of green light flew out of the Soul Suppressing Orb and fell towards Vanessa's forehead.

That ray of green light twisted and turned into a miniature Ancient Life Tree.

In Ji Yuan's view, a tree seemed to take root on Vanessa's forehead. The small green branches swayed and merged many strange tree patterns into Vanessa's forehead.

Seconds later, strange tree patterns appeared on Vanessa's face, neck and exposed skin.

Those tree patterns seemed to ripple like waves and narrate something.


Circles of green light spread from Vanessa's body and wrapped around her.

Ji Yuan suddenly felt unusual life vibrations and looked in shock. She then saw Vanessa become refreshed as though she hadn’t been on her last breath just seconds earlier.

Her closed eyes slowly opened, and became energized again.

Vanessa looked with shock at Qin Lie.

In this moment, she felt the vitality belonging to her being channeled back into her body by the small tree on her forehead

The vital energies taken from her previously and her bloodline power were quickly returning.

Even a part of her soul origin mark that she had always lacked since childhood seemed to come back with her energy. She felt her body improve by the second.

"Ahh! What is this?! What is this?!" Suddenly, Anja of the Sea Race screamed in terror.

She looked with a pale face at her snake-headed staff.

The two snakes which coiled around the top were wrapped together like rope, the snakeheads hanging down as though they were dead.

This did not terrify her the most.

She saw the vitality she had absorbed flow back uncontrollably into the snake-headed staff. The seemingly endless vitality had already been half gone.

She was terrified and attempted to throw away the snake-headed, but she found the two seemingly dead snakes wrapping around her arm.

Strange tree patterns appeared in the eyes of the two snakes and seemed to contain the laws governing life itself.

After her initial shock, she immediately felt the vitality in her body flow towards the snakes, unable to be stopped.

She completely panicked.


Curtis rammed her with his six-level Soul Altar like a mountain to crush the bones in her chest and stun her.

The two snakes on her arm could not be pulled off and wildly consumed her vitality.

At this time, she was numb and powerless all over, unable to move as though she was poisoned.

She watched as the two snakes absorbed her vitality and bloodline power, completely helpless against it.

After a while, her hair turned white and her skin resembled tree bark stuck to her bones.

At this time, she was like a dried and withered corpse without any life.

Curtis, who had wanted to kill her, suddenly stopped in front of her. He looked down distastefully at her, shook his head and left.

Curtis seemed to know that Anja would die without needing him to act.

Anja was already barely conscious. Before death, she looked towards Vanessa and seemed to see a bright and beautiful woman laughing at her. That beautiful woman seemed to grow even younger and beautiful as she laughed.

Anja murmured something unknown before her eyes closed and the last threads of soul power dissipated.

"Such an evil art! Absorbing vitality and bloodline power, and even the last bit of soul origin after soul power!"

Ji Yuan looked with disgust at Anja's body, and cursed, feeling cold.

Through Qin Lie's explanation, she knew that his wood Spirit of Void and Chaos used the two snakes to retaliate against Anja using her own art. She thought Anja's evil art only took vitality and bloodline power, nothing else.

But looking at Anja's state after death, Ji Yuan realized that the old witch wanted to rob Vanessa of everything—her soul origin included.

She had no intention of letting Vanessa walk again!

"This person deserved to die!" Ji Yuan said coldly.


At this moment, the Sea Race old man wearing the crab shell was killed by a joint attack of four Asura Race experts.

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