Chapter 1331: Five Sea Kings

Chapter 1331: Five Sea Kings

"The Sea Race tribe of Blue Snake Sea is not recognized by the true Sea Race. But they are still one of them. If you kill all the Sea Race clansmen here, the Sea Race will still come after you."

Ji Yuan softly landed as she said to Qin Lie, "The Sea Race has enormous numbers in the major oceans of Spirit Realm, including many secret realms. It can be said the population of the Sea Race is just below the human race."

"It is not appropriate to offend them."

Qin Lie sat on his lotus-like Soul Altar, releasing a layer of spirit power that protected his body.

Listening to Ji Yuan's words, he had an expression of disagreement. "Has the Sea Race not already stated they will work with the six forces against us? If so, why do we have to fear offending them?"

"The one who express an attitude is the present Sea Race patriarch. He may not be able to represent all Sea Race clansmen. The Sea Race has many main and cadet branches, and the patriarch does not have the ability to control the entire Sea Race." Ji Yuan explained, "In reality, the Sea Race has five great Sea Kings, they have the most power in the Sea Race. The present Sea Race patriarch is just one of the five Sea Kings."

"The Sea Race of Blue Snake Sea does not have a Sea King?" Qin Lie asked.

"No." Ji Yuan shook her head, her expression slightly dismissive. "The strongest of this tribe are only at rank nine. There’s no way they can have a Sea King which are all rank ten bloodline experts. They all control vast waters and have millions of clansmen under them."

"If they are just a small branch of the Sea Race, their death won’t affect the bigger picture," Qin Lie sneered.

As he spoke, he sped up his Soul Altar and charged towards the bottom of Blue Snake Sea.

Bright crystal palaces appeared on the seabed as he sank down. Many Sea Race clansmen walked out of the crystal palaces and looked in shock at him.

He looked with his mind and drove his Soul Altar along with Ji Yuan to where Curtis was.

The Asura Race Void Realm experts led by Curtis had used their bloodline power to directly reach where Vanessa and the old Sea Race couple were.

There were three rank nine, as well as many rank seven and eight experts present.

When Curtis appeared, he locked onto his target and moved for the Asura Race clansmen to spread out and surround the Sea Race experts.

"What are you doing? The Sea Race and the Asura Race have had no grudges in the past, why is the Asura Race invading Blue Snake Sea?" the old Sea Race man in the crab shell shouted.

"I am Anja, the Sea Race of Blue Snake Sea has been formally accepted by the patriarch of the Sea Race! Not long ago, the Sea Race patriarch and your Asura Race patriarch have discussed allying with the six forces to attack the Qin Family, we are allies!"

The wrinkled and old Sea Race woman shouted excitedly, "Quickly leave our waters. Otherwise, we will immediately report to the patriarch to ask your Asura Race for an explanation!"

"I hear you destroyed the Han Family? Hmph, do you not know that Han Qian of the Han Family is the most important genius of Ninth Heaven?! The Ninth Heaven will definitely pursue this matter to the end!" The old Sea Race man suddenly became courageous as well.

Yet Curtis who had ordered to surround them was not affected by their threats.

Curtis only looked at Vanessa, narrowed his eyes, and said, "Our master told you to wait. Did you ignore us purposefully to lure us down?"

Vanessa was about to speak when she saw a Soul Altar flying over and closed her mouth.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Lie appeared next to Curtis, the star door he had formed following him.

"Master, that woman..." Curtis told Qin Lie some of the things he had eavesdropped mentally and then said, "That woman seems to want us to kill all the Sea Race clansmen here. She does not seem to react at all to the Han Family being destroyed, she must have hated them."

"So just a tragic sacrifice," Qin Lie realized.

"I know who you are." Suddenly, Vanessa looked at Qin Lie and said expressionlessly. "If you kill all the Sea Race clansmen here, no matter how you want to humiliate Han Qian through me, I will completely comply with you and satisfy you."

"Whore! You dare!" The old Sea Race clansman who called herself Anja shouted upon hearing her words. "If you dare say a word more, I will kill you!"

As she spoke, Anja took out a dark green snake-headed staff, two green snakes still hissing and flicking their tongues on the staff head.

A soul shadow appeared with green light where the two snake's tongues met.

At this time, the shadow of the green snakes appeared in Vanessa's eyes. Her cheeks quickly sank as though she was robbed of energy.

The bloodline presence that came from her quickly spilled away.

The snakehead staff in the old woman's hand shone with light. The two green snakes coiled on it became full of life as though they obtained great power.

Vanessa seemed to be weakening. Her eyes became heavy. Just as she was about to faint, she looked at Qin Lie and said weakly, "If, if you help me kill them, I will give everything to you..."

"Die!" The old Sea Race woman had a harsh expression as she reached for the soul shadow in the mouths of the two green snakes.

"Master," Curtis said softly.

Qin Lie's brow furrowed. He turned to the old Sea Race woman. "I need Han Qian's mother alive. Whether or not you are alive is meaningless to me."

When he finished speaking, bolts of lightning shot out of his Soul Altar.

The finger the old woman was pressing to the soul shadow trembled and did not dare to land.

"Kill them," Qin Lie said coolly.

"Alright," Curtis answered respectfully.

Subsequently, these Void Realm experts hardened by the Abyss summoned a wave of chilling energy that drowned all the Sea Race clansmen.

No one escaped, including the rank nine Anja and the old Sea Race man.

"Just a branch of the Sea Race dares to be so arrogant, like they are worth something," Qin Lie muttered. "Since the five kings of the Sea Race are not of one mind, I can use this."

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