Chapter 1330: Secrets of the Sea Race

Chapter 1330: Secrets of the Sea Race

He’d known that Han Qian and Han Jia's mother was from the Sea Race.

Recently, because he desired to destroy the Han Family, he had spent some effort to understand the Han Family's situation.

The other members of the Han Family, the Imperishable Realm martial practitioners, the patriarch, every outstanding member... he knew them all.

The only person he didn’t have accurate information on was Han Qian's mother, from the Sea Race.

In the Han Family, there did not seem to be any information about this Sea Race woman. He’d been curious about it all along.

Suddenly, the Sea Race clansman revealed pointed out the identity of that woman—Han Qian's mother.

Qin Lie’s interest was instantly piqued.

"Wait! " he shouted.

The woman clearly ignored his shout.

The enormous pillars of water rising out of Blue Snake Sea disappeared into the sea in a flash like falling dragons.

The woman the other Sea Race clansmen called "Mistress" ignored the clansmen still on the surface and disappeared without a care for them.

Qin Lie's face darkened as he snorted, "You think you can flee by going into the sea?"

Ji Yuan had been about to speak. Seeing some more Void Realm Asura Race clansmen come out of the star door, she perceptively went silent.

"Since you do not give me face, then we can only go underwater!" Qin Lie shouted.

The Void Realm Asura Race clansmen led by Curtis knew his thoughts and smiled coldly as they charged into the water first.

"What are you doing?!"

The rank eight bloodline Sea Race clansman who had exposed Han Qian's mother shouted loudly, "Below is the forbidden land of my Sea Race! If you dare to invade, the Sea Race will be your enemy!"

"Enemies with the Sea Race..." Qin Lie sneered and said uncaringly, "I heard your Sea Race has already stated they will ally with the six forces to attack the Qin Family? Is this true?"

"The Qin Family is in collusion with the God Race, and is the common enemy of all the races of Spirit Realm. Why shouldn't the Sea Race fight for the races of Spirit Realm?" the other argued.

"Fight for the races of Spirit Realm, such pretentiousness!" Qin Lie snorted and said darkly, "I want to see if you have enough strength to match your tone!"

"Whoosh whoosh!"

The Asura Race soul slaves, led by Curtis, stabbed into the Blue Snake Sea, headed straight towards the seabed.

Qin Lie did not notify Ji Yuan. He moved his Soul Altar towards the Blue Snake Sea.

The star door behind moved along with him and also sank into the sea.

Ji Yuan stood in the sky dumbfounded but after a brief moment of hesitation, she also followed.

She knew since she appeared in the clouds with Qin Lie and watched as Qin Lie destroyed the Han Family, the Ji Family that she represented had burned their ties with Ninth Heaven.

Regardless of whether she admitted it, the people of Ninth Heaven would treat her like an enemy.

Since that was so, she did not want to hide. She wanted to see how Qin Lie would defeat the Sea Race clansmen hiding in Blue Snake Sea.


At the bottom of Blue Snake Sea.

Crystal underwater palaces decorated the seabed. Many Sea Race clansmen walked out of the glowing crystal palaces and looked towards the surface.

The Sea Race clansmen at the bottom could feel the great disturbance at the surface.

The Sea Race clansman who had been cultivating hurriedly came out and looked in shock upwards with serious expressions.

"Vanessa has already gone up. This matter should be related to the Han Family. No matter what happened, we will try to have her deal with it," said an old Sea Race clansman with a seaweed beard and a crab shell on his back. "If something happens, we will have her take the blame!"

The other older female Sea Race clansman nodded and said, "The meaning of her existence is to help avert calamity for us."

The other Sea Race clansmen around them all agreed.

As they spoke, a figure came from the surface, the Vanessa they had been discussing.

Vanessa, with her graceful and full figure, seemed to have a naturally seductive face. Her water blue silk dress perfectly delineated her curved body.

The crab-shell Sea Race elder showed a deeply hidden hint of heat in his cold eyes but his tone was not polite at all. "Vanessa! Why did you already come down? Who is making a ruckus up there? Did the Han Family kill the invader? Did you tell the Han Family those invaders have affected us?! "

"Ridiculous, we have to cultivate under the sea, do not let them do as they please!" the female Sea Race elder said darkly.

The other Sea Race clansmen also shouted loudly, saying Vanessa had not been able to stay in the Han Family and raise Han Qian well, and that she was the reason why Han Family was growing more and more disrespectful towards them.

"You don’t have to worry about Han Family disrespecting you any longer," Vanessa said coldly.

"Oh?" The old man's expression changed slightly and he smiled, saying, "Tell me, what happened?"

"Did Han Qian truly accept you? She is your daughter, she has your bloodline, she should listen to you," the female Sea Race woman said matter-of-factly.

"No." Vanessa shook her head and said disdainfully, "I was sent to the Han Family to be a breeding tool. The entire Han Family, from old to young, none of them truly considers me important, including Han Qian and Han Jia. They never treated me as a mother."

Pausing, she looked towards the old woman and man of the Sea Race and said coldly, "You are the same."

"Shut your mouth!" The old woman said angrily with a harsh expression. "If not for us two, you would have starved to death in the outside oceans, we took you here and raised you!"

"We are your adoptive parents!" the old Sea Race man shouted.

Vanessa's expression was cold as she said, "I heard that I had been stolen from your enemies from a Sea Race tribe of another realm. When I was young, I doubted the rumors, but as I grew, as you pushed me into the hell of the Han Family, I gradually believed this truth..."

She seemed to calm down and said, "Since everyone is going to die here, I do not have anything to fear. I only want to know, are the rumors about me true? You two adopted me and raised me to gain revenge on your enemies?"

"What are you saying? What do you mean we will all die here?" the Sea Race old man said in shock.

The Blue Snake Sea’s Sea Race clansmen had anxious expressions hearing her words and seemed to know something terrible was happening at the surface.

They looked upwards.

"People are coming!"

They suddenly saw the Asura Race experts led by Curtis charing down on their Soul Altars.

They finally panicked.

"Whore! What happened above?" The old female had a ghastly expression as she screamed, "If I learn you brought trouble upon us, I will cut the flesh off your body inch by inch!"

"The Han Family is already destroyed, that person will not spare anyone here." Vanessa had a calm expression as she did not hear the threat and laughed. "Even if he does not want to act, I will do all I can for him to slaughter us."

"Are you insane?" the old Sea Race man shouted.

"Since you sneaked in that night and did that thing to me, I already am insane! You think I will not recognize you if you change your appearance, adoptive father?!" Vanessa's eyes were filled with endless hatred as though she wanted to slowly strangle this old Sea Race man who was her adoptive father in name to death.

"So you were the one who did it!" The old Sea Race woman shouted.

The old Sea Race man wearing the crab shell shrank back and laughed awkwardly. He said, "I just got some interest. The girl's parents humiliated us so greatly. No matter what we do, it’s still reasonable."

"You finally admit it!" Vanessa's body trembled, her eyes full of harsh hatred.

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