Chapter 1329: Mistress

Chapter 1329: Mistress

It didn’t take long for the three Han Family martial practitioners’ Soul Altars to vanish into the fire spirit and water spirit’s stomachs.

The water spirit looked absolutely exhausted after eating two Soul Altars in a row. It quickly vanished into Qin Lie’s glabella with a round tummy.

The rest of the Spirits of Void and Chaos didn’t have a Soul Altar to consume, but there were spirit weapons and armors scattered all over the place.

The wood spirit, metal spirit and earth spirit zoomed in and out of the island as they consumed every high grade spirit artifact they could find. To them, this excursion was a lunch trip.

The rank eight fire spirit was the only spirit that didn’t return to the Soul Suppressing Orb immediately. It didn’t go after other fire attribute spirit materials either.

The fire qilin slowly turned illusory.

Coils of flame started swimming inside the fire qilin’s half-physical, half-illusory body. They seemed to represent some sort of absolute law.


Scarlet wisps of fiery patterns slowly appeared on the fire qilin’s body. The fire spirit had its soul tendrils attached to the fiery patterns, almost as if it was studying them and probing the secrets they contained.


Suddenly, Qin Lie felt a reaction inside the fire spirit’s bloodline.

When he concentrated, he gradually realized that the fire spirit was using its special bloodline to digest the power and laws of fire contained inside the Soul Altar it had consumed.

Red sparks kept appearing on its body, as if they were purifying it.

“Is it digesting the secrets of power of that fire Soul Altar?” Ji Yuan stared at the fire spirit dumbfoundedly for a moment before she suddenly exclaimed in sudden realization. “The Spirits of Void and Chaos can analyze the laws and rules of a Soul Altar?! Heavens!”

“Don’t you know that all rank eight Spirits of Void and Chaos possess this ability?” Qin Lie asked in confusion.

Ji Yuan shook her head bitterly, “The human race’s knowledge regarding the Spirits of Void and Chaos comes from other races… We’ve only come into power during the last twenty thousand years or so, and the Spirits of Void and Chaos are far, far more ancient in the history of Spirit Realm.”

She exhaled once before continuing, “The Dragon Race, Ancient Beast Race, Asura Race and other ancient and powerful races are extremely afraid of the Spirits of Void and Chaos. In fact, they’re so afraid that they’ll do everything in their power to kill any Spirits of Void and Chaos that makes it to rank nine. In the past, I thought they were exaggerating their threat, but now…”

She stared at the fire spirit who was still analyzing the fire Soul Altar with a complicated look on her face. She didn’t say anything further than that.


Suddenly, giant whirlpools began to appear near the shores of the island.

Many powerful fleshly body presences burst out of sea surface without bothering to hide their presence at all. Their auras were burning with terrible fury.

The four Spirits of Void and Chaos that had been busy feeding on any spirit weapons and armors of interest converged around the fire spirit when they detected the activity in the sea.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and sent a soul thought to the Spirits of Void and Chaos from above his Soul Altar.

The four Spirits of Void and Chaos transformed into four colorful light ribbons and wrapped around the frozen fire spirit. Then, they joined water spirit in the Soul Suppressing Orb.

When the Spirits of Void and Chaos had all safely returned, Qin Lie let out a chuckle before summoning a Star Door behind him.

Ji Yuan immediately reacted and flew right next to him like lightning.

“It’s those old Sea Race fellows.” Ji Yuan snorted before continuing, “The Sea Race is one of the many foreign races who voiced their support for the six great forces. The Sea Race of Blue Snake Sea is especially loyal to Ninth Heaven; they will do everything in their power to attack the Qin Family.”

“Sea Race…” Qin Lie shook his head with a smile that didn’t reach the eyes.


Giant water geysers surged into the air. At the top of every blue geyser was a Sea Race clansman.

A total of six Sea Race clansmen had showed themselves. They looked mostly humanoid except for the gills on their cheeks and the tail of a fish.

There was only one beautiful woman among the Sea Race group. Everyone else was male.

“Mistress! The Han Family is all gone!”

A Sea Race clansman circled around the island once on his water geyser before screaming with a pale face, “This is terrible! Ninth Heaven will definitely blame us for the Han Family’s destruction, and Han Qian will explode in anger if she learns of this matter! They will not forgive us! We must do something!”

“Shut your mouth!” The Sea Race woman whom the man had addressed as “Mistress” scolded him angrily before looking up into the sky, yelling, “Are you blind? The murderers are right above you. What the hell are you crying about?”

“O-oh.” The Sea Race clansman hurriedly nodded.

“Why aren’t we leaving?” Ji Yuan asked curiously.

She was confused. She thought that Qin Lie was planning to escape when he had created the Star Door, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

“Leave?” Qin Lie broke into a short laugh. “Why would I? You think I’m afraid of this ‘Mistress’?”

He shook his head calmly and said, “It’ll take more than her to drive me away.”

He knew at first glance that that so-called “Mistress” was the only one who was at rank nine bloodline.

The rest of the Sea Race clansmen were only at rank eight, and… the Sea Race was not known for their combat strength.

“There should be another two rank nine Sea Race clansmen beneath the sea.” Ji Yuan frowned. “Do you really have to wait until they show themselves before leaving?”

“Again, why would I leave?” Qin Lie chuckled before looking at the Star Door behind them, “It is true that I wished to annihilate the Han Family with my own hands. I didn’t want anyone to interfere with my revenge. However, these foreign beings are a completely different story, not to mention that I can’t be bothered to deal with them myself.”

After he said this, he let out a soft cry, “Come!”

The cold, stiff-faced Curtis was the first to fly out of the Star Door. he stood respectfully next to Qin Lie before greeting. “Master.”

Three more Asura Race clansmen followed after him. They were all Void Realm experts just like Curtis.

The six Sea Race clansmen’s faces changed drastically when Curtis and the Asura Race experts showed up. The one they called “Mistress” shot Qin Lie and his men a meaningful glance before saying suddenly, “The Han Family’s destruction has nothing to do with us; Ninth Heaven will deal with it themselves. Let’s return.”

The five Sea Race clansmen were caught off guard by this.

Then, the rank nine Sea Race woman dove back into the sea swiftly and without another word.

Qin Lie was just as surprised. He didn’t think that the woman would escape without any hesitation whatsoever. It was clear that she didn’t intend to take revenge for the Han Family at all.

“But Mistress, isn’t Han Qian your daughter!?” a Sea Race clansman cried out.

The Sea Race woman didn’t seem to care about his complaints in the slightest. In fact, the water geyser she was standing on moved even faster back to the bottom of Blue Snake Sea.

“Han Qian’s mother!” Qin Lie’s eyes lit up.

At first, he had lost interest in fighting the Sea Race of Blue Snake Sea. The Sea Race woman was smart enough to avoid confrontation with him, so he saw no need to waste his energy on her.

But now he realized that that woman was Han Qian’s mysterious mother. His interest was immediately piqued.


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