Chapter 1326: Green Snake Sea

Chapter 1326: Green Snake Sea

In the most hidden hall of the Ji Family, Ji Yuan looked with doubt at Qin Lie, frowning.

"Please make arrangements for me. I know your Ji Family has many teleportation formations, and can send me to the Han Family quickly," Qin Lie pleaded sincerely.

As the oldest family of the human race, the Ji Family did have many teleportation formations. If the Ji Family was willing, they could instantly reach even the most remote part of Spirit Realm.

Qin Lie came to the Ji Family first because he was aware of that.

"The formations of the Ji Family are limited to Spirit Realm. They are not as numerous as your Qin Family's realm entrances in the past." Ji Yuan did not have any pride as she said, "Before the Qin Family left Spirit Realm, the realm entrances they had could connect with almost all the realms of the other races. The Ji Family cannot compare to that."

"I am going to the Han Family," Qin Lie said.

Ji Yuan hesitated and said, "Follow me."

Then, she slowly stood up from her seat and walked towards a secret door in the corner of the hall.

Qin Lie immediately followed.

Ji Yuan took him through a dim passageway to another enormous hall.

There were at least thirty different teleportation formations in this hall, each guarded by a Ji Family member.

When Qin Lie came with Ji Yuan, he saw many martial practitioners wearing a variety of robes enter and leave those teleportation formations.

"This is the eighth hall of the Ji Family, and has thirty six differently sized teleportation formations that can reach thirty six different continents of Spirit Realm," Ji Yuan explained. "However, these teleportation formation can only transport inside Spirit Realm and cannot cross realms."

As she spoke, she led the way. The Ji Family martial practitioners who stood next to different teleportation formations bowed when she came near.

Many of the martial practitioners who’d just come from other continents of Spirit Realm had been shouting or cursing but when they saw her, they all stopped.

Those martial practitioners who were not of the Ji Family deeply bowed and waited for her to leave before leaving the hall orderly.

Qin Lie observed and found the martial practitioners from different continents were mostly in the Nirvana Realm, and some experts were in the Imperishable Realm.

Through the robes they wore, he gradually realized those people should be vassal forces of the Ji Family.

Looking at the vassal forces’ experts scattered all over coming through the teleportation formations, he realized that the Ji Family was moving their forces and preparing for the war.

"Maybe Sky Mender Palace and the Qin Family also have many martial practitioners active, and preparing for the battle..."

The more Qin Lie thought about it, the bigger the sense of urgency inside of him grew.

Ji Yuan suddenly stopped beside a teleportation formation and ordered coolly, "Open the teleportation formation to Green Snake Sea."

The martial practitioners responsible nodded and activated the oval teleportation formation without a word.

The dark green light appeared from the bottom of the teleportation formation and covered it completely.

"Alright." Ji Yuan looked back calmly at Qin Lie and said, "You should know that Green Snake Sea is very close to the Han Family. You can reach the main lands of the Han Family in a day."

Qin Lie nodded and said, "I know."

"Go," Ji Yuan urged.

Qin Lie immediately stepped into the teleportation formation.

His figure was drowned in the dark green light.

Just as he was waiting silently, a burst of fragrance came. Before he could react, he felt a wave of dizziness.

Opening his eyes, he found he was standing in a secret cave under the water. The cave opening was flush with seawater but blocked out by a layer of green light.

Under his feet was a small teleportation formation that could only hold three people. Other than him, Ji Yuan was also within it.

Facing his puzzled gaze, Ji Yuan had a calm expression as she said coolly, "I do not think you, who’s just reached the Imperishable Realm, can destroy the Han Family."

Qin Lie had a displeased expression.

Ji Yuan did not seem to see it and said, "The Han Family are relatives of the Sea Race of Green Snake Sea. These Sea Race clansmen think of the Han Family as a connection to Ninth Heaven. they will not allow the Han Family to be killed without reason, especially... when Han Qian is being given more importance by the old monsters of Ninth Heaven."

"Before the Sea Race finds out, I will have finished and left." Qin Lie snorted.

Ji Yuan shook her head and said, "It won’t be so easy."

She did not explain immediately and led Qin Lie to the cave entrance. A layer of light wrapped around her voluptuous body as she slowly floated to the surface.

Qin Lie followed silently.

Minutes later, he and Ji Yuan appeared on the surface together and stood on a desolate small island.

Qin Lie ignored her, his body continuing to float until he looked down at the boundless sea from the air.

The Green Snake Sea’s name came from its faint green color and shape of a coiled snake.

For tens of thousands of years, some of the Sea Race clansmen living at the bottom of the Green Snake Sea frequently interacted with the people living on its islands.

The Han Family had grown through trading with the Green Snake Sea's Sea Race.

For many years, the Han Family and Green Snake Sea's Sea Race had a close relationship and were deeply trusted by them. When the human race learned the secret of stealing ancient bloodlines from ancient races through the Blood Progenitor's secret art, the Han Family married with the Sea Race of Green Snake Sea.

Soon after, the new generation of the Han Family possessed the Sea Race's bloodline.

Han Qian, Han Jia, and the other members of the Han Family had awakened the Sea Race bloodline.

The Sea Race of Green Snake Sea treated the Han Family as blood kin after this and grew even closer.

In these years, as Han Qian was given more responsibilities by the Genesis Realm old monsters of Ninth Heaven, the status of the Han Family grew in Ninth Heaven.

Even the Sea Race clansmen of Green Snake Sea grew closer to Ninth Heaven.

They were just a small branch of the enormous Sea Race. They made up only a small faction and were limited in strength.

In the past, the Sea Race clansmen of Green Snake Sea had been exiled by Sea Race clansmen of other realms.

In these years, the Green Snake Sea’s clan gradually established themselves through the relationship with the Han Family and Ninth Heaven. Due to this, they thought of the Han Family as a big part of their strength.

Similarly, they thought of Han Qian, who had their bloodline, as their pride.

"You do not know that the Han Family and the Green Snake Sea's Sea Race almost live together." Ji Yuan rose into the sky and stood shoulder by shoulder to him. They looked together towards the largest island in the distance. She said, "The Han Family lives on that island, and the Sea Race lives right underneath. The moment you attack the Han Family, the Sea Race will rise up."

Qin Lie looked following her gaze, his brow furrowed.

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