Chapter 1325: Phenomenon in Blood

Chapter 1325: Phenomenon in Blood


The stone door that had been closed for many days finally opened. Qin Lie strode out of them lazily, illuminated by the three suns of Boluo Realm.

Song Tingyu and Tang Siqi who had nervously waited for him all this time exhaled in relief.

Their bright eyes immediately landed on his face.

Qin Lie smiled and instinctively touched his face, saying, "While I suffered much hardship, I’ve also made great gains."

"What? Your bloodline reached rank eight?" Song Tingyu smiled brightly.

Qin Lie shook his head and said honestly, "No."

"Then what are the gains you speak of?" Tang Siqi was surprised.

"Other areas." Qin Lie did not explain more about bloodlines to the two women.

Both Song Tingyu and Tang Siqi were pure humans.

They had not mixed blood with the foreign races like the forces of Central World to resolve the issue of weak physical body of humans.

The purest human bloodline, in his present knowledge, was not one that could be imprinted with the laws of the universe.

The human race did not have their own Chaos Blood Realm...

Due to this, there was no point in him discussing the secrets of the bloodlines with Song Tingyu and Tang Siqi.

The two women did not have any rare bloodlines to provide to him.

"I am going to the Ji Family," he said casually.

"Returning to Central World?" Song Tingyu changed expression. "At this time?"


"But, but ..." Song Tingyu hesitated to speak.

She, who managed Flaming Sun Island, knew what would happen at Ninth Heaven of Central World through the clansmen of foreign races left in the Land of Chaos, and the news from the Frost Desolation Abyss.

At this sensitive time, it was not wise for a person like him who was so important to appear in Central World.

"Do not worry, unless a Genesis Realm monster appears, it will take seconds if I wish to come back," Qin Lie comforted.

He was not speaking nonsense.

These past six days he’d undergone self-mutilating torture, all in attempt to merge the blood of Barett and the others.

At this time, his blood contained the four different bloodline powers—of the God Race, the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit, the Abyss Devils, and the fire Spirit of Void and Chaos.

Maybe it was because the bloodlines of Barett, Tong Yan, Tyler and the others didn’t have anything to do with the God Race bloodline that he’d failed to strengthen it and reach rank eight.

Obviously, despite that, all his other bloodlines exploded in power.

Even though he hadn’t awakened any new latent abilities, his current ones more than doubled in strength!

One of them was the Star Door ability of Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline.

At that moment, with a simple thought, he could form star door in a flash.

As long as a Genesis Realm experts did not instantly freeze space and damage the spatial laws in the area, he could go through the star door to return to any of the soul slaves.

"Then be careful," Song Tingyu did not try to persuade him otherwise.

Tang Siqi also said, "Go and return early."


He turned into a bolt of blue lightning and flew down the mountain range.

He sent some threads of soul thought infiltrated his blood to better understand his new blood. He found there were even more changes.

His blood consisted of only four bloodlines. When he tried to observe them, he saw strange crystal chains flowing in his blood.

All the bloodlines had them. The God Race had crimson red chains. The Abyss Devil Race, purple. Deep blue for Eight-eyed Demon Spirit and silvery white in the case of the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The bloodline crystal chains of different colors flew through his bloodline like rays of light.

The four different bloodline systems were clearly delineated and never touched.

The secrets of the bloodlines, the inheritances, the meaning of power, the laws of the universe and the rest were all imprinted in those bloodline crystal chains.

"Such an unimaginable phenomenon..."

Taking his soul thought back, he murmured mentally. He found for the first time his blood had such a beautiful scene.

He suddenly realized through the six days of forging his bloodline, his Perfect Blood seemed to have gotten onto the right path.


His figure appeared suddenly at the cave inside the Ancient Beast Race's territory. A flash later, he disappeared.

Soon after, he appeared in the ninth teleportation formation of the Ji Family of Central World.

Ji Yuan, who guarded the place, clearly stilled upon seeing him and said, "What are you doing here?"

"Oh!" Before he could answer, Ji Yuan was shocked and said, "You built a Soul Altar!"

Ji Yuan, who had Void Realm cultivation, could see his present cultivation with a sweep of her mind consciousness.

"I remember when I saw you last time, you were only in the middle stage of the Nirvana Realm. I had not expected..." Ji Yuan shook her head and said, "It seems that many things that we could never imagine had happened to you in these three centuries. Right now, the brightest stars of your generation are only in the Imperishable Realm. Most of them built their Soul Altars only recently. Han Qian herself broke through only two years ago."

"I’ve come to destroy the Han Family," Qin Family said calmly.

"What?" Ji Yuan frowned and said urgently, "Do not mess around at this time!"

"Why not?" Qin Lie said curiously.

"In ten days, they will hold a conference at Ninth Heaven to discuss the Qin Family. I hear the leaders of the Dragon Race and the Asura Race have already reached Ninth Heaven." Ji Yuan had a serious expression. "The Genesis Realm experts of Ninth Heaven are either coming out of seclusion or returning from outside the realm. They are all preparing. The Han Family is slightly far from Ninth Heaven but still inside their territory. If anything occurs, the experts of Ninth Heaven will come, you will not be able to escape."

"Do not worry. I will easily retreat after destroying the Han Family," Qin Family said with a smile.

Ji Yuan's brow furrowed. Her gaze landed on the teleportation formation. She said, "Who else?"

"What?" Qin Lie was confused.

"I am asking who else is coming other than you?" Ji Yuan said matter-of-factly.

"No one, just myself." Qin Lie reacted and said with a smile, "According to my knowledge, the Han Family only has five Imperishable Realm experts. It won’t be hard."

Ji Yuan had a strange gaze. "You just built your one-level Soul Altar and you consider five Han Family elders in the Imperishable Realm… not hard?"

"Yes," Qin Lie said confidently.

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