Chapter 1324: Bloodline System

Chapter 1324: Bloodline System

In the secret room, Qin Lie roared, fire sprouting off his body.

The inextinguishable flame of the Blaze Family rampaged through his veins, exuding power capable of melting all creation!

The lifeblood essence drops he tried to merge went through the baptism of the flames. Shortly after, the secrets, inheritances and comprehension of laws was completely released into his blood.

The strange laws contained within turned into specks of light that roamed about his body.

At this time, Qin Lie's body was the furnace, the blaze divine characters the fire source, and the drops of various lifeblood essences the spirit materials. It felt as though he was refining a rare spirit artifact.

After an unknown amount of time, the tearing pain gradually left him.

He checked his body and found the runes, lights, and special bloodline secrets that had shot through his body had calmed after their frenzy.

Replacing them was the calmness of mind and the receding of the raging flames.

He probed with his mind and had his soul thoughts roam through his blood. He found that many streaks of light and mysterious patterns imprinted with special abilities had merged into his bloodline.

The corrosion bloodline ability he had obtained after refining the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake Nivitt's blood seemed to have been reforged.

He observed the flow of the blood essence...

The blood from the Vermillion Bird Tong Yan had turned into specks of light that merged with the part of his bloodline corresponding to the fire spirit.

The two fire-attribute bloodlines were very similar and clearly complemented each other.

The blood from the demon dragon Barett, the golden giant Banderas and the Black Jail Race’s Tyler joined with Nivitt’s blood and merged into his Abyss Devil Race bloodline.

The blood of the Sea and Wood Races turned into specks of blue light and merged into the bloodline of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit.

The three bloodlines—Spirits of Void and Chaos, Abyss Devil’s and Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s—became unusually active after being complemented by secrets and laws of the universe contained within the other bloodlines. 

He observed as he pondered and had new understandings.

"Are the bloodlines of Demon Dragon, Ancient Beast, Giant, and Black Jail Races connected to the Abyss Devil Race?"

"Otherwise, why did the blood of the four races easily merge into the Abyss Devil blood?"

"The Vermillion Bird and the fire spirit primarily cultivate fire. It is easy to understand why these two bloodlines would merge."

"But the bloodlines of Sea and Wood Races merged with Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline..."

"The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit was a pet trained by the Spirit Race. Its blood should contain the bloodline attributes of the Spirit Race. Does this mean the Sea and Wood Races are related to the Spirit Race?"

"The Wood Race possess bloodline powers... mostly related to life."

Looking at the different directions and changes of the bloodlines in his body, Qin Lie suddenly realized that his knowledge had been limited. The fusion process opened completely new door to him.

The Perfect Blood in his body originally had the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake Nivitt's blood, the fire spirit's blood essence, the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit and the blood of Abyss Devil Atkins.

Yet this time, when he attempted to merge the bloodlines of the Vermillion Bird, Demon Dragon, Black Jail, Sea and Wood Races, he found to his surprise these bloodlines did not form separate abilities!

Even the blood of the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake Nivitt was merged into the Abyss Devil Race bloodline.

The other bloodlines also merged with other, more powerful bloodlines.

It seemed that bloodlines of similar origins would attract each other and join together, emulating a bloodline closer to their source.

"God Race, Eight-eyed Demon Spirit Race, Abyss Devil Race, Spirits of Void and Chaos... these should be four very different bloodline systems. The other bloodlines, like the ones I just refined, should belong to these more general systems," he realized.

A long time ago, he felt that the bloodlines of the powerful races outside Spirit Realm had a common source.

When the races of Nether Realm entered the Frost Desolation Abyss with his help, they suddenly found the abyss devil energy was actually nether demonic energy but far denser.

When they found that almost all high rank Abyss Devils had purple blood, the races of Nether Realm had to admit the source of their bloodline was the Abyss.

Since the three Nether Realm races originate from the Abyss, were the Spirit Realm’s dragons or Ancient Beast Race also descendants of powerful beings of more powerful realms?

In the past, this was only a speculation. But this time, he had a solid proof.

Seeing the secrets of inheritance in the drops of essence blood merge with the bloodlines of Abyss Devils and Eight-eyed Demon Spirit, his understanding of bloodlines deepened.

"So the races of major realms outside Spirit Realm have a progenitor, a source of their bloodline... deep out in the universe."

After this conclusion, he had a deeper understanding of the bloodline of different races, and also a new understanding of the Perfect Blood in him.

He believed the person who started the Perfect Blood project knew better than anyone else the bloodline relationship between the races of Spirit Realm and the other powerful races in the universe.

The main idea behind that person's Perfect Blood was to recombine the scattered bloodlines of the different bloodline systems and reproduce their origin..

Would the Perfect Blood be achieved once all the scattered pieces were merged together?

Qin Lie suddenly opened his eyes.

Intelligence flashed through his eyes. Suddenly, he felt he understood the secrets behind his bloodline.

All the flames coming out of him went back into his body, and the inextinguishable flames in his body gradually calmed.

His bloodline stopped boiling.

"The bloodline of the Blaze Family wields the hottest inextinguishable flame which can melt anything. Only these flames can melt and merge bloodlines."

"So that is how it is."

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