Chapter 1323: Refining Essence blood

Chapter 1323: Refining Essence blood

Boluo Realm, Seven Spirit Island.

A mountain of spirit materials was placed in a sealed secret room. Squeaks came from within the pies of spirit materials like mice sneaking food.

Qin Lie sat within the pies of spirit materials and took out bottles from his spatial ring.

Each bottle was only the size of his thumb and contained a drop of blood. Some drops of blood were dim while other were unusually bright, and were different colors.

"Half a month left ..." he murmured to himself.

The Ninth Heaven would hold a conference discussing how to attack the Qin Family in a fortnight. At the time, the top people of the six factions would all travel and so would the experts of the powerful races of other realms.

Even the Genesis Realm level experts of the Ji family and Sky Mender Palace would be invited.

This was the biggest gathering of race in Spirit Realm.

The present Qin Family patriarch, Qin Hao who had just built his ninth level of his soul altar, had stated that he would also come to Ninth Heaven.

Immediately, the races of Spirit Race and other realms were in uproar.

All wanted to know what would happen at Ninth Heaven in a fortnight. They all thought that the state of Spirit Realm would completely change that day.

The factions of Spirit Realm and the other powerful races of other realms were waiting eagerly for that day.

Qin Lie, who was determined to enter Spirit Realm first and destroy the Han Family, waited for his soul beast avatar to turn the lizard progenitor into a soul slave as he increased his bloodline rank.

He chose the path La Pu gave -- merging the essence blood of powerful races.

At this time, the bottles placed in front of him contained blood from the demon dragon Barrett, the vermillion bird Tong Yan, the gold giant Banderas, the Black Jail Race Tyler, the sea race Hayley, and the wood race's Roshchin.

These drops of blood from rank nine experts had been requested from the Boluo Realm races through La Pu.

Now, as the six spirits of void and chaos feated, he finally settled down and attempted to merge the blood of the races into his bloodline.

"Poof! Poof poof!"

He reached out and pointed. The porcelain bottles exploded, and the blood filled with physical energy flew out of the blottles.

The ruby like droplets of blood landed in his left palm like marbles.

"Zzt zzt! Zzt zzt!"

The flesh on his palm became as hot as fire. Then wisps of flame shot up and wrapped around the drops of blood.

A dozen seconds later, his palm was a sponge that sucked the lifeblood essence of the experts of different races into his flesh and veins.

Threads of burning sensation came from the blood vessels in his arm. His arm suddenly became bright red like metal.

The bloodline in his body suddenly boiled!

"Woosh woosh woosh!"

Wisps of flame covered his body instantly, burning wildly and turning him into a flaming man.

As the blood boiled, the drops of blood that entered his blood vessels seemed to explode inside his body.

Many strange runes, lights, and unnamed lines which all possessed special meaning suddenly shot into his boiling blood and flashed like lightning through his veins.

In this moment, the abyss devil bloodline, the Eight Eyed Demon Spirit's blood and the other bloodlines which did not belong to his body went wild.

The bloodlines of the different races fought inside his body as a battlefield like wild horses, and untamed lightning.


In the secret room, he gave off wild animalistic howls of pain as his body burned.

He trembled violently, in deathly pain, feeling that his tendons and blood vessels were tangled together and pulling closer.

His body curled up on the ground as he rolled unconsciously, smashing the spirit materials the six spirits of void and chaos were eating.

The spirits of void and chaos felt his pain and flew out of the piles of spirit materials, floating in the secret room and looking confusedly at him.

"Yiya, yiyayiya!"

They screamed, attempting to give him help but did not know what to do or what was happening to him.

Outside the secret room, Song Tingyu and Tang Siqi also saw him rolling on the ground through a special artifact.

Tang Siqi was full of panic and attempted to open the secret room to help him.

But Song Tingyu bit her lower lip and pulled her shoulder. Song Tingyu said, "He said we only have to stand here and not let others come in. No matter what we see, or what happens to him, we cannot open the secret room."

She sighed and said, "We ... cannot help him."

Tang Siqi felt a deep helplessness and said, "Qin Family and the six factions are about to fight openly at Ninth Heaven. I know he is in a hurry and wants to increase his strength so he treats himself so. I want to help him as well but I feel I am useless and cannot help him at all."

"We can only help him from other areas." Song Tingyu was calm. "If we charge in now, we cannot help him, we will make trouble for him, and do opposite of what we want."

"I understand" Tang Siqi nodded and sighed.

The two women stopped talking and observed Qin Lie's actions through a prism. They watched as his body was drowned in flame, as though he was being burned. They saw him give heart-wrenching howls, as he seemed to mutilate himself to refine his body and bloodline.

In the secret room, Qin Lie howled wildly in pain as though he would use this method to lessen the pain he felt.

At this time, he felt the blood from the different races slowly spread through his veins. He had expected the presences of different races and talens of different bloodlines to explode instantly.

He just had not imagined the droplets of blood from these rank nine experts would produce such terrifying power.

At this time, he was starting to regret being in such a hurry. He should not have merged blood of different races into his body together.

He should have refined them drop by drop ...

Yet because the human gold rank factions and the patriarchs of the other races would meet at Ninth Heaven in a fortnight to discuss waging war on the Qin Family, and his father would also appear ...

He realized the urgency of time. He wanted to have the soul beast avatar refine the lizard progenitor into a soul slave within a fortnight.

He also wanted to increase his bloodline rank to rank eight.

Then, he would use his true body to go to the Han family and first exterminate this race that prospered through harming him!

He did not want to rely on the soul beast avatar's power to massacre the Han family so he was in a hurry to mutilate his bloodline.

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