Chapter 132: Wind Agent

Chapter 132: Wind Agent

“Number two hundred and thirty, Qin Bing, number ninety seven, Yi Yuan. The two of you can go ahead and leave, you no longer need to stay here.” Tong Jihua’s smile was a little sinister. “In three days, bring your clothing and daily necessities to Armament Sect. You will be staying in Armament Sect’s outer sect from now on.”

He then looked towards the rest of the people and said, “The rest of you will stay behind. You all have to wait for the inner sect apprentice selection tomorrow. Once the results are out, then you will also be given three days to prepare.”

Once he finished, Qin Lie walked outside without another word.

“Wait for me, Brother Qin.” Yi Yuan smiled and chased after Qin Lie before passing through the courtyard with Qin Lie, shoulder-to-shoulder. And like that, they exited the Armament Sect.

“Brother Qin is truly amazing. Even a difficult woman such as Tang Siqi was completely tamed by you. Hehe, she even jumped into Brother Qin’s arms on her own and held you tight…” Yi Yuan cupped his hands. “I am impressed. I am truly impressed by Brother Qin’s methods. Compared to you, that tactic of mine was completely skilless. All I had relied upon was just a thick skin. May Brother Qin watch over me in the future and teach me some awesome techniques.”

Qin Lie’s face shuddered as he turned his head to look at Yi Yuan, coldly saying, “Do you think I’m the same as you, that I’ve come here for a woman? That to attract that Tang Siqi’s expression, I purposefully burned her clothes with the sparks?”

“Was I wrong?” Yi Yuan countered, “Tang Siqi is Armament Sect’s most beautiful pearl. Her beauty is famed throughout Dark Asura Hall, Seven Fiends Valley, Dark Shadow Tower, Purple Mist Sea, Cloud Sky Mountain, and other forces. She is the dream woman of countless men. Every year, there would be young men from these forces who would come to Armament Sect just for her, hoping to be chosen as her assistant. Countless men had wrung their brains for this, but she hadn’t ever selected a single person from the outer sect over the past few years. Brother Qin’s method this time is unique though. You immediately attracted her attention and was chosen by her in advance. I wonder how many people are so envious of you that they could die…”

Yi Yuan bobbed his head about. “Brother Qin must have spent quite a bit of effort. This method is practically unprecedented. I am truly impressed!”

—He was absolutely sure that Qin Lie had come for Tang Siqi.

Qin Lie was speechless. He did not expect Tang Siqi’s fame to be this terrific, to be able to attract countless young men to Armament Sect just for her alone. Judging from the meaning behind Yi Yuan’s words, all the young heroes of Dark Asura Hall, Seven Fiends Valley, Dark Shadow Tower and other forces had even ‘wrung their brains’ to curry her favor?

“Tang Siqi…” He couldn’t help but recall that woman who had hugged him tightly and the feeling of her hot body pressing closely against his. Then, he nodded. “She does have the charm alright.”

“Sigh, I am far lousier in this aspect.” Yi Yuan shook his head and sighed. “I was sure that I would succeed this trip. It’s been five years. For the past five years, the only thing that filled my mind was her figure…”

“You really came for that Lian Rou?” Qin Lie frowned. He did not see anything special about that woman. Her appearance was very average and very normal—how could she have made Yi Yuan this crazy?

“Of course.” The moment Lian Rou was brought up, Yi Yuan immediately was in high spirits. “I knew it from the moment I laid eyes on her for the first time five years ago. I will never let her slip through my grasp for as long as I live!”

Qin Lie couldn’t really understand Yi Yuan’s obsession towards her and shook his head. He carelessly asked, “Do you know any big incidents that have happened nearby as of late?”

“What do you want to know exactly?” Yi Yuan asked curiously.

“Anything that’s happening among the huge forces.”

“Then you should take a trip to the ‘Wind Lane’ in the Wind District of the Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind Districts of Armament City. You can just find a few Wind Agents randomly and you’ll find the news from all parties.” Yi Yuan explained, “This is what they do for a living. Hehe, the things we did at Armament Sect today should be known over there already.”

“Wind Agents?” Qin Lie looked surprised.

“Yeah. They’re a bunch of people who sell information for a living. They have a great number of sources, so you can buy all sorts of information from them.”


“You’re welcome. Do watch over me in the future, Brother Qin.”



Two hours later, Qin Lie appeared at Wind Lane in Armament Sect’s Wind area.

The Wind Lane was the small lane where the Wind Agents gathered together. Every Wind Agent working inside the city would be moving about this lane, selling all kinds of information.

Qin Lie entered a house at random and took out a Profound Grade One Spirit Stone. He said, “I want to ask about something.”

A thin and emaciated young boy walked over. He looked about fourteen to fifteen years old and his skin was dark, but his eyes were very intelligent. “Call me Wind God. Go ahead and ask whatever you need.”

“Wind God?” Qin Lie’s eyebrows jumped as the air around his body turned cold.

The boy’s legs shuddered somewhat as he quickly backpedaled a bit from Qin Lie. The slovenly look on his face was gone as he seriously said, “Those who stand at the top of the Wind Agents are given the title of ‘Wind God,’ and I am a man who aims to become a Wind God! A-although I’m not one yet, I will definitely become a Wind God in the future!” he exclaimed with conviction.

Qin Lie’s expression was indifferent as he nodded. He said, “Wind God? Alright, I’d like to hear any news related to Nebula Pavilion. What can you tell me?”

“How long ago?” The boy’s face turned serious, as if he had become a changed man the moment the matter of work was brought up.

“News from four months ago.”

“A Profound Grade One spirit stone is too much…”

“Tell me first.”


The youth sucked in a deep breath and began to narrate in a serious manner with great detail, “Nebula Pavilion is the vassal force under Dark Asura Hall. They are stationed along with Shattered Ice Manor at Icestone City. The place is very close to the Arctic Mountain Range and its former Pavilion Master is called Tu Mo…”

“Get to the point!” Qin Lie yelled coldly, “I want to know the big incidents!”

“Big incidents, is it? Okay!” The youngster paused and thought for a moment, “Four months ago, the biggest incident that has happened was the position of Pavilion Master being handed over. Dark Asura Hall’s First Hall Master, Yuan Tianya, had unexpected arrived at Nebula Pavilion. Liu Yuntao had replaced Tu Mo as the Pavilion Master, and the elder Du Haitian had gloriously ascended as the Vice Pavilion Master…

“A relatively unknown young man at Nebula Pavilion named Qin Lie challenged Du Haitian on the streets and killed Du Haitian, Du Jiaolan, Du Fei, Du Heng, Fang Tong, Pei An, and twenty more Nebula Pavilion martial practitioners. Severely injured, Qin Lie had escaped to a spirit material shop called Li’s Shop, and the First Hall Master, Yuan Tianya, had brought Liu Yuntao and many other powerful men to surround the place in attempt to kill Qin Lie…

“A strange man named Li Mu appeared out of nowhere, killed Dark Asura Hall’s commander with an invincible posture and brought Qin Lie and a huge wolfdog, rumored to be the Icestone Snow Wolf King, out of the city. No one dared to stop them. After they left the city, they haven’t been seen since.

“This was a rather hot news recently, and every force knows about this. After the First Hall Master Yuan Tianya had returned to Dark Asura Hall he had been looking out for any information regarding Li Mu, but to this day no one can confirm this man’s identity.

“This is the biggest incident that has occurred in the past four months. Almost everyone knows about it, so it isn’t worth a Profound Grade One spirit stone.”

Incredibly, the young boy’s story was completely correct. It was as if he had personally been there and had clearly seen each critical event.

“Naturally this isn’t what I’m asking about.” Qin Lie nodded on the inside. “What I want to ask is where Tu Mo and his people have gone to, how is Nebula Pavilion doing currently, whether the Ling Family are still at Nebula Pavilion, and Ye Yangqiu, Han Qingrui, and Kang Hui’s movements…”

“So that’s the information you’re looking for.”

The young boy exclaimed in realization before continuing, “Tu Mo and his younger brother, Tu Ze, are now at Dark Asura Hall working under the Second Hall Master. They are given great regard by Second Hall Master Cao Xuanrui. The rest of the Ling Family have gone to Seven Fiends Valley’s Dark Fiend Valley as the Ling sisters’ servants and live as a small force around Dark Fiend Valley.

“Ye Yangqiu is still working at Nebula Pavilion. He is a man of justice since the beginning, and Liu Yuntao also believes that he is still helpful in managing Nebula Pavilion’s Discipline Hall which is why he continues to use him. However, the other two men, Han Qingrui and Kang Hui, stood against Liu Yuntao in the past, so both of them left Nebula Pavilion, and under Armament Sect’s Pan Jueming’s recommendation, they are temporarily staying in Seven Fiends Valley’s domain as Armament Sect’s outer sect foreign delegate. They may come to Armament Sect in the future for work…”

“The Ling sisters of Dark Fiend Valley. Do you have information on these two?” Qin Lie’s eyes abruptly lit up.

The young boy was shocked. He felt that the sharp aura on Qin Lie had abruptly increased. He subconsciously took a few steps backwards again and answered in a hurry, “I do, I do! The younger one is still at Dark Fiend Valley and is cultivating her spirit arts under Granny Jiu’s guidance, and as for the elder one… she slipped out of the valley and went missing. Because of this, Granny Jiu was furious, and she sent people to look people for her everywhere.”

Ling Yushi slipped out of Dark Fiend Valley? Where did she go?

Qin Lie was shocked on the inside, and after a moment of thought, he suddenly had an idea and guessed that Ling Yushi might have gone to look for him...

Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian had gone to Dark Asura Hall. The Ling Family clansmen had moved into Seven Fiends Valley. Ye Yangqiu was still holding a position at Nebula Pavilion, so naturally, Gao Yu was there as well. Han Qingrui had become Armament Sect’s outer sect delegate. Kang Zhi and Han Feng had likely left Nebula Pavilion as well, and since Granny Jiu was famed as a master who protects her own, even if Ling Yushi had left Dark Fiend Valley, there shouldn’t be anyone who would dare do anything to her.

—Especially when Ling Family’s true nemesis, Du Haitian’s entire family, had been killed by him.

Liu Yuntao and Wei Xing did not hold any grudge against the Ling Family. They would definitely not be stupid enough to become Ling Yushi’s enemy and provoke Granny Jiu’s insane retaliation.

So judging from this matter, if Ling Yushi could not find him, then naturally, she would obediently return to Dark Fiend Valley and continue her cultivation.

After finding out all he wanted to know, Qin Lie slowly relaxed. Finally, he could stay at Armament Sect in peace. “Wind God, is it? Hmm, I am very satisfied with the information you brought me. This Profound Grade One spirit stone is a bonus. I hope that you can pay attention to anything regarding the Dark Fiend Valley’s Ling sisters for me when you’re free. I’ll come look for you in the future.”

“Thank you very much.” The young boy accepted the two Profound Grade One spirit stones and bowed with the utmost gratitude. “Don’t worry, I will pay extra attention to any information regarding those two sisters! Hehe, I knew at first glance that you are a character of extraordinary taste and that you enjoy twins… I get you. I totally get you!”

—He had assumed Qin Lie as a character who had a special fetish for twins.

Qin Lie nodded and did not explain further. Just as he was about to leave, an idea struck his mind as he asked, “Have you ever heard of the name Qin Shan?”

“Qin Shan?” The young boy shook his head. “No, I’ve never heard of him.”

“Oh. In that case, please watch out for this as well. If there is someone who is called Qin Shan, and he is also an artificer, then do everything in your power to gather all the information on him that you can. I can pay more for it.” Qin Lie also knew that it was a slim hope, but he still seriously instructed him. “I hope Wind God will watch out for this.”

“Got it.” The young boy slapped his chest in assurance.

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