Chapter 1318: Rank Eight Fire Spirit

Chapter 1318: rank eight Fire Spirit

Origin World.

Above the Origin Sea, Qin Lie's true body that had been fusing the Origin Crystal for a long time.

The deep purple abyss devil energy steamed from the Origin Sea below him, spreading to every nook and cranny of this realm.

The Origin World which was shrouded in absolute darkness all year around finally had light in the sky.

Thick bolts of lightning accompanied by ear-deafening roars of thunder swam among the purple clouds like dragons.

On the ground, a strange gravitational energy field seemed to change along with Qin Lie's Records of Geocentric Magnetism.

Gradually, the gravitational energy field of the Origin World became the same as Spirit Realm’s.

The deep purple earth was frequently ravaged by cold winds. The cold energy contained within would be beneficial to martial practitioners that cultivated frost or ice spirit arts.

As the Origin Sea gradually evaporated, turning into ever-present abyss devil energy, the world was constantly changing.

A long time later, Qin Lie opened his eyes.

His thoughts moved, and the crystalline Soul Altar he had refined from Origin Crystal burrowed into his eyes, appearing within his mind.

He probed the Soul Altar with his mind.

The floating crystal completely replaced the Soul Lake and occupied entirety of his mind.

His True Soul was hidden within. His understanding of power, soul and spirit arts was imprinted on the Soul Altar as strange patterns, streams of words, lightning bolts or icicles.

In that moment, he had a strange feeling—the Soul Altar was another body for his soul.

From now on, this one-level Soul Altar would be the most valuable part of him. It would be the thing he would focus on refining.

"Heavenly Thunder Eradication!"

Following his shout, snake-like bolts of blue lightning shot out of his body.

At the same time, invisible soul thread carrying lightning power flew out of his Soul Altar and merged with the lightning

"Easier than before..."

Muttering this, he continued to use Frost Arts, Blood Spirit Art, and the Records of Geocentric Magnetism.

He immediately found the spirit arts he thought he had mastered in the past would cause the laws imprinted on the Soul Altar to come to life. His soul power would leave the Soul Altar and enhance his spirit arts. This combination could give birth to a myriad of possibilities.

Inside the Origin World, he tested all the spirit arts and skills he had learned.

He gradually realized as he successfully built his one-level Soul Altar, each of his spirit arts and skills would grow in strength and intensity.

"One-level Soul Altar, early stage of the Imperishable Realm ..."

He murmured. After a while, he reached to touch his forehead.

Six bright lights flew out of his forehead and formed into the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

"Yiya, yiya..."

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos were extremely excited when they returned to this Origin World from the Soul Suppressing Orb. They seemed to like the environment here.

They felt Qin Lie's presence from the Origin World, and it was omnipresent!

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos danced happily around him, turning into rays of light to show their joy.

They had all completed their breakthroughs in the Soul Suppressing Orb.

The fire spirit, after a period of dormancy, reached rank eight bloodline. The other five Spirits of Void and Chaos, rank seven.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and communicated to them with his soul. He felt their joy.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos described their new knowledge and abilities to him through their unique connection with him.

Qin Lie listened to them and slowly come to an understanding of their newly-found powers, as well as the difference between rank seven and eight.

Rank seven Spirits of Void and Chaos had a stronger ability to devour Soul Altars. They could invade a martial practitioner's sea of consciousness and attack the Soul Altar before the martial practitioner even took it out.

Of course, if a martial practitioner was skilled in soul power and created soul wards and barriers, they would not succeed so easily.

Also, rank seven Spirits of Void and Chaos could go into certain spirit artifacts and become an artifact soul to help a spirit artifact realize its true power.

Lastly, the rank seven Spirits of Void and Chaos were skilled in finding ores of their attribute.

If they came to a new realm and went around for a while, they could find all the hidden ores and treasures of their attribute.

If it was an ore or treasure corresponding to their element, it could not escape their perception within a certain range.

Devouring Soul Altars to strengthen oneself, turning to an artifact soul to strengthen the artifact, and searching for treasures, these were the three core abilities of the rank seven Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The rank eight Spirits of Void and Chaos had enhanced versions of these powers, but there were also new ones.

The rank eight fire spirit could create a terrifying attractive force capable of sucking in fire attribute Soul Altars, which granted it complete control over them!

The fire spirit, at rank eight, when facing Flame Demon Tang Beidou and other  Imperishable Realm martial practitioners who cultivated flame spirit arts, could use the power of its bloodline to pull Tang Beidou's Soul Altar out of his body.

Tang Beidou, who was the master of the Soul Altar, would have a difficult time stopping this.

Once the rank eight fire spirit entered the flame Soul Altar, it could easily replace the master of the Soul Altar and take full control of it.

Most terrifying aspect of it was that upon gaining control of the Soul Altar, the fire spirit would immediately understand the laws imprinted on it.

It could use different laws recorded in different Soul Altars to broaden its horizons and comprehend the laws of the universe.

Starting from rank eight, whenever it broke through, other than a mountain of fire-attribute spirit materials, it would also need to comprehend the laws of fire.

The best method to do that was to devour flame Soul Altars and steal the mysteries within

Due to this, rank eight Spirits of Void and Chaos liked to eat items that had a thread of the laws of the universe—like Soul Altars.

This trait was why they had the nickname “Soul Altar Devourers”.

"Rank eight bloodline, the Soul Altar is the best material for breakthrough. Fang Qisong, and the others have been captured alive. There are some Void Realm experts skilled in fire spirit arts among them."

After understanding the difference between the rank eight fire spirit and the others, Qin Lie rubbed his chin and said thoughtfully.

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