Chapter 1317: Look Farther

Chapter 1317: Look Farther

"Old lizard, what do you say?" Dan Yuanqing glanced at the Lizard Progenitor.

Chen Lin's expression was cool as he looked at the Lizard Race clansmen kneeling on the ground and the enormous lizard statue. He said coolly, "My original thought was to destroy the Lizard Race. I even feel like there is no reason for your realm to exist."

The Lizard Race clansmen kowtowed when they heard him say this and begged him to have mercy.

The Lizard Progenitor's eyes were dim and his face did not have its past light. Looking at the kowtowing Lizard Race clansmen, he sighed deeply and appeared helpless. "As long as the Lizard Race is protected, I am willing to be a servant, and will not resist at all."

Chen Lin nodded. "That is good."

Dan Yuanqing also chucked and ordered the Qin Family members, "Take these martial practitioners of the six forces back to Oldenwarm Realm. People there will have arrangements for them."

"Everyone, come with me." One person came out and motioned for Fang Qisong and the others to step onto the teleportation formation with him.

Fang Qisong and the others knew that they had no other choice and followed him dispiritedly into the teleportation formation.

"You will also follow," Dan Yuanqing said.

Other than Chen Lin and Miao Yizi, the other Qin Family martial practitioners also disappeared into the teleportation formation.

"Choose a quiet place," Qin Lie suddenly said.

"Yes." Chen Lin looked at the boundless desert before turning to the giant lizard, "Let's go, this place is not convenient. Oh, right. Your descendants do not need to follow."

The Lizard Progenitor sighed softly and said in defeat, "I understand."

"Young Master, we will go first." Chen Lin turned into a flow of light and went towards the desert outside the city.

Qin Lie and Miao Yizi also flew up.

Only Dan Yuanqing remained, seemingly to persuade the Lizard Progenitor and only slowly flew away after a while.

After all the outsiders left, the Lizard Progenitor talked to the Lizard Race clansmen before helplessly moving towards where Chen Lin was.

Once he left the city, his human form expanded and he became a giant lizard again.

Deep in the desert, Chen Lin landed on a sand dune and waited for Qin Lie and Miao Yizi to land before saying, "This old lizard has lived a long time. In his long life, he has protected the Lizard Race well. When the God Race invaded, he hid here and did not move, ordering his people not to go outside."

"When the God Race was driven out and the human race prospered, he hid carefully. He feared bringing calamity to the Lizard Race."

"He has always been cautious and did not offend powerful races, avoided meeting enemies that could kill him."

"This old lizard is actually very cowardly and afraid of death. Maybe that’s why he still lives even though all the other experts have passed away. "

"I had not thought he wouldn't be able to control himself this time after so many years of caution and participate in the conflict between us and the six forces."

Chen Lin's lips showed a hint of coldness as he said ironically, "It seems the other races really have a bad impression of our strength."

Miao Yizi interjected, "It shouldn’t be just that old lizard, right? I heard..."

Chen Lin waved his hand and stopped her next words. He said, "The Giant Dragon Race, the Asura Race, these powerful races all want to see how the situation unfolds. The races we were in contact with have unclear attitudes due to our lackluster performance."

"However, this is what the old master wants to see."

"What?" Miao Yizi was shocked.

Chen Lin's expression grew serious. "Before the true battle arrives, we naturally need to learn who will be the trustworthy allies. It is good for us to use the six forces to see some people and matters more clearly."

"The true battle..." Miao Yizi's expression changed as she asked, "You mean the God Race?"

Chen Lin nodded softly and added, "Or other transcendent bloodline races."

Qin Lie also frowned when the words were said. He said, "Uncle Chen, it seems your knowledge of the universe surpasses the idiotic six forces."

The God Race was only one of the four transcendent bloodline races. The Spirit Race, the Soul Race, the Abyss Devils, all of them had the power to destroy Spirit Realm.

Also, according to his observations in the Origin World, even the Winged and Bone Races who were a tier lower had great interest in Spirit Realm.

Spirit Realm was a super-sized realm, had rich resources, and an environment suited for the majority of races to live in.

There were not many realms like this in the universe, especially one as large as Spirit Realm and connected to many smaller auxiliary realms around it.

It was a fat sitting duck, devoid of any terrifying ruler to protect it. It was only a matter of time before all powerful races targeted it.

The six forces of the human race only knew about the God Race. They had never gone to the Abyss and did not know of the Spirit Race and Soul Race.

Due to this, Qin Lie felt a slight contempt towards the six forces of the Central World.

—He thought the Qin Family was the same.

Yet Chen Lin's words let him know that the Qin Family's understanding of the outer space surpassed the six forces’.

"Three centuries ago, before the Qin Family broke ties with the six forces, we explored the outer space. At the time, we knew the God Race was only one of the four transcendent bloodline races. At that time, we were in contact with many foreign races of other realms."

Chen Lin had a proud expression as he said, "In these three centuries, we have not stopped exploring. We built many business relationships with merchants and other races."

"If not for this, your father would not have been able to rebuild the ninth level of his Soul Altar in three centuries, and Old Dan could not have broken through to the Genesis Realm so quickly either."

"Old master is not the strongest martial practitioner, but the person with the greatest foresight among the races of Spirit Realm!"

"Of course!" Dan Yuanqing suddenly appeared, laughed and said, "While the eyes of the six forces are still on Spirit Realm and the surrounding realms, we have... already stepped into the stars! Those short-sighted people will never realize that the current Qin Family’s strength surpasses their imagination!"

"In our eyes, the six forces are not a true enemy," Chen Lin said coolly.

Qin Lie's figure shook. He looked deeply at Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing, and felt his blood heat.

Through their words, he gradually realized the Qin Family was very different from the other Gold rank forces of Spirit Realm.

"And Young Master, you... may be an important part of the Qin Family truly stepping to the stars!" Chen Lin said firmly.

Qin Lie took a deep breath and nodded, saying, "I understand."

At this time, the mountainous body of the Lizard Progenitor slowly descended on this desolate desert.

"You can start," Chen Lin said.

Qin Lie did not speak. His human body suddenly gave off wisps of green flame as it expanded quickly.

After a while, the little human was gone, replaced by the enormous body of the rank nine Soul Beast. Standing next to the giant lizard, they resembled two mountains.

"It… it actually is a Dark Soul Beast..." Dan Yuanqing murmured.

Back in Kunhuan Domain, he had seen Qin Lie was not human and suspected Qin Lie's identity. He only understood Qin Lie's true status through Chen Lin's explanation.

But he still found it incomprehensible that Qin Lie, who was only in the Nirvana Realm, could turn the rank nine Soul Beast into an avatar.

Only now when Qin Lie appeared before him and became the Dark Soul Beast did he believe.

"It is you!" The Lizard Progenitor paled.

"It is me."

Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar suddenly gave an ear-deafening roar. Rays of soul energy twisted and wrapped around the Lizard Progenitor like ribbons and invaded into his soul.

Chen Lin, and Dan Yuanqing floated in the sky and looked coldly at the Lizard Progenitor to make sure he stayed docile.

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