Chapter 1316: Chained

Chapter 1316: Chained

To the Lizard Progenitor, the arrival of Qin Lie and the others was a great blow.

When he saw Chen Lin appear and seize control the teleportation formation, and more Qin Family martial practitioners appear, he knew his feeling had been correct—the Lizard Race would be exterminated.

"You old lizard, you are so reckless, did you not know the present master of Boluo Realm is the young master of the Qin Family?"

A light flashed, and Dan Yuanqing, the seven-level Soul Altar expert whose presence covered all of Kunhuan Domain, suddenly appeared.

When Dan Yuanqing arrived, he glanced at the Lizard Progenitor and then shook his head in disappointment. He said, "You worked with the Qin Family before, why did you suddenly get together with Reincarnation Sect and the others?"

The Lizard Progenitor had an ashen expression and when Dan Yuanqing arrived, he felt hopeless.

Chen Lin, a Genesis Realm expert, was enough to intimidate him. Adding on Dan Yuanqing who was also in the Genesis Realm, he knew that no luck could help him.

As the experts of the Qin Family arrived, the Lizard Race clansmen became anxious and lost their fighting spirit.

Fang Qisong of Reincarnation Sect despaired when he saw Chen Lin and Qin Lie arrive.

When he saw even Dan Yuanqing appear from the teleportation formation, he knew Kunhuan Domain was done for, and all the experts in the Lizard Race’s realm could not escape.

Fang Qisong and the martial practitioners of the six forces grew silent without even a thought of resistance.

"This old lizard worked with us before?" Qin Lie had a look of surprise. He turned to look at Dan Yuanqing, and said, "Uncle Dan, what is this about?"

The seven-level Soul Altar Dan Yuanqing was an early Genesis Realm expert of the Qin Family. He had built the seventh level in the last three centuries.

Three centuries earlier, when the Qin Family and the six forces fought, he had been in the late stage of the Void Realm, far weaker than his current self.

After the Qin Family had retreated into outer space, and used the three centuries to rest and recover, many Qin Family martial practitioners and the experts of their subordinate forces achieved breakthroughs.

Dan Yuanqing used the time to ascend from the Void Realm to the Genesis Realm.

"While we were not active in Spirit Realm, we were in contact with the realms of the foreign races." Dan Yuanqing had a proud gaze as he said, "The spirit artifacts we forge are the best of Spirit Realm and we can also design special artifacts for the experts of other races."

He glanced at the Lizard Progenitor when he said this. "The members of the Lizard Race had once asked us to create a spirit artifact suitable for them to use. This old lizard made the request personally."

"Tell me, why are you with Reincarnation Sect? You should know the relationship between Boluo Realm and the Qin Family, correct?"

The Lizard Progenitor lowered his head and said, "Because that Dark Soul Beast had killed many of my race. Now I know the Qin Family controls the Dark Soul Beast. Also, when the six forces were targeting the Qin Family recently, you didn’t dare come out and fight. I thought… you were scared and would be defeated in the end."

These were his true thoughts.

Recently, the allied six Gold rank forces of the human race were unrivalled in their power and appeared unstoppable.

The Qin Family, due to many reasons, did not dare to appear continued to hide.

In the Lizard Progenitor's view, the Qin Family clearly feared the power of the six forces. He felt the six forces would soon find and defeat the Qin Family's main force hidden between the stars.

He felt the Qin Family was fated to die, so he accepted the invitation of the six forces to attack Boluo Realm.

He wanted to gain some benefits for the Lizard Race.

"So you had a wrong impression of us." Dan Yuanqing snickered and said, "No wonder. Not just you, some other people who used to work with us cut their ties immediately when the six forces started targeting us."

"It is only in moments like these that we can see who is our true ally and who is a turncoat blinded with benefits."

Dan Yuanqing lamented and turned to look at Chen Lin. He said, "Boss Chen, this matter... what do you think?"

"Capture the members of the six forces alive," Chen Lin said coldly.

Dan Yuanqing nodded and looked at Fang Qisong and the others. He said, "Do you need me to act or will you let yourselves be captured?"

The Void Realm martial practitioners led by Fang Qisong heard him say this and appeared dispirited and depressed.

"Up to you." Fang Qisong was brisk and stretched out his hand, looking like a lamb to slaughter.

Dan Yuanqing laughed. "As long as you are obedient, you may not be killed, you have a hope of living."

As he spoke, beautiful chains flew out of his spatial ring.

Those chains had clear power vibrations and also threads of lightning. Qin Lie could feel a presence that could burn souls coming from the lightning.

Each chain clearly came from the advanced artificers of the Qin Family and were carved with beautiful patterns.

In his perspective, those patterns were strange spirit diagrams which magnified the restraining power of the chains.

"Zzt zzt! Zzt zzt!"

The chains immediately shot out lightning when they were put on Fang Qisong and the others. The lightning slowly sank into their bodies.

Qin Lie felt with the enormous soul power of the Soul Beast avatar and found that even the Soul Altars, in addition to the bodies of the Void Realm experts, were restrained by many barriers.

The spirit diagrams inscribed on the chains flashed on the skin of these people and the Soul Altars within them.

After a few seconds, when Qin Lie probed again, he found that Fang Qisong and the others exuded presence inferior to that of mortals.

These Void Realm martial practitioners had lost all combat power.

"Progenitor, progenitor! What, what do we do?"

A Lizard Race clansman suddenly started to cry seeing the situation and begged the Lizard Progenitor.

Dan Yuanqing chuckled. After restraining the human Void Realm martial practitioners, he looked at the Lizard Progenitor and opened his mouth.

"I will allow you to do as you please, just, just... give my descendants a chance to survive and not exterminate them all." The dark red eyes of the Lizard Progenitor were filled with grief and helplessness. He suddenly knelt down and said with a bowed head, "As long as you do not exterminate the Lizard Race, will not resist, whatever you do to me!"

Dan Yuanqing narrowed his eyes and thought, looking at Qin Lie, "Young Master, what do you say?"

Chen Lin, Miao Yizi, and the Qin Family martial practitioners looked at him, curious about his decision.

"Rank ten bloodline, and will not resist as long as we spare the Lizard Race..." Qin Lie rubbed his chin and pondered the matter, a malicious gaze moving around the Lizard Progenitor.

A long time later, he smiled and said, "It is not easy to reach rank ten bloodline. It would be a pity to destroy it."

Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing looked at him.

"How about this, Uncle Chen and Uncle Dan, help me take care of him. I will attempt to turn him into my soul slave, what do you think?" Qin Lie said.

"Soul slave?" Dan Yuanqing stilled.

He did not have much knowledge of Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar, and Qin Lie's Soul Race subsoul. He did not know the meaning of Qin Lie's words.

Chen Lin, because he had always followed Qin Shan, had a clear understanding of Qin Lie's state.

He knew what Qin Lie meant.

His eyes flashed as he explained to Dan Yuanqing via voice transmission.

Dan Yuanqing stilled and then reacted. His eyes lit up and he nodded, saying, "Yes, yes, heehee, I feel this old lizard has value left!"

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