Chapter 1315: We Meet Again!

Chapter 1315: We Meet Again!

In the realm of the Lizard Race.

Ancient stone towers littered a boundless desert. In the middle stood an enormous statue of the giant lizard, exposed to the harsh environment.

An enormous plaza had been built centering around the giant lizard and the clansmen of the Lizard Race would frequently come to worship it.

At this time, an old Lizard Race clansman stood with a dark expression beside the foot of the giant lizard’s statue.

The old person was covered in blood and the dark red skin exposed outside showed signs of being burnt.

"Progenitor, what happened?" a Lizard Race clansman asked.

"Why did you suddenly return?" A human martial practitioner with a six-level Soul Altar and late Void Realm cultivation had a confused expression. "We were just about to cross ourselves."

This person was Fang Qisong. He was as strong as Chai Wenhe and the controller of a realm.

He and Chai Wenhe had been responsible for persuading the Lizard Progenitor to let them use their secret realm entrance to get close to Boluo Realm.

"That rank nine Dark Soul Beast is almost unimaginably powerful. He used some strange light coming out of a spatial rift to attack me. I had no way of attacking him."

After returning to human form, the bloodied Lizard Race progenitor explained to Fang Qishong in an awkward voice.

"The Dark Soul Beast has formed a new body. I cannot find a way to defeat it. Also, I am not skilled in soul arts like you human Genesis Realm experts. While I have a rank ten bloodline, I have no advantage against the Dark Soul Beast in terms of soul power."

Pausing, he said, clearly unreconciled, "In conclusion, I cannot do anything to him."

Fang Qisong's expression was displeased. "You have a rank ten bloodline but you cannot defeat a rank nine Dark Soul Beast? Also, you destroyed the secret realm entrance near Boluo Realm, what do you intend?"

"I fear he will come through the secret realm entrance here." The giant lizard seemed slightly irritated and said, "I will arrange for the valuable spirit materials you’ve brought to be returned. The invasion on Boluo Realm... the Lizard Race will not participate."

"What? After the Dark Soul Beast killed so many of your descendants, you do not want to get revenge, giving up instead?" Fang Qisong said in disbelief.

"Progenitor!" the elders of the Lizard Race also exclaimed.

They seemed unable to accept this reality.

A few years ago, Shato had been attacked and killed by the Dark Soul Beast near the meteor swarm. They all knew this.

This time, a large number of the Lizard Race clansmen who had left first was killed as well. They felt this was intolerable.

They had never thought that the source of their bloodline, their progenitor, would run away from the fight like a coward. He didn’t even want to face the Dark Soul Beast again, stopping their cooperation with the six forces.

This caused them to feel slightly discontent with the giant lizard.

"I have a feeling," said the Lizard Race progenitor with a complicated look, “that the Boluo Realm and the Dark Soul Beast can not be offended. I’m worried that if we continue… we may be exterminated."

"Exterminated? No way! Boluo Realm does not have a rank ten bloodline expert. Progenitor, what are you afraid of?" a lizard elder questioned furiously.

"I cannot describe it, I just have this ominous premonition..." the giant lizard replied.

"Maybe, we should take the valuable spirit materials and go to the Dragon Realm to invite the Giant Dragon Race." Fang Qisong frowned and said mockingly, "That Dark Soul Beast has also killed those of the Dragonman Race, who are giant dragons’ descendants. I think… giant dragons will not fear Boluo Realm like you."

The Void Realm experts from the six forces around him looked with dismissal at the overly cautious Lizard Progenitor.

The rank ten Lizard Progenitor facing a rank nine Dark Soul Beast was forced to flee, resulting in the nearby secret realm entrance to Boluo Realm being destroyed. This caused them to lose confidence in the Lizard Progenitor and all of the Lizard Race.

"Damon, return the gifts we had accepted" the Lizard Progenitor snorted and ordered.

"Progenitor! Those things are very important to the children!" the ordered Lizard Race clansman shouted in discontent.

The Lizard Progenitor's expression changed and he said, "It cannot be more important than protecting the Lizard Race. Did you not hear what I said? If we continue, our entire race may be exterminated!"

"It, it is just a feeling..." Damon said in a small voice.

The Lizard Progenitor looked at him with a dark gaze and suddenly said, "Those humans came through you, did you... secretly accept gifts from them?"

Damon's expression changed.

"So that is how it is." The Lizard Progenitor nodded in realization.

Damon immediately knelt down and kowtowed. "Progenitor please forgive me! I already used the spirit materials and treasures I privately accepted. I, I really have no way of returning them untouched!"

At this time, strange vibrations came from an ancient teleportation formation behind the giant lizard statue.

"Progenitor! Someone from Kunhuan Domain wants to come over. Should we allow them?" a Lizard Race clansman guarding the place shouted.

"It should be Chai Wenhe, he is unable to come through the secret realm entrance you had destroyed so he went through Kunhuan Domain," a human said.

"Definitely not." Fang Qisong shook his head and said, "Chai Wenhe wouldn’t be able to get to Kunhuan Domain this quickly."

He thought for a moment, and said, "It should be some latecomers."

"Progenitor!" the Lizard Race clansman shouted.

The Lizard Progenitor looked at the kowtowing lizard and then at the humans around. He hesitated, sighed and said helplessly, "Let them in."


The Lizard Race clansman guarding the ancient teleportation formation opened the passageway. A while curtain of light covered the teleportation formation immediately.


Chen Lin's figure suddenly appeared on the teleportation formation. He raised his hands to clap and the Lizard Race clansmen standing guard immediately were crushed.

The Lizard Race lost control of the ancient teleportation formation.

Soon after, Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar, Miao Yizi, and Qin Family martial practitioners appeared.

"Lizard Progenitor, we meet again." Qin Lie smiled darkly.

"How can it be you?" Fang Qisong shook.

The Lizard Progenitor also had an ashen face.

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