Chapter 1314: Kunhuan Domain

Chapter 1314: Kunhuan Domain

To Qin Lie’s knowledge, the Genesis Realm was the final limit of the human race’s cultivation system.

As for races whose cultivation system was based on the level of their bloodline, rank ten was their final limit. This included races such as the God Race, Spirit Race, Abyss Devil Race or the Soul Race.

Genesis Realm, rank ten bloodline—they represented the pinnacles of two different cultivation systems!

There had never been a human expert who surpassed Genesis Realm in the history of the human race. Just the same, there had never been a Dragon, Asura, Ancient Beast and so on who had ever surpassed rank ten bloodline and entered the next level of power.

In fact, forget the Hundred Races, it didn’t look like anyone in the entire galaxy had ever found a way to surpass the Genesis Realm or rank ten bloodline.

That was why Qin Lie was shocked when Chen Lin told him about the rumor that the ultimate secret to surpass the Genesis Realm and rank ten bloodline lay in Dark Shadow World.

“No wonder, no wonder those fellows keep venturing into Dark Shadow World despite knowing how deadly a place it was. So this is why,” Qin Lie muttered to himself.

Miao Yizi’s eyes lit up. “Where did this rumor come from?”

Chen Lin shook his head. “No one knows.”

“My father’s the only expert to ever return from Dark Shadow World, so… what is his thoughts about that rumor?” Qin Lie asked suddenly.

Up until now, Qin Hao was the only expert who had ever made it back from Dark Shadow World.

This meant that Qin Hao must have discovered something different from all of his predecessors. Maybe… he might even have discovered some of its secrets.

“You should take this question to the patriarch yourself when you meet him in the future,” Chen Lin replied calmly.

Qin Lie was caught off guard by this.

“It seems like your father has only ever told the old patriarch about his experience in Dark Shadow World. No one else knows what he’s gone through there,” Chen Lin explained.

Qin Lie nodded. “Alright.”

“Was that Chai Wenhe escaping just now?” Chen Lin suddenly changed the subject.

“Mn.” Qin Lie replied before frowning. “He’s probably returning to Kunhuan Domain. Since the Lizard Progenitor destroyed this realm entrance, the six great forces have no choice but to take a detour through Kunhuan Domain first before entering Boluo Realm.”

“No, they won’t be able to rely on Kunhuan Domain any longer.” Chen Lin shook his head.

“Oh?” Qin Lie didn’t understand what Chen Lin meant by that.

Chen Lin smiled faintly before saying, “Come with me.”

The spatial passage behind Chen Lin suddenly glowed brightly and brilliantly.

The man took the lead and went through the spatial passage first.

Qin Lie and Miao Yizi exchanged a glance with each other, but didn’t hesitate for too long. They soon followed right behind Chen Lin.

When Qin Lie and Miao Yizi reached the end of the dazzling spatial passage, they discovered that they were standing in a world with no sun, but countless stars.

They had appeared in the sky. A vast, unending forest stretched far and away beneath them. When Qin Lie looked to the distance, he discovered that there was a large city about tens of thousands of meters away from them.

However, the city was broken, ruined, and covered in ashes.

A colorful seven-level Soul Altar was suspended high above that city. A person could be seen sitting on top if the Soul Altar and ordering the martial practitioners on the ground below.

“We’re in Kunhuan Domain!” Miao Yizi exclaimed.

A tremor later, Qin Lie shot a subconscious glance at Chen Lin before asking, “Uncle Chen, is this…?”

Chen Lin said calmly, “Yes, we’ve taken down Kunhuan Domain, and we’ve changed the destination of the realm entrance here from Reincarnation Sect to Boluo Realm. If Reincarnation Sect and the rest of the six great forces wish to enter Kunhuan Domain once more, they’ll have to embark on a long journey through space.”

A pause later, he continued, “But… I doubt they’ll have the energy to do that.”

Even Qin Lie was surprised as he asked, “Does that mean Boluo Realm is safe now?”

Chen Lin smiled and narrowed his eyes. “It probably won’t take too long before you and your people set foot on the Land of Chaos once more.”

“Ah!” Qin Lie’s amazement was growing by the second.

Chen Lin said seriously, “From hereon, we may be returning to Spirit Realm slowly. We won’t need to hide any longer.”

Miao Yizi inhaled deeply before asking suddenly, “Has he… successfully rebuilt his nine-level Soul Altar?”

“That’s right,” Chen Lin answered seriously.

Qin Lie shook. The brief dialogue between Chen Lin and Miao Yizi was all he needed to know that the “he” they were talking about was his father and the Qin Family’s current patriarch, Qin Hao.

“No wonder.” Miao Yizi nodded. “If he had a nine-level Soul Altar three hundred years ago, Ninth Heaven would’ve been destroyed during the first assault already. The Qin Family might not have lost the war against the six great forces either.”

“Not only did he rebuild his shattered Soul Altar in just three hundred years, he even managed to form the ninth level of his Soul Altar…”

Miao Yizi let out a sigh before continuing, “No wonder the Qin Family is completely fearless.”

Chen Lin smiled faintly before saying, “Let’s ignore Chai Wenhe. It’s possible to teleport to the Lizard Race’s homeworld using Kunhuan Domain’s realm entrance, so let’s wipe out the Lizard Progenitor and the martial practitioners who’re trying to make their way to Boluo Realm.”

“This was the same realm entrance Chai Wenhe used to visit the Lizard Race’s homeworld, and I don’t think they know what has happened to Kunhuan Domain yet.”

Chen Lin led the way to the city while speaking.

Qin Lie and Miao Yizi didn’t hesitate to follow after Chen Lin. A few seconds later, they arrived at the battle-worn city.

“Where were you, Boss Chen?” The expert sitting on his seven-level Soul Altar immediately greeted in a rough voice. “I was going to head to the Lizard Race myself and teach that foolish old lizard a lesson myself if you slacked off any longer.”

“Eh! It’s you, Little Miao!”

The guy let out another exclamation of surprise when he saw Miao Yizi.

However, he didn’t react to Qin Lie standing next to Miao Yizi at all. He didn’t seem to recognize him.

Chen Lin turned serious and pointed at Qin Lie, “Old Dan, this one here is our young master.”

The seven-level Soul Altar expert abruptly turned his head and shot a glance at Qin Lie. However, he shook his head immediately and said, “This isn’t funny, Boss Chen. He, he’s…”

He couldn’t find the words to describe his confusion for a time. Finally, he said, “He’s obviously not a human, is he?”

“Oh right, I forgot to tell you. This here is our young master’s Soul Beast avatar.” Chen Lin hit himself once in the head.


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