Chapter 1313: A Rumor

Chapter 1313: A Rumor

“Killing themselves prematurely…” Qin Lie asked, “What’s wrong? Are we officially in war now?”

Chen Lin smiled slightly while answering, “The old patriarch’s plans are in place, young master. You don’t need to worry. All you need to know is that Sky Mender Palace, the Ji Family and us combined are in no way inferior to the six great forces.”

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up as he nodded, “That’s good.”

“Let’s talk about the Light of Annihilation.” Chen Lin changed the subject and turned serious once more. “Up until now, every time I’ve tried to execute a spatial art and tore a hole in the fabric of space itself, I often saw this strange light coming from behind the spatial rifts. It contains an unimaginable amount of corrosive power, and it seems capable of corroding all flesh and blood, and even high rank spirit artifacts!”

Chen Lin’s expression grew more and more serious, “And sometimes, I even have this impossible feeling that my… master is somewhere inside them.”

“How is that possible?” Miao Yizi exclaimed.

Chen Lin’s eyes was fully set on Qin Lie.

Chen Lin was aware that the Qin Lie standing before him was really a Soul Beast avatar. He was also aware that the soul controlling the Soul Beast avatar was actually a Soul Race clansman.

His understanding of the Soul Race was a lot deeper than Miao Yizi’s. He knew that the Soul Race was one of the four transcendent bloodline races of the entire galaxy.

That was why he believed that Qin Lie’s subsoul knew more about the unknown light than both of them.

Qin Lie took his time to organize his thoughts for a while under Chen Lin’s expectant gaze before explaining seriously, “My knowledge of the Light of Annihilation comes from the Spirits of Void and Chaos and some fragmented memories of this Soul Race clansman. I can’t guarantee that everything that I’m about to tell you is one hundred percent true.”

Not long ago, bits and pieces and memories that were imprinted in his soul had suddenly lit up when he saw the corrosive light from the outer realms.

Not only did his true body learned a little about the Light of Annihilation from the Spirits of Void and Chaos, his subsoul had obtained some thought fragments from the original Soul Race clansman’s memories as well.

The two sources combined gave him sufficient knowledge regarding the Light of Annihilation. That was why he stopped Miao Yizi from destroying the realm entrance and waited until the Lizard Progenitor showed up instead of running away.

It was because he knew that a Soul Race clansman’s soul could operate within the Light of Annihilation, and even control it for a short time.

He was proven right in the following fight.

He had used his Soul Race subsoul to focus the Light of Annihilation into a body that couldn’t be affected by the Lizard Progenitor’s physical strength. His counterattack had been incredibly effective, melting the Lizard Progenitor’s body with ease especially because his body was so big.

The Lizard Progenitor couldn’t think of a way out of his predicament. He didn’t have an overwhelming advantage in terms of the soul either. In the end, he had no choice but to retreat from battle.

“Tell me everything you know about the Light of Annihilation,” Chen Lin said.

“From what I know, this strange outer realm light is likely related to Dark Shadow World,” Qin Lie answered.

“Dark Shadow World?!”

Both Chen Lin and Miao Yizi’s expressions changed drastically when they heard this.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Lie asked curiously.

Miao Yizi shook her head and let out a sigh. “Why did it have to have something to do with Dark Shadow World? If there’s one place I don’t want to hear about ever… it is Dark Shadow World.”

Chen Lin also nodded bitterly in agreement. “No one wants to be reminded of that terrible place for sure.”

Qin Lie exclaimed, “But from the memories of the Spirits of Void and Chaos, the Light of Annihilation almost certainly has everything to do with Dark Shadow World.”

Chen Lin waved his hand once to tell Qin Lie to ignore their feelings and continue with his explanation.

“The Light of Annihilation seems to originate from a strange place called the Sea of Annihilation, and the Sea of Annihilation itself seems to originate from Dark Shadow World. In fact, it’s a forbidden ground well-guarded guarded by the shadow beings.”

“All I know is that the shadow beings value the Sea of Annihilation a lot. The Sea of Annihilation is naturally deadly to most flesh and blood lifeforms because of its ability to corrode anything of that kind. There’s absolutely no way a flesh and blood being would survive in the Sea of Annihilation.”

He pointed at his head before continuing, “As for what I learned from the Soul Race clansman’s memories, I know that a Soul Race expert once made it to the Sea of Annihilation and researched it for a while. As you know, those of the Soul Race are born as a soul with no physical body. Therefore, they seem unaffected by the Sea of Annihilation’s corrosive powers.”

“The Soul Race clansman who made it to the Sea of Annihilation also seemed to have studied some of its secrets during their time there.”

“Maybe that’s why a way to manipulate the Light of Annihilation is left in my memories.”

“Also, the memories tell me that the Light of Annihilation normally can’t be found anywhere except the Sea of Annihilation. There may be accidents every once in a while, but even then it cannot exists for long.”

“For example, the body of light I created earlier look like it wields extraordinary power, right? In reality, its energy is leaking constantly and rapidly, the process itself is just invisible by normal means.”

“If the Lizard Progenitor chose to fight me instead of running away, it’s very likely that the body of light would run out of power first before I could kill him.”

Both Chen Lin and Miao Yizi noticed that the spatial rifts were healing themselves rapidly while Qin Lie was speaking.

The Light of Annihilation still occasionally leaked out of the healing spatial rifts, but unlike before they looked like a flame of a kindle about to be extinguished. In fact, its deadly corrosive power had disappeared since a long time ago.

When Qin Lie was done explaining, the spatial rifts finally disappeared completely.

The area no longer unordinary, other than the fact that it was still filled with shattered asteroids.

The realm entrance that connected that place to the Lizard Race’s homeworld was completely gone, however.

Chen Lin and Miao Yizi never said a word while Qin Lie was making his explanation.

Even after Qin Lie was done talking, the duo were still frowning in deep thought. They seemed to be chewing and digesting every word carefully.

A while later, Chen Lin finally broke out of chain of thoughts and asked another question, “You said that you’ve acquired some memories regarding the Sea of Annihilation from… the Spirits of Void and Chaos, didn’t you?”

Miao Yizi listened quietly in concentration.

Suddenly, Qin Lie’s expression turned odd as he nodded. “It’s unfortunate that they’re all inside my true body right now.”

Miao Yizi looked confused, “What do you mean?”

“They… seem to desire the Light of Annihilation a lot!” Qin Lie inhaled deeply before continuing, “When they sensed the Light of Annihilation’s presence from my subsoul, they grew so excited that they could barely contain themselves! It’s because the Light of Annihilation is something that helps them with their evolution, something they yearn for even in their dreams!”

Qin Lie’s eyes were hot with greed as he smiled, “If you don’t mind, I would like both of you to help me acquire some Light of Annihilation. All six of my Spirits of Void and Chaos desire the Light of Annihilation, and they even wish to visit the Sea of Annihilation one day.”

Chen Lin looked astonished. “Why would they want to do that?”

“I don’t know, but I believe that the Sea of Annihilation is probably of no threat to them, even though that place is a place of death to all flesh and blood beings. Also… the Sea of Annihilation could probably quicken their evolution even more,” Qin Lie said.

Chen Lin shook his head after his surprise had passed. “I know nothing about the Spirits of Void and Chaos, but I do know that your father is the only one who has ever returned from that Dark Shadow World. The rest of them—those so-called peak experts—never did.”

“I heard that the Demon Dragon Race’s chief is trapped inside Dark Shadow World too.” Qin Lie asked doubtfully, “If Dark Shadow World is so scary, then why does anyone bother to explore that place? And why the peak experts? What on earth are they trying to find in Dark Shadow World?”

Miao Yizi was obviously curious as well. She said, “I heard of two Genesis Realm human experts and three rank ten foreign experts who tried everything they know to enter Dark Shadow World. Of course… none of them ever made it back to our world.”

“They clearly know how dangerous Dark Shadow World is, so why are there still people committing suicide every once in a while?”

Chen Lin hesitated for a moment before sighing. “It’s because of a rumor that states that the ultimate secret to surpassing the Genesis Realm and rank ten bloodline lies within Dark Shadow World.”

A tremor coursed through Qin Lie’s body.

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