Chapter 1312: Light of Annihilation

Chapter 1312: Light of Annihilation

The rank ten Lizard Progenitor had arrived in fury, but in just fifteen minutes’ time, he was running away faster than when he first came.

That wasn’t all. The Lizard Progenitor had even destroyed the realm entrance that connected this place to the Lizard Race’s homeworld. Apparently, he was afraid that Qin Lie would seize the opportunity to attack the Lizard Realm.

The matters took such an unexpected turn that even Qin Lie was helpless to stop it.

Even further away, Miao Yizi looked even more surprised than Qin Lie was. Sitting on top of her Soul Altar and moving closer, she asked incredulously, “Did that giant lizard just… run away?


She was just done asking her question when she heard an odd noise and Chai Wenhe’s painful cry at once.

She turned around to look at his direction.

Tens of thousands of meters away, Chai Wenhe and his six-level blue wood Soul Altar wobbled constantly as Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar chased after them.

Chai Wenhe’s nose started bleeding as rings of blue light suddenly appeared around him.

The blue wood Soul Altar suddenly sped up and slipped away into the distant galaxy.

It was clear that Chai Wenhe had no intentions of fighting any longer after the defeated Lizard Progenitor had run away.

It was clear that he was escaping using some sort of secret art and hidden strength.

“Another one escaped…”

Surprised, Miao Yizi stared at Qin Lie curiously after her Soul Altar had moved close to the area filled with spatial rifts.

Qin Lie’s body of light was shiny and half-translucent. It looked like it held infinite mysteries within.

Qin Lie slowly moved away from the destroyed realm entrance and returned to the spatial rifts.

“Where on earth did this terrible corrosive light come from, and… how are you manipulating it?” Miao Yizi couldn’t help but ask.

“Zzzt! Zzzt!”

Suddenly, the unknown light that made up Qin Lie’s strange body slowly left him.

Dozens of seconds later, the body Qin Lie made with the unknown light had vanished completely.

All that remained was a green-colored soul that looked like a ghastly lamp. It was cold and slightly terrifying.

“I heard… that your master was caught by a spatial rift like this?” Qin Lie’s voice came from the soul.

At the same time, his Soul Beast avatar was flying back towards them after losing Chai Wenhe.

Surprised, Miao Yizi asked, “That’s right. Why are you asking this all of a sudden?”

Qin Lie’s soul suddenly took on a human form.

Wisps of green light with strong soul presence in them stretched into the spatial rifts he was standing at like ribbons.

After sensing inside the spatial rifts with his soul for a bit, Qin Lie finally asked, “In the past, have you seen this terrifying, corrosive light before, when you accidentally tore space apart with your spatial secret arts?”

“I’ve seen it a couple of times. Why?” Miao Yizi asked confusedly.

The ghastly Qin Lie nodded slowly before asking yet another question, “Your master’s the one who taught you your spatial arts, right?”

“Of course.” Miao Yizi replied again.

Qin Lie pondered for a moment before saying, “Not all space-attribute martial practitioners are lucky enough to encounter this light every time they tear a rift in space by accident.”

“What do you mean?” Miao Yizi looked confused.

“This light is called ‘Light of Annihilation’. Normally, you can’t find it so easily in a spatial rift,” Qin Lie said.

“I still don’t understand what you mean.” Miao Yizi shook her head.

“What I’m saying is that the appearance of the Light of Annihilation isn’t a random occurrence. It isn’t something that an average spatial arts’ practitioner could encounter either.” His Soul Beast avatar had finally reached him while he was speaking. His green soul suddenly entered his host body.

The Soul Beast shrank rapidly in size, and in just a short moment Qin Lie transformed into a human once more before continuing, “Since the appearance of the Light of Annihilation isn’t a random occurrence, that means that either your spatial secret art you use is special, or…”

Qin Lie came to a pause while wearing a thoughtful look.

“Or what?” Miao Yizi asked curiously.

Suddenly, a tiny black dot appeared behind Miao Yizi.

The black dot grew bigger and bigger until it transformed into a realm entrance.

A wizened figure stepped out of the realm entrance before staring at Qin Lie very seriously, “Young master, are you saying that my master… may be still alive?”

“What?!” Miao Yizi exclaimed.

The newcomer was none other than Shang Mou’s other disciple and Miao Yizi’s senior brother, Chen Lin.

Unlike Miao Yizi, Chen Lin was a powerful Genesis Realm martial practitioner. Since Miao Yizi was also carrying a spirit artifact her master had given her, he was able to detect her location.

That was how he was able to tear through space itself and appear directly next to Miao Yizi.

Chen Lin gave Miao Yizi a nod before turning his gaze back to Qin Lie. “When I’ve been executing my spatial arts, I’ve created a couple of spatial rifts myself and also encountered this type of light. However, after communicating with a few martial practitioners well-versed in spatial arts and reading some scriptures, I realized than me and my junior sister are the only ones who encounter them.”

“This light is called the Light of Annihilation. It’s so rare that not even the members of the four transcendent races have seen them many times in their lives,” Qin Lie explained.

“Young master, you are trying to say that my master may be still alive, right?” Chen Lin asked.

Qin Lie nodded in admittance. “The likelihood is high, yes.”

“What on earth is that Light of Annihilation? How on earth did you manage to make a body out of it and scare the Lizard Progenitor away?”

“It sounds like I’m a step too late.” Chen Lin shook off his surprise before explaining to Miao Yizi. “We received news that the six great forces have persuaded the Lizard Progenitor to attack Boluo Realm. We also know that there’s a realm entrance around here. The old patriarch was worried that you might be in trouble, which is why I’m here to avert the crisis.”

After explaining, he smiled slightly and continued, “You never fail to surprise, young master. I guess the old patriarch can worry less about you from hereon.”

“You know that the six great forces are taking action?” Qin Lie asked immediately after his initial surprise wore off. “I killed Pei Tianming. Is it too reckless? Did I disrupt your plans?”

Chen Lin shook his head while smiling calmly. “It’s not a problem. We can’t stop them if they insist on killing themselves prematurely, can we?”

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