Chapter 1311: Body of Light

Chapter 1311: Body of Light

Of course, Miao Yizi knew nothing about the uniqueness of the Soul Race.

The Soul Race was one of the four transcendent bloodline races of the infinite galaxy. They were born a soul with no physical body, and their knowledge of the soul was also known as the best among all the races.

Every Soul Race clansman was capable of splitting their soul into multiple parts with ease. To a Soul Race clansman, multitasking was the most basic of their abilities.

This Soul Beast avatar was his subsoul’s main puppet. All he needed to do was to slip a wisp of his refined soul inside the body, and he could make the Soul Beast avatar do whatever he wanted, for example fight his enemies.

When the Soul Beast avatar moved, the giant white bone scythe also soared into the sky.

It was clear that the Soul Beast and the white bone scythe were aiming to kill Chai Wenhe right there and then.

At the same moment, the green soul floating above the puddle of mysterious light was staring at the giant lizard and the incoming fiery spear.


Qin Lie’s subsoul instructed the puddle beneath him to block right in front of him.

The Lizard Progenitor’s spear, a weapon that had been forged from a dragon’s horn slammed into the puddle strongly while dragging a tail of brilliant flame.


Tendrils flew out of the puddle like lightning and entangled themselves around the fire spear instantly.

They corroded the spear’s flames, the roars of a dragon and its sharp power instantly.

Even the main body of the spear itself, the dragon horn, seemed to have gone soft all of a sudden.

It was as if the Lizard Progenitor’s fire spear would literally melt if he allowed it to stay in the puddle any longer.

“Not good!”

Shock appeared in the Lizard Progenitor’s dark red pupils.

From the fire spear's deterioration, he realized that the unknown light's corrosive power really was as scary as advertised.

He hesitated for only a moment before he withdrew his spear quickly. He didn’t dare let the spear stay inside the puddle for any longer.

However, Qin Lie’s subsoul suddenly dived into the puddle.

The sight was uncannily similar to that of a human expert’s soul submerged inside a Soul Lake.

It looked like the soul connection between the Lizard Progenitor and his weapon was severed due to Qin Lie’s movements.

The Lizard Progenitor roared as sparks flew out of his dark red eyes. It looked like his soul was slightly damaged.

After Qin Lie’s subsoul had sunk into the puddle of light, the latter slowly took the form of a human.

It was a human-shaped thing made from watery, colorful light. It was… Qin Lie in his human form.

The blurry, illusory and half translucent body leisurely made its way towards the giant lizard. By now, the giant spear had become terribly rusted as if it had endured hundred millions of years of corrosion. Even the tremendous energy it contained seemed to have been corroded completely.

Qin Lie walked towards the Lizard Progenitor, but left the fire spear behind.

“Your bloodline may be at rank ten, but your soul… isn’t stronger than mine, old lizard,” Qin Lie said calmly. “Your true strength lies in your physical body and your tremendous reservoir of bloodline energy. Unfortunately for you, your physical strength is… completely useless against this body of mine.”

Qin Lie turned to look at Chai Wenhe playing hide and seek with his Soul Beast avatar before continuing, “You could hurt that physical body of mine, but I’m no longer inside it.”

The eerie body of light Qin Lie was possessing seemed to be traversing through the very cracks in space itself as it spoke to the Lizard Progenitor.

Even more light poured out of those spatial rifts and into his body of light.

As a result, his strange body grew brighter and stronger with every passing moment.

Shock appeared in the Lizard Progenitor’s giant pupils. He roared angrily, “What the hell are you!?”

He had never seen such a strange lifeform in his life until now. He had never heard of a soul-like lifeform that could leave their physical body at will and put together an unknown body using the strange light of the outer realms!

The Lizard Progenitor was over thirty thousand years old. He knew that a Dark Soul Beast had nearly annihilated the entire Asura Realm thirty thousand years ago.

But that Dark Soul Beast was at rank ten bloodline!

This Dark Soul Beast was only at rank nine. So how did he come to possess such a strange and mysterious technique? Why could it control even the corrosive light of the outer realms?

“Your bloodline is an impure mix of the Giant Dragon Race’s bloodline, and in my eyes, even giant dragons are just inferior lifeforms,” Qin Lie ridiculed the Lizard Progenitor coldly. “Your wealth of knowledge is truly meager. You will never know how wide this world really is, nor know how many terrifying races there are that far exceed your recognition.”

Suddenly, the condensing body of light flew straight towards the Lizard Progenitor.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

Hundreds of tiny specks of light flew out of his body and gathered into tentacles that grabbed the Lizard Progenitor with even greater speed.

“Rip! Zzzt!”

The second the finger-sized lights came into contact with the Lizard Progenitor’s giant body, the touched scales on his skins started smoking rapidly.

The Lizard Progenitor’s skin was melting under the light’s corrosive power. It was so painful that the giant lizard howled in anger.

To the Lizard Progenitor’s dismay, he found that he was completely helpless against Qin Lie’s body of light and its attacks.

Just like Qin Lie had declared earlier, this corrosive body was completely unaffected by the physical attacks of a physical body.

Although the Lizard Progenitor was at rank ten bloodline, his soul wasn’t stronger than Qin Lie’s, who was only at rank nine.

As a result, there was absolutely nothing he could do to the soul that was controlling the body of light from inside.

Moreover, his gigantic body only made him a bigger target. The terrible light could hit literally everywhere.

The Lizard Progenitor tried to resist for a while, but he quickly discovered that many parts of his body were festering already.

Seeing that Qin Lie’s body of light was drawing closer and closer, the old lizard who had lived for tens of thousands of years suddenly let out a roar of anger before slipping right back into the realm entrance.

Before Qin Lie could react, the realm entrance swelled and accepted the Lizard Progenitor.


Then, the realm entrance Miao Yizi had refrained to destroy exploded under the Lizard Progenitor’s might a few seconds later.

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