Chapter 1310: Lizard Progenitor

Chapter 1310: Lizard Progenitor

A Soul Race clansman’s true strength lay within their soul.

The Soul Beast was just a flesh and blood puppet Qin Lie used to host his soul. Even without it, he was still terrifyingly powerful as a rank nine Soul Race clansman.

The unknown light from the spatial rifts could prevent passage, corrode the Soul Beast and even the white bone scythe.

However, it could do nothing to a Soul Race clansman who had split his soul into hundreds and thousands of strands.

After his avatar had obtained Serine’s memories and digested them, his comprehension towards the Soul Race’s strange secret arts was further deepened.

When he was passing through the light filled area in soul form, he was surprised to discover that he could control the corrosive light through a Soul Race secret art.

This was the reason why he suddenly changed his mind and stopped Miao Yizi from destroying the realm entrance.

“To think it would emerge naked into the world in its soul form. What a fool! These ignorant outer realm barbarians may never understand how wonderful a Soul Altar is.”

Far away, the middle stage Void Realm expert Chai Wenhe ridiculed Qin Lie as he sat on top of his six-level blue wood Soul Altar.

There was no way he could’ve heard Qin Lie’s soul conversation with Miao Yizi, so he wasn’t aware that Miao Yizi had withdrawn her Soul Altar not because she couldn’t destroy the realm entrance, but because Qin Lie had told her to do so.

Chai Wenhe slowly relaxed as a terrible stench poured out of the realm entrance.

He knew that the giant lizard was about to pass through the realm entrance and enter the space of Boluo Realm.

He was certain that it would tear the rank nine Soul Beast’s soul and body to pieces once it emerged fully.

After all, that giant lizard was at rank ten bloodline. This meant that it was as strong as an early stage Genesis Realm human expert.


A world-shaking roar burst out of the realm entrance, causing it to suddenly swell to several times its original size.

A dark red ball of light was coming close at high speed, aiming to get to the other side of the passageway..

The second it escaped the realm entrance, it rapidly got bigger.

A vomit-inducing stench was the first thing to spread out from the dark red ball of light. It instantly filled the entire asteroid cluster.


The dark red ball of light suddenly exploded and spilled many specks of scarlet blood energy to its surroundings.

After that, a thousand-meter long lizard giant covered in tough red scales emerged into the open while swinging its tail.

“You’ve finally arrived!” Chai Wenhe immediately grew excited. He hurriedly pointed at the green ghostfire that was Qin Lie’s soul and the Soul Beast before saying, “Your descendants have just had their souls extinguished by that Dark Soul Beast!”

“Dark Soul Beast!” The progenitor of the Lizard Race, a rank ten giant lizard howled madly in anger.

His incredibly thick and long tail reminded the onlookers of a giant boa. It swung everywhere as the giant lizard roared.

“Crack crack crack!”

Countless giant asteroids were crushed into tiny pieces after they were hit by its giant tail.

In fact, he had crushed every single asteroid around him while he was having his fit of anger. Literally nothing was left when he was done throwing his tantrum.

“I recognize you! You’re the one who killed Shato!” the giant lizard said angrily.

The elder of the Lizard Race, Shato, was one of his descendants whose bloodline was the purest. When he was killed by Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar and refined into flesh and blood energy by the Flesh Filling Tombstone, the Lizard Progenitor had sensed his death.

He had vaguely caught a whiff of the Soul Beast’s scent thanks to the blood ties he shared with his descendants, so he was aware who had killed Shato.

After that, he inquired about the Dark Soul Beast at the Ruined Lands and other realms through his many descendants. Some time later, he learned from the six great forces that Boluo Realm was affiliated with the Dark Soul Beast.

That was why he didn’t hesitate to accept six great forces’ handsome gift when Chai Wenhe had visited him, asking to pass through the Lizard Race’s homeworld and urging him to attack Boluo Realm.

This time, Qin Lie’s Soul Beast had once again disrupted his arrival to the outer space around Boluo Realm and even killed all of his descendants in the process.

Anger had long since taken control over him!

Chai Wenhe didn’t need to incite him into action. He charged at Qin Lie’s green ghostfire the second he was done clearing the asteroids around him.

His giant dark red pupils looked like two erupting volcanoes. An instant later, two dark red streams of flame flew straight for the green ghostfire.

A dry, hot soul presence emanated from the two streams of flame. They seemed capable of burning flesh, blood or soul into nothingness.

That wasn’t all. The giant lizard had also produced a fiery, thorny spear made from the horn of a crimson dragon. He furiously stabbed the weapon towards Qin Lie’s green soul at the same time he shot out the two streaks of flame.

The angry roars of a giant dragon could be heard from the strange spear too.

“It’s useless.”

Qin Lie snorted disdainfully before the giant ghostfire suddenly exploded into countless strands.

Tens of thousands of green ghost sparks scattered into the barrier of unknown light around them like fireflies or stars.

Both of the giant lizard’s attacks missed completely.

“Don’t run if you dare!”

The giant lizard roared as he sent his soul flames and the giant spear stabbing into that forbidden area.

In fact, he was flying after Qin Lie himself without any hesitation.

He was assuming that the purpose Qin Lie had split his soul into countless strands was to return back to his body and escape this place.

He had no idea how terrifying the light filled area where Qin Lie’s soul strands were hiding.

“Control yourself! Lizard Progenitor!” Chai Wenhe hastily shouted out a warning. “That light-filled area where his soul strands have escaped to is unbelievably corrosive! It’s even taken a Genesis Realm expert well-versed in the secret arts of space after he accidentally fell into a spatial rift filled with this light!”

He immediately saw through Qin Lie’s vicious scheme.

The enraged lizard hurriedly stopped himself when he heard Chai Wenhe’s warning.

The two tongues of soul flameflying towards the forbidden area had come to a pause as well.

The strange spear made from a dragon’s horn was the only weapon he didn’t withdraw. On the contrary, he concentrated his power onto the spear and sent it flying towards Qin Lie’s soul.


Near the spatial rifts, all of Qin Lie’s soul strands executed a Soul Race’s secret art at once.

A flash of green patterns later, the split soul suddenly began merging once more.

Surprisingly, the unknown light that was flying everywhere at random became twisted, seemingly in sync with his soul strands.

In just the blink of an eye, the deadly, corrosive light had joined together to form a puddle.

Sometimes it mysteriously rippled, and at other times it softly bubbled. It looked like acid that could melt anything corporeal.

Qin Lie’s reformed soul floated casually above the pond like a ghost.

“From hereon, this thing is my Soul Altar and my puppet.” His words were directed at Chai Wenhe.

At the same time, green sparks appeared in the motionless Soul Beast’s eyes once more.

The Soul Beast suddenly started charging towards Chai Wenhe. Its soul presence grew stronger with every passing second.

The unexpected change surprised both Chai Wenhe and Miao Yizi.

“That bastard, just how many souls does he have?” Miao Yizi looked utterly astonished.

The soul floating on top of that strange pond must be one of Qin Lie’s subsoul. At first, she thought that that was the full soul that was controlling the Soul Beast.

However, if that subsoul was focused on controlling the unknown light, then how on earth was he moving his Soul Beast as well? Miao Yizi couldn’t understand.

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