Chapter 1309: Unknown Light

Chapter 1309: Unknown Light

It was almost as if the blood mist created by the four lizardmen elders by biting off their own tongues had devoured Miao Yizi’s six-level Soul Altar.

Some distance away, Miao Yizi suddenly discovered that her connection to her own Soul Altar had been mercilessly cut off. She couldn’t even detect it.

The four Lizard Race elders were thinly built in the first place. After using the secret art, they resembled balloons that were rapidly losing air.

Their spirit, mind, as well as flesh and blood energies seemed to be leaking to the outside with every passing second.

In just a short moment, the four Lizard Race experts who were strong enough to resist the Soul Beast avatar’s soul devouring ability had lost most of their soul and bloodline energy.

On the other hand, a strange energy started to surge inside the blood mist they were shrouded in. Vague roars that sounded like dragon’s could be heard as well.

“Qin Lie!” Miao Yizi yelled.

Secret spatial patterns suddenly bloomed inside her pupils as she fired many dazzling light beams from her position.

At the same time, green flames abruptly burned inside the Soul Beast avatar’s pupils.

The flames swiftly spread from the Soul Beast’s eyes to its entire body in just the blink of an eye.

It was as if the rank nine Soul Beast had ignited its bloodline. Its soul power climbed at a rapid pace!

It was its third bloodline ability—Blood Soul!

The Soul Beast had increased its power by depleting some of its bloodline energy. The ability caused its soul devouring ability to grow stronger, and increasingly harder to resist.

“Whoosh whoosh! Whoosh whoosh!”

It was as if a terrible tempest was born deep within the Soul Beast’s pupils. Their attraction force grew stronger than ever before.

The four Lizard Race elders were at rank nine bloodline. They were as powerful as early or middle stage Void Realm martial practitioners.

Before they had executed the forbidden technique, they had dealt with the Soul Beast’s soul devouring ability with relative ease.

But after Qin Lie had empowered his soul devouring ability with Blood Soul, and after their souls were weakened from executing the forbidden technique, they finally lost all ability to resist.

Chai Wenhe watched as the souls of the four departed their skulls and flew towards the Soul Beast against their will.


The four souls instantly vanished into the Soul Beast avatar’s eyes.

The bloodline energy Qin Lie had used to execute Blood Soul was swiftly replenished after he obtained the four Lizard Race elders’ souls.

“Get out!”

The giant white bone scythe suddenly shone like a golden sun before slashing towards Chai Wenhe’s blue wood Soul Altar, tearing many rifts in space in the process.


Suddenly, a torrent of light from the outer realms burst out of the spatial rifts it created. They seemed to contain some sort of deadly corrosive energy.

Chai Wenhe’s expression changed drastically as he led his Soul Altar away from the corrosive light at top speed.


Even the golden light discharged by Qin Lie’s giant white bone scythe had turned dim just because it made a bit of contact with the mysterious light.

The golden light of Atkins’s horn possessed unparalleled sharpness and deadly power of metal.

However, its power dropped drastically after it was touched and corroded by the mysterious light. It was to the point that it could no longer harm anyone.

“Watch out!” Miao Yizi screamed, “Don’t let this light touch you! My master never came back because he accidentally fell into a spatial rift filled with light like this!”

Miao Yizi’s warning sent a shiver down Qin Lie’s spine. He hurriedly retracted the white bone scythe to avoid creating even more spatial rifts.

Chai Wenhe also screamed in fear as he ran far, far away from the affected area like he had seen a ghost in daytime.

Miao Yizi and Chen Lin’s master, Shang Mou, was a Genesis Realm expert who was well-versed in the secrets of space.

However, even a peak expert like this hadn’t returned safely to Spirit Realm after he accidentally fell into an unknown spatial rift. Shang Mou was most likely dead already.

According to Miao Yizi, a strange, corrosive light filled the space behind that mysterious spatial rift.

If that light was powerful enough to annihilate a Genesis Realm expert who was well-versed in the secret arts of space, then what chance could he possibly have?

That was why he ran as far away as possible from the affected area. He had no intentions of risking his life and coming into contact with this strange light even a little.

“It’s that deadly…”

Qin Lie withdrew the weapon after his surprise had passed.

Miao Yizi had released a bunch of spatial runes to disturb the laws of space of this area, destabilize the realm entrance and stop the rank ten giant lizard from getting through.

However, Qin Lie realized now that her action had also weakened the space of this area tremendously.

The murderous white bone scythe was already sharp in the first place, a tear in space happened easily every time he swung the weapon.

However, it was impossible to predict where the spatial rifts connected to, especially when the space in this area was distorted to begin with.

The strange light contained a terrifying amount of corrosive power. It was so powerful that even the white scythe’s golden power had become weakened and dim. 

The white bone scythe was a murder weapon that he had spent much effort to forge. Moreover, it was not made of flesh and blood.

However, the strange light had managed to diminish even the power of a tool like this. If this was the case, then he was certain that the rank nine Soul Beast avatar probably wouldn’t be able to withstand it either.

“My Soul Altar is still trapped behind that blood mist!” Miao Yizi said suddenly.

An odd light passed through Qin Lie’s dark green pupils. He immediately looked towards the blood mist surrounding the realm entrance.

Although he had killed the four Lizard Race elders by extracting their souls, the blood mist they had created was still there. The forbidden technique hadn’t resolved itself even after the casters’ souls had been vanquished.

Still trapped inside the blood mist, Miao Yizi’s Soul Altar had failed to break that realm entrance apart.


It was at this moment an angry roar that shook even the nearby asteroids resounded from behind the realm entrance.

“Hahaha! You’re too late. That old lizard is about to come over! When it shows up and realizes that you’ve slaughtered every last one of his descendants, it’ll chase you to the ends of Spirit Realm without needing me to provoke him into action!” Chai Wenhe suddenly laughed madly and excitedly when it heard the angry roar coming from behind the realm entrance. He was certain that victory was in his hands already.

“Oh no! We really are too late!” Miao Yizi paled greatly. “I’ll open a path to Spirit Realm’s chaotic streams of space! We can hide there!”

She wanted to escape to her private realm just like how she escaped Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar last time.

However, she discovered that her Soul Altar still wasn’t responding to her at all.

The blood mist created by the four Lizard Race elders moments before their deaths held her sixth-level Soul Altar like a strange marsh.

“I can’t withdraw my Soul Altar!” She said urgently.

Qin Lie suddenly felt a headache coming on.

Several spatial rifts were standing between him and the realm entrance.

This mysterious and highly corrosive light escaped the spatial rifts, forming a natural barrier that separated him and the realm entrance.

Thanks to Miao Yizi’s warning and the first-hand experience when his weapon was exposed to this light, he dared not abandon all caution and pass through that area recklessly.

This meant that he couldn’t just barge into the blood mist and pull Miao Yizi’s sixth-level Soul Altar free. He couldn’t shatter that realm entrance either.

“Come on, think of something!” Miao Yizi urged him anxiously.

“Okay!” Qin Lie promised.

In the next moment, a huge green ghostfire floated out of the Soul Beast avatar’s glabella.

The ghostfire instantly split into tens of thousands of strands.

The beautiful tongues of ghostfire flew swiftly towards the blood mist like fireflies of space from every direction.

They easily passed through the natural barrier. They weren’t affected by the light’s corrosive power in the slightest.

An instant later, they stopped right in front of the blood mist.


The green ghostfire joined together to form one big ghostfire again in just a few seconds’ time.

The giant green ghostfire abruptly plunged into the blood mist. A moment later, beams of green light could be seen penetrating the blood mist.

Suddenly, Miao Yizi could feel her Soul Altar once more.

The strange blood mist started dissipating at a visible rate as well.

“I can still destroy that realm entrance in time!” Miao Yizi shouted.

“No, it’s fine.” Suddenly, Qin Lie’s soul voice resounded inside her mind. He advised, “Recall your Soul Altar now. Make sure to avoid that area that’s filled with corrosive light.”

Surprised, Miao Yizi hurriedly reminded him, “But that giant lizard’s about to show up!”

“It’s fine, let it.” Qin Lie replied before urging, “Quickly!”

Miao Yizi was completely confused. She stared at the giant ghostfire several kilometers away from her and hesitated for a little, but in the end, she chose to obey Qin Lie’s instructions.

She immediately started recalling her six-level Soul Altar.

Her Soul Altar—powerful enough to destroy a realm entrance with ease—cautiously slipped around the area filled with corrosive light and returned to its host.

Miao Yizi herself never stopped staring at the giant ghostfire. For some reason, a strange thought suddenly entered her mind: It almost feels like that green ghostfire is the real Qin Lie.

She was right.

Qin Lie’s true avatar was the green ghostfire, a rank nine Soul Race clansman.

A Soul Beast was just a host body for the Soul Race just like the puppets Thamur had possessed and controlled for his own purposes.

A flesh and blood body was just additional help to a Soul Race clansman. It wasn’t their true source of strength.

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