Chapter 1308: Counting Every Second

Chapter 1308: Counting Every Second

The six-level Soul Altar expert and martial practitioner of Reincarnation Sect, Chai Wenhe, suddenly let out an odd scream when Miao Yizi appeared.

It was clear that his excitement had gotten into his head. It seemed like meeting Miao Yizi again was something that pleased him immensely.

Even his fear towards the Soul Beast was lessened to a certain degree.

Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar noticed Chai Wenhe’s change in expression, but he didn’t find it out of place.

From Ji Yao and a couple of senior martial practitioners from the Central World, he learned that Miao Yizi had gotten a lot of suitors throughout the years.

Miao Yizi and Chen Lin’s master, Shang Mou, used to be the best spatial martial practitioners in the entire Central World. Nearly all Gold rank forces showed deep respect towards the master and disciple.

In fact, most of the large teleportation formations and secret realm entrances existing in Spirit Realm had been created by them.

Miao Yizi had accompanied her master on his work and visited many Gold rank forces when she was still a young girl. At the time, her beauty had already won over the hearts of many Central World martial practitioners.

As she grew older, she became more beautiful and skillful in the art of space. Countless youngsters were drawn to her because of that, and to get into her master’s good graces.

Jun Tianyao of Sun Palace and this Chai Wenhe were two of her many pursuers from way back then.

Her master, Shang Mou and Qin Shan had shared a deep bond. As a result, she grew up with Qin Hao and thought of him as her ideal partner since young. That was why she had no attention to spare for anyone else.

When Shang Mou was still in the Central World, he held a respectable position. No one dared to carry out their wicked thoughts about her.

However, Shang Mou vanished into the unknown while he was testing a realm entrance one day. He never returned to Spirit Realm since.

His disciples, Miao Yizi and Chen Lin, later went to the Qin Family and entered their protection. Even then, no one dared to lust for her.

By the time the Qin Family was forced to escape Spirit Realm, she had already forged the sixth level of her Soul Altar.

Miao Yizi was already strong in her own right, and unfortunately for her suitors she was well-versed in the most rare kind of power, space. Moreover, Miao Yizi spent most of her time in her private realm and rarely ventured outside, so her suitors could do nothing but sigh impotently.

Her seclusion continued until Jun Tianyao of Sun Palace requested her aid to build a realm entrance at Boluo Realm.

However, while they were making a detour at Kunhuan Domain, it turned out that Chai Wenhe was in charge of that domain.

Chai Wenhe had lost his composure immediately when he saw her. He had tried to draw her attention in every way possible even though he was watched by both Lunar Temple and Sun Palace’s martial practitioners.

It had taken her a lot of effort to extricate herself from Chai Wenhe’s pestering. She had absolutely loathed Chai Wenhe since then.

Unlike Miao Yizi, Chai Wenhe was infatuated with her since the moment he met her at Reincarnation Sect. He had thought of her as his ultimate dream since that fateful meeting.

That was why Chai Wenhe had lost his composure upon seeing her at Kunhuan Domain recently.

It was no different this time.

“I heard that Jun Tianyao of Sun Palace is dead, am I right? Haha, what a well-deserved death!” Chai Wenhe laughed loudly. “When I heard he was dead I was happy for seven days in a row!”

While laughing, many dark blue bark-like patterns started appearing on the surface of his six-level Soul Altar.

The bark-like patterns rippled outwards again and again like sea waves. It locked his soul firmly inside his Soul Altar and negated the influence of the Soul Beast’s soul devouring ability.

Chai Wenhe cultivated wood spirit arts. His Soul Altar was made of blue wood.

At first glance, his Soul Altar looked like six ancient tree bases piled on top of one another. Its surface was covered in many natural bark-like patterns.

On top of it, sat Chai Wenhe. Dark blue patterns could be seen rippling across all six levels.

Because the ripples had rooted his soul firmly inside the tree bases, Qin Lie’s soul devouring ability failed to affect him in the slightest.

At the same time, his pupils turned dark blue as lightning touched the corner of his eyes.

He locked his gaze at Miao Yizi’s Soul Altar.


Flexible vines suddenly flew out of his Soul Altar like snakes in attempt to capture it.

“I won’t let you destroy the realm entrance. No one, not even this Dark Soul Beast can escape if that giant lizard comes through!” He stared at Miao Yizi passionately while saying, “As for you, you’ve been officially identified as a member of the Qin Family by the six great forces. You will forever belong to me if I can capture you here!”

Chai Wenhe said before he subconsciously licked his lips. It was as if his throat was dry with anticipation already.

The crazed, passionate look in his eyes actually scared Miao Yizi even at a distance.

“Mad dog! You are a complete mad dog!” Miao Yizi was so angry she couldn’t stop herself from swearing at Chai Wenhe.

“Hehe, whatever you say, Yizi! I’ve sworn to obtain you no matter what the cost since a long time ago!” Chai Wenhe declared with a savage look, “For you, I’ve even thought of assassinating that bastard Jun Tianyao!”

Miao Yizi looked dumbfounded for a second. Then, she yelled, “What are you waiting for? Kill him!”

Her words were directed at Qin Lie.

“When the giant lizard comes through, not even this Dark Soul Beast will be able to escape. I know it hasn’t recovered its full, rank ten strength. There is no way it could win against that giant lizard.” Chai Wenhe laughed wantonly before continuing, “Plus, that giant lizard isn’t my only ally. The six factions have sent a couple of Void Realm experts on this mission as well!”

“What can a mere rank nine Dark Soul Beast possibly do in this scenario? The second we reach Boluo Realm, we will build a realm entrance that connects the Central World to that realm immediately. When that happens, it’s only a matter of time before Boluo Realm is wiped out completely! That little bastard Qin Lie should’ve known that this would happen the day he murdered Pei Old Two!”

Chai Wenhe didn’t forget to give the Lizard Race clansmen behind him instructions while he was hooting, “Guard that realm entrance with all you got. Hold out just a bit longer, and your progenitor will be here to aid us!”

More blue lightning flashed out of his blue wood Soul Altar as he spoke.

The blue lightning was headed for the protected realm entrance. It looked like Chai Wenhe was planning to destroy all of the spatial runes Miao Yizi had scattered around the place and speed up the giant lizard’s arrival.


The Soul Beast’s attacks caused many meteors to explode on contact.

Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar and Miao Yizi’s six-level Soul Altar had hidden themselves some distance away from this realm entrance because they weren’t sure of the Lizard Race’s intentions earlier.

The reason he suddenly exposed himself now was to catch the Lizard Race clansmen and Chai Wenhe by surprise.

He activated the soul devouring ability even before he flew towards the Lizard Race.

Souls began to fly out of the bodies of weaker Lizard Race clansmen as he flew towards them.

It was the work of his soul devouring bloodline ability.


It was at this moment Miao Yizi yelled and triggered an explosion that was reflected in his bluish green pupils.

“Bang! Bang bang!”

The souls of Lizard Race clansmen had exploded the second the escaped their mortal shells.

As if manipulated by the Soul Beast avatar’s soul, the explosions stabbed into Chai Wenhe’s blue lightning with unbelievable precision.

Chai Wenhe couldn’t stop himself from shaking intensely despite sitting on top of his six-level Soul Altar. His face quickly turned ashen.

At the same time, a white, bony and murderous scythe appeared out of nowhere suddenly.

The scythe fired off many golden light screens, and terrible explosions ravaged both the Lizard Race and meteors.


At the same time, countless golden tendrils splashed out of the golden screens like miniature scythes and cut into Chai Wenhe’s snake-like vines deeply.

“Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!”

The golden tendrils clashed fiercely against the dark blue vines, causing terrible shockwaves of energy.

Chai Wenhe let out a muffled groan as the golden tendrils stopped his vines one by one.

He could do nothing but watch as Miao Yizi’s Soul Altar flew right by him and headed straight for the realm entrance.

“Stop her! Stop that Soul Altar with everything you got!” Chai Wenhe yelled at the lizardmen.

However, the Lizard Race clansmen had lost much of their numbers thanks to the Soul Beast avatar’s soul devouring ability. They had been turned into soulless husks.

That wasn’t all. Qin Lie had detonated their souls not long after they were pulled out of their original bodies and used this power to eliminate the blue lightning appearing from Chai Wenhe’s blue wood Soul Altar.

“We, we…”

A thin, rank nine Lizard Race clansman stared at Miao Yizi’s Soul Altar in shock.

“You must stop that Soul Altar even at the cost of your life!” Chai Wenhe screamed harshly.

The lizard’s expression changed a couple of times in an instant. A short internal struggle later, he finally yelled, “Execute the forbidden art!”

All four remaining elders including himself gritted their teeth and bit off their tongues suddenly.

Then, they sat still in a square formation, held their bleeding tongues and swung it powerfully.

A mist of blood suddenly enveloped the area they were in. Then, Miao Yizi suddenly lost track of her six-level Soul Altar the second it plunged into the blood mist.

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