Chapter 1307: Destroy

Chapter 1307: Destroy

"I have a feeling this giant lizard suddenly came here from the Lizard Race’s realm to attack Boluo Realm," Miao Yizi speculated.

Qin Lie's expression grew dark and said, "I heard that giant lizard has a rank ten bloodline?"

"Appears so." Miao Yizi seemed slightly annoyed and said, "I remember you killed Shato of the Lizard Race?"

Shato was a direct descendant of the giant lizard and had Void Realm strength but was killed by his Soul Beast avatar.

At that time, he created enmity between himself and the Lizard and Dragonman Races .

He had once urged Teng Yuan and the others to attack the Lizard Race's realms. But Teng Yuan seemed to know the strength of the giant lizard and didn’t dare act rashly.

It’s been a long time since then, and he didn’t enter the chaotic streams of space in this time. He was always moving with Star Door between Abyss and the familiar realm. He gradually forgot this area.

And now, on his trip to Kunhuan Domain, he found the progenitor of the Lizard Race, the giant lizard, was attempting to arrive through the realm entrance.

He also had a bad feeling.

"Maybe you are correct. That giant... might be coming for us," he said gravely.

Their attention remained on the realm entrance, watching as the Lizard Race clansmen knelt on the ground and shouted.

Suddenly, a human figure appeared from the realm entrance.

That person looked about fifty or so, and wore the robes of the Reincarnation Sect. He had a confident bearing. His long and thin eyes were full of light.

"Chai Wenhe!" Miao Yizi's expression changed slightly.

"Who is he?" Qin Lie asked lowly.

"A six-level Soul Altar expert of the Reincarnation Sect, with late Void Realm cultivation. He is responsible for Kunhuan Domain!" When Miao Yizi saw that person, she did not disguise her dislike. "Last time, he was the one who received us when we reached Kunhuan Domain through the teleportation formation. This person is famed for his greed. Even when Lunar Temple and Sun Palace, also part of the six forces, borrowed Kunhuan Domain to go to Boluo Realm, he demanded a great price."

Qin Lie was shocked. He saw strong dislike from Miao Yizi’s face and guessed that that person must have done something else to anger her other than being greedy. Otherwise, she would not dislike this person so.

"Let's go, before that giant lizard comes. We will return to Boluo Realm." Miao Yizi suppressed her anger and said calmly, "Chai Wenhe's appearance means that the Lizard Race’s realm is at least connected to Kunhuan Domain. It must be someone from the six forces who persuaded that giant lizard with great benefits for the Lizard Race to open this realm entrance."

"Through this realm entrance hidden in the meteoroids, the six forces can reach Boluo Realm in a few days!"

"Also, from the present situation, the Lizard Race and that giant lizard will also participate in their mission against Boluo Realm."

Qin Lie's expression was dark as he suddenly said, "Do you have a way to destroy that realm entrance right now, before the giant lizard comes? If you can stop that rank ten bloodline lizard from arriving, I can easily kill everyone here, including Chai Wenhe of Reincarnation Sect!"

He realized the seriousness of the situation.

Boluo Realm and Kunhuan Domain were relatively close, but ordinary Void Realm experts like Miao Yizi would need a month or so to travel from Kunhuan Domain to Boluo Realm.

But this realm entrance hidden in the meteoroids was only a few days of travel away from Boluo Realm.

The martial practitioners of the six forces could pass through this realm entrance, and would deal an unimaginably great blow to Boluo Realm.

The members of the Lizard Race most likely gathered here to stop the realm entrance from being destroyed.

Through the signs, Qin Lie judged the six forces had successfully persuaded the giant lizard.

The rank ten bloodline giant lizard had power equal to the Genesis Realm martial practitioners. If he appeared, and reached Boluo Realm in a few days, he would deal severe damage to Boluo Realm.

In such a short amount of time, the Ji Family, Sky Mender Palace and Qin Family wouldn’t be able to organize enough manpower to stop the rank ten giant lizard.

"Destroy the realm entrance?" Miao Yizi was startled.

Her gaze shot daggers at the realm entrance, and evaluated the strength of the Lizard Race clansmen, calculating the plausibility of this matter.

"Maybe possible, but when I act, I cannot be disturbed! You have to make sure Chai Wenhen, and all the Lizard Race clansmen cannot threaten me at all before my six-level Soul Altar touches the realm entrance!" Miao Yizi took a deep breath and said, "And it has to be quick! because that giant lizard's soul has come through first. If he detects something abnormal, he will hurry and come sooner!"

"Alright!" Qin Lie shouted.

As he spoke, his human-shaped body started to visibly expand. At the same time, a terrifying soul presence exploded from his body.

He suddenly stopped using the Dark Soul bloodline ability of the Soul Beast avatar.


A terrifying storm only souls could feel exploded in this region. The meteor that hid him and Miao Yizi's bodies was immediately turned into powder.

Amidst the resounding explosion, the Soul Beast who assumed its true appearance let out a furious howl.


Like a giant brown meteor, the Soul Beast charged towards the realm entrance.

"Dark Soul Beast!"

In an instant, the Lizard Race clansmen and Chai Wenhe started to scream.

"He wants to destroy the realm entrance!" an old Lizard Race clansman shouted. "Everyone, do your best to stop him. Once the progenitor is ready on the other side and feels the presence of the Dark Soul Beast, he will come through before the other human experts!"

"Other human experts!" Shadows appeared in the green eyes of the Soul Beast which flashed through the Lizard Race clansmen.

At the same time, the Soul Beast sucked in, and used the soul devouring bloodline ability.

All the members of the Lizard Race felt their souls go out of control. Even Chai Wenhe grimaced and released his six-level Soul Altar.


Suddenly, Miao Yizi's six-level Soul Altar appeared behind the Soul Beast. Many spatial blades turned into strange symbols that scattered around the meteoroid swarm.

Everyone could feel when the symbols spread apart, the spatial law in this area were thrown into chaos.

The realm entrance connected to the Lizard Race's realm suddenly trembled.

It felt as though an invisible hand was pressing on the realm entrance, stopping it from moving and closing its connection to the Lizard Race realm.

"Miao Yizi!" Chai Wenhe suddenly shouted.

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