Chapter 1304: Gaze Across Space

Chapter 1304: Gaze Across Space

At the bottom of the ocean under the Land of Chaos.

Three days after Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar left with Yang Qing and the other artificers, a group of Ninth Heaven martial practitioners suddenly arrived.

The strange lights covering the colorful coral reef disappeared completely. The abyss channel the six factions tried to explore was also gone. Pei Tianming and the experts stationed there were nowhere to be seen.

The seabed was littered with pieces of shattered Soul Altars and swollen limbs and corpses.

All the signs suggested that a great battle had occurred there, which resulted in many Soul Altar experts dying.

Because Qin Lie let no soul escape his grasp, Ninth Heaven had no idea that they had been killed even three days later.

Until they came to the seabed...

"Immediately report to the leader!" a six-level Soul Altar expert shouted.

Another practitioner immediately took out a crystal used for communication and used his soul to report what they had discovered.

Seconds later, his body shook and he shouted, "The leader wants us to immediately build a teleportation formation!"


A Phantasm Stone, a Froststar Stone, a Fate Crystal, and an Ethereal Jade flashed with light as they flew out of the spatial ring of a Ninth Heaven martial practitioner. They moved in a dazzling manner as they positioned themselves at the bottom of the ocean.

Soon after, an oval-shaped teleportation formation was formed.

Upon completion, it was immediately covered in rings of bright light. Spatial lines appeared in the center.

A person immediately walked out. It was the leader of Ninth Heaven, the brother of Pei Tianming—Pei Tianchong.


The Ninth Heaven martial practitioners saw him appear and bowed, their expressions anxious.

Pei Tianchong's expression was dark. He waved his hand to indicate they did not have to be so polite and then closed his eyes.

A six-level crystal-like Soul Altar appeared from Pei Tianchong's forehead.

This six-level Soul Altar shaped like a tower gave off astounding light as it spun furiously around this area.

His younger brother's Soul Altar fragments that had been scattered around seemed to be attracted and quickly gathered around his six-level Soul Altar.

Soon, Pei Tianming's shattered Soul Altar seemed to have been glued together using a mysterious art.

The martial practitioners of Ninth Heaven remained silent. No one dared to make a sound.

Pei Tianchong suddenly opened his eyes.

The assembled five-level Soul Altar suddenly shone with white light that quickly formed into a blurry scene.

All Ninth Heaven martial practitioners stared at that seemingly fixed five-level Soul Altar.

They all knew this Soul Altar belonged to the dead Pei Tianming.

They saw three burning suns appear in the five-level Soul Altar. Then they saw seven islands floating in the air.

A figure was slowly walking towards one of the islands with his back to them.

The figure seemed to detect their observation and suddenly turned around.

The first thing that entered their vision were the glowing green eyes. Upon closer inspection, they could make out clear features of Qin Lie.

"Qin Lie!"

Many Ninth Heaven martial practitioners who had seen his new appearance screamed, their faces full of shock and disbelief.

At the same time. Qin Lie, who appeared from within Pei Tianming's fixed Soul Altar, suddenly ignited green flames in his eyes.

A ray of strange and cold soul power seemed to cross the obstruction of space and pierce into their sea of consciousness.

In this instant, the experts of Ninth Heaven felt as though a spike of ice had been shoved into their souls.


They instinctively screamed and moved back.

In their perception, in the next moment, Qin Lie could charge out of that cracked five-level Soul Altar!

Their minds had been seized.


Suddenly, the five-level Soul Altar that Pei Tianchong had forced back together used up its last vestiges of power and shattered into powder.

"Qin Lie!" Pei Tianchong shouted with a black face.

The Ninth Heaven martial practitioners around him paled and had expressions of incredulity.

"How is it possible?"

This question resonated in the minds of all people present.

They all knew that Pei Tianchong had used the secret art of Ninth Heaven and used Pei Tianming's shattered Soul Altar to see the truth behind Pei Tianming's death—murder.

What that Soul Altar would show would be the true culprit responsible for Pei Tianming's death. They knew it could not be wrong!

But the person shown was Qin Lie!

Qin Lie's green eyes and his intent gaze through that Soul Altar caused their souls to feel terrified and anxious!

They were experts with Soul Altars!

How vast was his soul power that he could pass through that shattered Soul Altar and project this ray of soul energy to their minds, threatening them?

Qin Lie, after three short centuries, had grown to such a terrifying extent?

Capable of killing Pei Tianming and threatening this many Soul Altar experts from a huge distance. From this alone, they could judge his power to be at the late stage of the Void Realm, six-level Soul Altar!

Qin Lie had reached this level?

At this time, the Soul Altar experts of Ninth Heaven suddenly had a scary thought—Qin Lie would definitely surpass Qin Hao!

"Impossible! This is impossible!" Pei Tianchong shouted, out of control.

He could not believe the truth.

The terrifying soul presence that Qin Lie had shown from within that shattered five-level Soul Altar was clearly stronger and scarier than his.

How could the trash that they had used to attack the Qin Family and force the old patriarch to go mad with revenge be so intimidating?

Under that cold gaze, even he felt cold sweat.

The first thought he had was that if he had been the one stationed there instead of Pei Tianming, he would not have been a match for Qin Lie!

The shattered Soul Altar on the bottom of the sea would be his!

When this thought occurred, it terrified and disturbed him, the power of Qin Lie casting a long, dark shadow on his heart. 

"No genius could possibly reach such astounding power in three centuries. This is absolutely impossible!"

He shook his head forcefully and ignored the shocked gazes of his subordinates. He suddenly charged into the teleportation formation and disappeared.

The Soul Altar martial practitioners of Ninth Heaven looked at his angry departure with grave expressions.

They all guessed Pei Tianchong was in a hurry to go back to Ninth Heaven and find his father—the nine-level Soul Altar expert, Pei Dehong, to consult him about further actions.

They all knew that Qin Lie's horrifying gaze from within the Soul Altar had caused Pei Tianchong to start to doubt himself.

"The Qin Family gets more and more scary with each generation," one person murmured, his head low, his expression depressed.

Everyone else unconsciously nodded.

That person's words stated what they all thought and made them feel the same.


Boluo Realm.

Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar stopped moving, soul shadows moving behind his green eyes.

One of the shadows gradually turned clear. It was Pei Tianming's remnant soul.

Pei Tianming seemed to be fiercely struggling to escape the smelting of the green flames, but his efforts only caused his soul flame to dim more and more..

Shortly after, Pei Tianming's last soul imprint finally turned to nothingness.

"Ninth Heaven does have some skill. Three days later, they are able to use a remnant soul that has not been completely refined to find me." Qin Lie frowned and looked at the three burning suns, saying to himself, "He should know this is Boluo Realm. If there are no surprises, they will attempt to come here soon."

Last time, the experts of Lunar Temple and Sun Palace had persuaded Miao Yizi to come to Boluo Realm.

They attempted to use Miao Yizi's knowledge of space to have her build a new realm entrance in Boluo Realm and invade.

Ultimately, his Soul Beast avatar, Teng Yuan, and other rank nine experts of Boluo Realm managed to kill the practitioners of Lunar Temple and Sun Palace.

After that, Lunar Temple and Sun Palace became docile.

But now, Pei Tianming had died by his hands, and Ninth Heaven knew he was active in Boluo Realm. They would surely seek revenge for Pei Tianming.

"Let's wait and see."

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