Chapter 1303: A Pounding Storm

Chapter 1303: A Pounding Storm

Seeing the star door shatter, Qin Lie's brows furrowed deeply as he fell into a daze.

"Never mind." A moment later, he shook his head and gave up on his plan.

He had originally desired to use the abyss channel and change its spatial coordinates to connect to the Chaos Abyss.

The Chaos Abyss was the most bloody and cruel level of the Abyss. If the experts of the six forces accidentally entered the Chaos Abyss, they would suffer a painful blow.

He could use this unhonorable method to heavily injure the six forces.

However, just like Indigo pointed out, this two-way abyss channel could similarly let outsiders into the Spirit Realm. Outsiders they could not defeat. 

There was the Spirit Race that would easily use the star door if not destroyed.

Once he connected it with the Chaos Abyss, he could not guarantee that powerful Abyss Devils wouldn’t take the opportunity and come through.

This place was the Land of Chaos. If those bloodthirsty Abyss Devils came over in large numbers, this piece of Spirit Realm that originally belonged to Qin Lie would be burned and rid of all life.

This was not the result he wanted to see.

After a moment of silence, he glanced at Yang Qing and the others, saying, "Do you want to stay or would you rather leave Spirit Realm?"

Upon hearing this questions, the artificers turned embarrassed.

Yang Qing laughed hoarsely and said, "If it is not any trouble, we... want to temporarily leave Spirit Realm. If we disappear, the six forces will think we died with Pei Tianming.  As long as we do not appear, those related to us will not be harmed by the six forces."

"Alright. Come with me." Qin Lie nodded.

The artificers did not have any choice and followed him all the way to Frost Island.

Qin Lie was sending them to through the secret realm entrance to Boluo Realm, and have them work under Flaming Sun Island.

"Pei Tianming is dead, Ninth Heaven will be extremely angry, and will possibly... search outside Spirit Realm. Please be careful," Yang Qing warned during the trip.

Qin Lie's green eyes shone with dark gleam. "Maybe it is time to have a skirmish with the six forces."

This casual statement greatly shocked Yang Qing.

For three centuries, the Qin Family had not been active in Spirit Realm and had spent all their time hiding outside the realm.

In the eyes of Yang Qing and the others, the Qin Family clearly did not dare to have an open conflict with the six forces as they had not shown themselves.

Recently, the six forces thought of all the ways they could to get the Qin Family to come out of hiding. They searched for any traces of the Qin Family.

Yet the Qin Family remained hidden.

Gradually, the reverence the artificers felt towards the Qin Family was on a decline after the three centuries.

Qin Lie suddenly stating his intentions to fight the six forces shocked Yang Qing and the others slightly. They also felt slight doubt.

They doubted the Qin Family had the strength to fight the six forces.

Two hours later, Qin Lie led Yang Qing and the others into Frost Island and sent them to Boluo Realm using the secret realm entrance at the bottom of Frost Island.


Extreme Flame Abyss.

The survivors of the five families returned from the Origin World. Cang Ye and Hao Jie also woke up.

The news that they had returned spread to the Darkness Abyss as well as other Abyss levels.

It didn’t take long for guests from other levels to come to the Extreme Flame Abyss to seek out the Blaze Family.

The Bloodthirst Family, Light Family, Darkness Family, and Profound Ice Family all sent rank nine bloodline warriors, each with a grim expression.

Before coming there, they had all learned of the battle in the Origin World, and knew that Qin Lie was the ultimate victor that was in the process of refining the realm.

However, their main issue was not the Origin World ending in Qin Lie's hands...

...but the Flesh Filling Tombstone being in Qin Lie's possession.

"Are you sure the Flesh Filling Tombstone that the Blaze Family had lost is in that mixed-blood's hands?" the expert of the Darkness Family asked.

Lieyan Yang looked at him with a serious expression and said, "It appears so."

"Once the five Flesh Filling Tombstones are reunited, our power will increase exponentially!” The expert of the Darkness Family took a deep breath and continued, “We’ve been given orders to reclaim the last Flesh Filling Tombstone before formally invading Spirit Realm!"

"But he is now in the sealed Origin World," Lieyan Yang grimaced.

"He will have to come out eventually," that person snorted.

"And once he does, he can return to Spirit Realm with a method we don’t understand." Lieyan Yang thought for a moment and said, "I don’t think he’ll come back to the Extreme Flame Abyss ."

"He knows that if he returns, the Blaze Family will demand that Flesh Filling Tombstone back. Of course he will not return," Cang Ye of the Darkness Family said.

"In other words, we need to first invade Spirit Realm?" the rank nine expert of the Darkness Family said.

"Maybe," Lieyan Yang answered.

Suddenly, Ming Xu of the Light Family asked, "What is the relationship between Qin Lie and the last patriarch of the Blaze Family? Also, is he... still alive?"

When the words were said, the rank nine warriors present all fell silent.

Ming Xu continued, "If... he is still alive, and Qin Lie is his grandson, and the one he chose to bestow the Flesh Filling Tombstone upon, should we still work to steal Qin Lie's Flesh Filling Tombstone?"

Lieyan Yang of the Blaze Family frowned and said, "If he is still alive, and we act rashly, have you considered what the consequences will be?"

The frown spread to the faces of all others.

Everyone knew how mad and terrifying the last patriarch of the Blaze Family was thirty thousand years ago.

When that person had been present, the Blaze Family was the strongest of the five families. Due to his existence, the Blaze Family had the majority of power among the five families.

Due to his disappearance and the loss of the Flesh Filling Tombstone, the Blaze Family gradually declined.

But if he hadn't died, and instead secluded himself to rest and grow stronger, and if Qin Lie was his designated successor, would they not incur his wrath by trying to steal the Flesh Filling Tombstone?

Ming Xu's words caused the rank nine experts to pause in shock.

After a while, the rank nine bloodline expert of the Darkness Family hesitated and said, "We may need to ask the five patriarchs about this, and have the elders decide."

The others agreed with his opinion and nodded.

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