Chapter 1302: The Awakened Remnant Soul of the Demon Spirit

Chapter 1302: The Awakened Remnant Soul of the Demon Spirit

Weak soul consciousness was slowly permeating the water from the bright lines of light.

Indigo had a shocked expression as she reached out and slowly attempted to touch one of the thin threads with her soul thought.


Her fingertip released blue light and that shining line of light seemed to timidly dodge.

Indigo's finger did not move but stayed motionless.

A gentle smile appeared at the corner of her lips as she released a calm and harmless soul presence as she was encouraging the line of light to make contact.

She waited patiently.

After a while, that strange line of light seemed to gather its courage and floated over.

The thread of light was as thin as hair as it slowly landed on Indigo's finger. Threads of weak soul presence attempted to connect with Indigo.

Indigo's smile grew brighter.

Soon after, more five-colored lines of light circled around Indigo and then wrapped around her body.

Indigo slowly closed her eyes, ignoring her bloodline power being sealed. She opened her mind to accept those strange soul vibrations.

She felt intensely and used her unique soul secret arts to attempt communication and listen to the voices of those lines of light.


In the distance, the artificers, including Yang Qing, had shocked expressions.

They watched dazedly as Indigo released her strange soul after her body and bloodline power was sealed to lure those magical threads of light to gather on her.

They discovered that these scattered lines of light they thought were the channels of the secret curse seemed to be attracted to Indigo's soul and were changing positions.

Soon, they found Indigo was drowned out by the lines of light.

A whirlpool in an enormous black hand appeared when those lines of light gathered towards Indigo from those coral reefs.

"Abyss channel!" an artificer gasped.

Yang Qing's expression shook and said, "She has unsealed the secret seal on the abyss channel!"

"She... how could she know the mystery of the formation?" someone asked in puzzlement.

Yang Qing hesitated and said, "She doesn't seem to know, but the... secret curse here seems to have let her in."

Those artificers heard his explanation and shook, saying "Let her in? This curse... has intelligence?"

"It seems to be so," Yang Qing murmured.

At this time, Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar suddenly shrunk.

In slightly more than ten seconds, Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar transformed back into his original appearance.

The terrifying pressure he had put on Yang Qing and the others turned nonexistent after he turned into a human.

In this form, his eyes were bright green and seemed slightly eerie. His eyes flashed with threads of green energy as though he was still digesting the souls of Pei Tianming and others.

He walked curiously towards Indigo, and sent a soul thought, "What is it?"

Indigo, who received his message, smiled and then opened her eyes. The prismatic light that had wrapped around her like seagrass did not move.

It seemed to have accepted Indigo.

"I will bring you home," Indigo said softly.

Suddenly, the lines of light gathered quickly in her hands. After a while, the lines of light became a bright small ball.

The strange curse that had existed in the ocean for many years completely disappeared.

Qin Lie was shocked.

Indigo’s hand moved and she seemed to put away the glowing ball.

Then she explained to Qin Lie. "I told you before this so-called abyss channel is actually a star door made by my mother's pet, the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit. Forming it requires bloodline power of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit. You know this.”

Qin Lie nodded and said, "I know. However... this star door has existed for a long time."

He possessed the bloodline of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit, and the star door he could create lasted only for a moment. He couldn’t create permanent gates like secret realm entrances.

But this star door at the bottom of the ocean had existed for about thirty thousand years and never disappeared after the arrival of Indigo’s mother and the Soul Progenitor.

He could not understand this.

"The reason this star door could exist until now is because the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit has rank nine bloodline. Also, when it formed this star door, it also added its lifeblood essence." Indigo smiled slightly and explained. "Its lifeblood essence contains the true mysteries of its bloodline, and can pull the spirit energy of the world to maintain the star door."

"Many years later, when the Five Progenitors sealed off this place, the lifeblood essence the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit put into the star door gradually awakened its own consciousness."

"It slowly spread outwards, eventually meeting Curse Progenitor’s curse and merging with it."

“And so it guaranteed its survival.”

"Because I am my mother's child, it can feel my presence, it recognizes me, and accepts me."

"Your original body is in the Origin World so you cannot feel its presence. If your true body was here, you would have detected it much faster than me."

"However, it’s the remnant of my mother’s pet, so I will take it back to the Spirit Race. One day… I will revive it, and have it protect me once again.”

The consciousness she spoke of was none other than the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit he had fought in the lands of the eastern barbarians.

Back then, they had tried all the tactics they had, and used multiple Void Realm experts to achieve ultimate victory over the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit.

And currently, the lifeblood essence the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit had left in the star door had once again awakened through good fortune. If Indigo took its soul thoughts and lifeblood essence back to the Spirit Race, she could revive it.

Qin Lie stilled for a while before gradually understanding. He said, "In other words, when you take its lifeblood essence and soul thoughts to the Spirit Race, the star door... will quickly disappear?"

Indigo nodded slightly and said, "I’ve already prepared to destroy it upon my return."

"Why?" Qin Lie asked.

Indigo hesitated and said, "The star door was originally connected to the abyss passageway. However, when I use it, it will change, and connect to the ancestral lands of the Spirit Race."

"If the Spirit Race realizes that they can pass through this star door directly into the Land of Chaos, they..."

Qin Lie's expression darkened and he said, "They will invade?"

Indigo nodded and said, "If they target the Spirit Realm, at least, the Spirit Race and God Race will divide Spirit Realm."

Pausing, she said, "The races of this realm together may not be able to resist the God Race. If the Spirit Race is added... they will have no hope at all."

"I promised you and Seine that I would not lead the armies of the Spirit Race here so I will destroy it."

Qin Lie was silent.

Yang Qing and the other artificers could not hear their conversation since they were too far.

So those people did not know what terrible enemies Spirit Realm would face in the future, and did not know in the boundless universe, there was another hungry wolf as strong as the God Race coveting this rich realm.

"I am going," Indigo suddenly said softly.

Qin Lie did not speak and only looked at her with a complicated gaze.

Indigo laughed softly and said, "I know. We will meet in the future."

"Oh?" Qin Lie was surprised.

"I also have the fate attribute in my bloodline. I can feel we will have many chances to meet in the future." After saying this, Indigo turned into a ray of blue light that went into the star door.

The star-shaped door gradually expanded.

Soon after, the entire star door suddenly exploded, shooting out countless fragments of light like a firework.

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