Chapter 1301: Spirit Line Animation

Chapter 1301: Spirit Line Animation

The transformation of the Soul Beast primarily depended on the growth of the soul. It was identical as the cultivation of the Soul Race clansmen.

Maybe due to this, the Soul Beasts were the best vessels for the Soul Race. Each Soul Race clansman would first think of the Soul Beast when choosing a body to occupy.

In the vast universe, the originally strong Soul Beast Race gradually turned into the puppet bodies of the Soul Race due to this reason.

Consuming souls and turning souls into pure soul energy, and merging it into one's own soul was the core bloodline latent ability of the Soul Beast.

The Soul Beast relied on the soul devouring latent ability to quickly grow.

The stronger the souls the Soul Beast ate, the faster Qin Lie’s avatar would reach rank ten.

The rich power contained in the souls of five Soul Altar experts was the best nourishment to the Soul Beast.

Due to this, Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar did not act after consuming the five souls.

The enormous bluish green eyes of his avatar slowly closed as he digested the five souls in the darkness.

At the bottom of the Land of Chaos's ocean, the fragments of the Soul Altar were scattered all over, and the blood dyed the water red.

Indigo saw the Ninth Heaven experts guarding this place were killed by Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar and she also released the spatial lock on the surroundings.

Threads of blue bloodline power returned to her small body from the blue water.

She glanced at Yang Qing and the others and said in a young voice, "That Ninth Heaven person has died. And you are still alive. So you cannot return to Central World, is that right?"

Yang Qing looked at Pei Tianming's corpse and grimaced. He said, "Not just Central World, there is no place in Spirit Realm for us."

The tentacles of the six forces stretched over all areas of Spirit Realm. Right now, the Land of Chaos was also under the control of the six forces.

In the vast Spirit Realm, they could only move in the lands of Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family. And these two forces would not accept them because they had accepted the invitation of the six forces previously.

Due to this, they did not know if there was a safe haven for them.

"He will guide you away from Spirit Realm," Indigo pointed at Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar and said coolly. "After the six forces are finished, you can return and forge artifacts in Spirit Realm like before."

"After the six forces are finished?" Yang Qing shook his head. He sighed and said, "I fear I won’t live to see that day."

"They almost dominate Central World. The Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace do not dare enter open conflict with them. Except for the Qin Family that left Spirit Realm a long time ago, no one dares to stand against the six forces." The other artificers all had dim expressions. "In these three hundred years, the Qin Family has not returned. I think... they also fear the power of the six forces."

The other artificers nodded.

In their eyes, the six forces were clearly an enormous being, the ruler of Spirit Realm, and they did not think any force could pose a threat to them.

Indigo thought for a moment and suddenly said, "In the future, you may feel that the power possessed by the six forces... is not that big of a deal."

She was the pride of the Spirit Race, the future leader, she knew how strong the Spirit Race was.

Similarly, she knew the five families of the God Race were invading the Abyss to gather enough refined flesh and blood energy. It wouldn’t be long before they invaded Spirit Realm..

That time would be the apocalypse of the races of Spirit Realm.

Even if Spirit Realm and all the races of the surrounding realms allied together, this time, they would be defeated by the God Race, not to mention just the six forces of the human race.

The six forces that dominated Central World, and possessed power that amazed Yang Qing, was not worth much in Indigo's eyes.

In her view, even some single levels out of the one hundred and eight levels of the Abyss could rival the entire Spirit Realm.

The six forces dared to recklessly think about passing through the abyss channel into another world—the Abyss.

She couldn’t help but think they were suicidal.

"If they really enter the other side of the abyss channel, they will quickly realize that it has been the biggest mistake of their lives," Indigo said coldly.

"The other side... what’s there?" Yang Qing said curiously.

"A terrifying power that can easily kill all beings in Spirit Realm," Indigo said coldly.

Yang Qing and the artificers paled hearing her words and felt terror rise.

"Wait here and do not move. As long as you are obedient, he will not do anything to you." Indigo pointed at Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar.

Yang Qing and the others looked at the enormous beast, cold terror surfacing on their faces, and nodded.

Indigo dismissed them and walked towards where the bright curse was. She stopped and looked at the strange lines of light.

When Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar was fighting the Ninth Heaven martial practitioners, she had been observing these curse lines.

She noticed when Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar released earth-shaking power, the lines of light seemed to disappear.

She felt with her soul and felt the existence of those lines of light, and knew they were still there.

Then she realized the strange curse the Curse Progenitor had created could change, and was somewhat… alive.

"The legend say the spirit energy of powerful martial practitioners can possess simple soul consciousness, the... spirit energy animation. I had not thought the lines the Curse Progenitor made can also reach this magical level of acquiring consciousness."

“So unique,” she murmured.

When she returned to Spirit Race, she was taught by the most powerful elders of the Spirit Race and had a deep understanding of the races of the universe.

She knew many secrets that others did not know.

At this time, she looked towards Qin Lie and used a soul thought to proclaim her stance—she wanted to release the curse sealing the abyss channel.

Qin Lie's avatar who was digesting the souls of Pei Tianming and the others did not open his eyes and passed back—up to you.

Indigo laughed softly, covering her mouth. She walked happily towards the abyss channel and found the magical lights floated towards her, as if by accident.

She stopped her advance and probed around. She found that the soul energy she had released seemed to be sealed by the secret curse.

She attempted to use bloodline power and found that her blood seemed to also have been invaded by the strange light.

It wasn’t easy for her to use her bloodline.

She felt that there seemed to be cryptic and faint soul thought murmuring in her soul and bloodline.

She closed her eyes and listened intently, her eyes gradually lighting up.

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