Chapter 1300: Delicacy

Chapter 1300: Delicacy

Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar stood like a mountain at the bottom of the ocean, the green light around it resembling thousands of blinking green eyes.

In the distance, Indigo watched silently with amazement on her face.

At this moment, the green flames that appeared from Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar were clearly the same as the ones Thamur released back in the Origin World.

However, the soul power Qin Lie had bestowed those ghosts was far beyond what Thamur could do.

"Soul Race secret art..."

Indigo fell into thought. She immediately recognized the art Qin Lie cast was one that only true members of the Soul Race could comprehend and use.

She gradually realized Qin Lie didn't just have the God Race bloodline, his soul... had to be related to the Soul Race as well.

She knew it would not be simple to turn a Soul Beast into one's avatar.

Also, she knew the three Soul Beasts that had appeared in Spirit Realm were core personages of the Soul Race.

They used to be famous and subordinates of the First Prince of the Soul Race.

Just like her mother, the First Prince and the three Soul Race clansmen descended upon Spirit Realm by using the abyss channel.

When she was in her mother's womb, through the inheritance of the Spirit Race, her mother had imprinted knowledge into her soul origin.

As her bloodline gradually transformed and grew, as she came to this familiar land, some of the chaotic memories sealed in her soul slowly grew clear.

"The First Prince of the Soul Race, the relic of the Soul Race. Mother’s pursuit of many years, mistakenly entering Spirit Realm..."

Fragmented memories appeared in her soul as she gazed at the Soul Beast.

She gradually recalled some things.

"The souls of you five are the best nutrients for me. Souls below the Imperishable Realm without Soul Altars are too weak." Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar snarled as he released blue light and controlled the Soul Altars of Pei Tianming and the others.

"Tell me, how could I allow you to escape?"

He once again activated the soul devouring bloodline latent ability of the Soul Race.

This time, the five pinned Soul Altars appeared to have no chance of escape.

Threads of green flames wrapped around the Soul Altars and pulled them gradually towards the enormous maw of Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar.

Pei Tianming and the others screamed. No matter how hard they tried, they could not move their Soul Altars.

The five Soul Altars gradually neared Qin Lie's Soul Beast's mouth.

"You four explode your Soul Altars! Get a chance for me! If I can leave alive, I will guarantee your descendants a lifetime of prosperity!" Pei Tianming suddenly shouted.

As Soul Altar martial practitioners of Ninth Heaven, the four others all had children and relatives cultivating in Ninth Heaven. If they passed away there, their descendants' situation would grow worse.

However, if Pei Tianming could leave alive if they sacrificed themselves. Based on their understanding of Pei Tianming, he would stay true to his word.

He was a relatively trustworthy person.

"Since we cannot escape, we can try our best and make a chance for Second Brother Pei!" One four-level Soul Altar martial practitioner suddenly urged on the other three from his Soul Altar.

The other three's eyes flashed as they fell into inner conflict.

Their Soul Altars were still uncontrollable at this time, and still moving towards Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar.

Nearby, green shadows released a soul field that made their True Soul paralyzed with fear and despair.

They seemed to see themselves with their souls destroyed.

"Explode!" one person said.

"Let’s go for broke!" the other two shouted.

Pei Tianming's eyes lit up and he said, "I promise after I leave, your descendants will never have to worry about spirit materials. I will not let anyone touch what you will be leaving behind!"

When he said this, the four martial practitioners who had already decided became even more determined.

Suddenly, alarming cracks appeared on the four Soul Altars that were being pulled towards Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar.

They started bleeding from all orifices. Blood was even seeping through their pores.

In but a moment, the four turned ghastly and terrifying!

Four waves of uncontrollable, destructive despair were unleashed from their bodies and Soul Altars!

The terrifying presences circled around them, stirring the ocean water to become wild.

"Pei Old Two, Pei Old Two, I admire your ability to let your friends die for you."

Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar felt the resolve of the four Soul Altar experts. A hint of shock appeared in his green eyes.

Four Soul Altar experts, and one with a four-level Soul Altar, early Void Realm cultivation.

The power of the four committing suicide was one that even he in his Soul Beast state did not dare meet head-on.

His mountainous body retreated for the first time to maintain safe distance from the exploding Soul Altars.

When he moved, his soul devouring ability and the Soul Seal secret art became extremely unstable.

Pei Tianming did not let this slip.

"Haha, as long as I leave alive, next time, the forces from Ninth Heaven and the other forces will be stronger. I believe you will have opened the abyss channel by then. When we come next time, we will follow you and go through this abyss channel to the realm of the Soul Beasts!"

"I want to see if you strange beasts can stop our invasion!"

Pei Tianming smirked coldly as his Soul Altar carried his physical body towards the area outside of Indigo's spatial lock.

He knew if he left the affected area, he could use the secret art of Ninth Heaven to teleport thousands of kilometers away.

At that time, no matter how powerful this Soul Beast was, it could not do a thing to him.

He could immediately contact Pei Tianchong and have the six forces send powerful martial practitioners, or directly open a spatial door to come to the Land of Chaos.

Pei Tianming was already planning his counterattack.

"You also want to enter the abyss?" Qin Lie thought for a while, nodded and said, "It seems that I should make some special arrangements. However... you will not be able to see them."

A bright burning light flew from behind the Soul Beast's enormous body and sliced towards Pei Tianming.

Pei Tianming looked. His soul suddenly shook and his eyes bulged out.

"The white bone scythe that Miao Yizi had obtained!" he screamed.

An enormous white scythe hundreds of meters long flashed with strange light that made souls restless and power that physical bodies could not endure as it cut towards him.


Pei Tianming's five-level Soul Altar exploded under the white bone scythe's blow.

The white bone scythe suddenly shifted and appeared eerily in front of the other four suicidal Soul Altar experts.


The white bone scythe fell again.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom`!"

The four Soul Altar crumbled under the scythe’s attack and sank back down, along with their physical bodies.They attempted to fight for a chance for Pei Tianming’s soul to escape..

"Pointless struggle." Qin Lie snorted.

The white bone scythe which had merged with Atkins's horn had become a Divine Grade artifact after a new round of refinement.

A Divine Grade artifact like this had the power to destroy the Soul Altars of all Void Realm experts when used by the rank nine Soul Beast.

Such a powerful artifact clearly had nothing to fear even amidst the explosion of a four-level Soul Altar.

After bearing the earth-shaking shock waves from the Soul Altars’ explosion, the ferocious white bone scythe still had the bloody marks of the four's bodies as it released terrifying light.

Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar was not affected at all as it cast the soul devouring bloodline latent ability again.

This time, all five Soul Altar experts, even Pei Tianming, who used to have a five-level Soul Altar, couldn’t do anything.

The five souls were exposed amidst the shattered Soul Altars and turned into five rays of light that entered the green eyes of the Soul Beast.

"As expected, much more delicious."

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